Marriage is a choice between freedom and responsibility


When the talk comes upon marriage, mostly my mind stops working as it certainly means hurting someone whom you love. This marriage sounds to me like a bad section as I have to dangle at the choice between my mom and wife – a woman with whom my life started and another with whom I am to live long.

I think this world can be divided into two parts on this single matter. Both are true in their part. One is correct as without emotion man is nothing but an animal and another is the practical approach towards life. Well I agree one has to be realistic in life at some point of time.

I am happy as long as the question is dividing the world but certainly I don’t want to ever come into the ring and get ripped off.

Right from the beginning my mother was the first lady who came for me. In fact, I don’t have my own sister so my mother is the only female in the family and she is the one taking care of everything. She is my best confidant and the most trusted source for everything in life right from suggestion to execution.

Now, a young woman has come to share everything. Indeed, it is amazing and dream come true situation for me but I know they will pole apart my head, heart and everything. I will be divided. It will be like I am to serve two masters at the same time. I have to keep both of them happy.

My mind is frozen. I can’t think about a situation when I will be asked to judge both the women and sentence one as wrong and guilty. No, I can’t see my woman breaking and melting in tears and for the rest of the life blaming myself that my error of judgement made one to bleed and cry.

I don’t want my new generation grow in such atmosphere. I don’t want people look at me and aim their finger at me that I fail to keep a control over my wife and fail to keep mother happy. It is simply a nightmare.

There is nothing wrong in accepting the fact that I am good for nothing. I can’t qualify in the test to fail badly. I am happy with my life the way it is going but it is truth of life that after day there come night and nothing is more horrifying than to pass a nightmare with open eyes and standing stranded.

Yes, this is the fact of life, if not for everyone but especially for me. The buzz of my mind just stops when I think about the two women in my life.

Now wife comes at an age and is not just ready to leave her freedom and liberty. She needs her husband right at her side as if it is her right to live alone with him and fulfill her all dreams and fantasy.

Mother is also as if waiting for this day to test her son’s loyalty after all she is now old and needs her son for her emotional needs too. She is just not ready to go unattained. She has given him her youth and sacrificed her life and time to make him a full-grown adult and now it is his responsibility and duty to look after her.

Nothing, life is nothing but a nightmare. It is a nightmare to pull and probe the matrimonial button at such an early age of my life. I want to live long and happy and if that means a bachelor life then it is accepted. Freedom is definitely something more important than two scaffolds of death where you will be only hanging and begging to die but death will not come near you.

It is amazing to see the dawn of the day and run behind the butterflies but never allow the night to enter in my life. Thanks for reading me.

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2 thoughts on “Marriage is a choice between freedom and responsibility

  1. Brilliant writing. I appreciate your efforts.
    I will write more comments on it later on.

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