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When it comes to writing people often complain that they don´t know what to write and from where to start. They don’t get the idea how to start. They wait for the right moment when the right idea comes and they will start but unfortunately it never comes.

In fact there is nothing wrong with the present time. If you look closely there are several things scattered around that can give us a good start. I agree nowadays we are surrounded by nonliving things like chairs, tables, laptop and our mobile phones but our mind is constantly running and associating objects with persons. This association is nothing but a recollection of our memories.

You can write about things that remind you about any person, place or a thing. However it is your choice what you want to write. Each our day is a fresh start. It is just that we think that we are living a routine life. Every regular day has some uncommon incidences that could be penned and shared among readers.

Let me give you an incidence that unfortunately took place today itself. I was working in my office when my co-worker came in. After a general salutation of good morning I, in a very causal way, asked about her friend about whom she told me that he earns 30+ in a company just as a fresher content writer. Well, today I asked about him and I felt flabbergasted at her reply. In a good flow of speed she completed herself that she never said any such thing. She has never talked with me about such things and at last she said she doesn’t want to talk with me at all.

Well, if someone doesn’t want to talk with me, I can understand that but what about the reaction? I left my work place for some time then I came back to finish few things which were important.

After lunch break I tried to search some keywords on Google. Soon I find the following sentence: “Men’s lives center on the society and women’s live center on the family.” Of course the context of the sentence must be different from my search queries but that makes me think that society is made up of one on one family and family is made up of women then there is no question why our society is on so much chaos.

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