Rising From The Area Of Darkness


Life is not just about living, breathing but also growing spiritually, with your memories, experiences and recognizing the presence of God and wondering how He makes his story.  Each time He is with us but in the humdrum of this life people have become so busy and have become such nosy parkers, who are always ready to see, talk and make each story spicier, too spicy to bear that hiding from them seems as a big challenge of this life.

We are living in such society where man-made things are much more important than the God made things, where Money has become so important that it seems that earning money seems as the only reason left to survive.

Radika Rao, a woman who like us has many areas of darkness in her life, dares to go deep into her conscience and from there she reproduces a story, a picture of our society that has some eyes opening realities.

In this world where money has become a magic, where relation gradually started to sound like an empty word and where a son is ready to go to any extent to get money, where mother is fighting to survive and set her life free from her own son, whereas a woman she has not found a place of expression and begs to dump all in the area of darkness.  It becomes very important to get your head from your sorrowful breasts and see the star naked realities of life and cruel face behind the smooth mask of relationship. Then it becomes important to tell your personal story so world can feel the need to change and rise from the area of darkness and make life beautiful.

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