Some facts about modelling industry


88Sometime dreams can’t be so colourful and beautiful as normally you find in dreams but modelling profession is much richer and scintillating than your dreams and you can find reality above your dreams. Every young girl as she steps into her teens dreams to be a model and feels the intonation of richness of glamour industry and of becoming a super model but this industry is not just a pack of beautiful pencilled-heel models, but it has also a complete package of photographers, hair and make-up stylists, fashion designers and many more.

Photograph: To start with you need a good photo that makes you appealing and there are a lot of things to do to improve the normal look with the tricks of the camera and computer to get one perfect image.

Sometimes you get paid less: Experience counts everywhere and no doubt also here. New models have to put some experience first into their feathered hat and from there their carrier shoots up.  Sometimes they are not getting compensated for their shoot.

Experiences are sometimes bitter: Your final pictures get altered and retouched again and again to reach the final copy. It is not easy because each model’s look is different and finding the best during a shot while working long is not easy. A model sometimes needs to wear a wrong type of clothing as per the season and needs to change more than 100 outfits or to pose in really uncomfortable positions for the shoots.

No securities: Models sometimes come into some strange situations like: they are changing their clothes fast while some hidden camera is taking their pictures.

Models wear expensive goods: No matter how beautiful, expensive and glamour outfits they wear but they are not allowed to keep anything. It rarely happens that they are allowed to take a few things.

Models do not get photo shoots often: Forget about the big names of this industry, most models hardly get a regular booking for shoots which is a rich vein of money.

Wait for long to things to start: Models have to look good so they have to wait: starting with their hair and make-up done properly up to the beginning of their runway shows. They have to wait for the photographer to set up to be seen in the casting list. Each wait made many stories which outside world hardly knows so sexual abuse is the most unspoken thing in this industry. The New York-based fashion Journalist and columnist Hadley freeman also says: Sexual abuse of models is fashion’s dirty secret.

Be always ready for anything: There is one good suggestion that models should never be sure about the shoot. Things can be changed any moment as fashion shoot can be altered with a topless or nude shoot.  (In India and in such countries things are thankfully not so.) BUT who knows. A recent survey shows that 86.8% of models have been asked to pose nude at a casting or job without advance notice.

No age bar: Things are really changing. Earlier modelling professions were considered that it passes with time, I mean with youth, but now it is not so. For right models the s there are now plenty of opportunities as there is a need for matured ladies too.

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