Let yourself write

I often find people take a lot of time to start writing. It is not that they are not aware or not having information but they are not sure from where to start. They want to see their articles as they have read but they are overlooking the steps an article has to undergo.  Writing needs time. Write then read again and again. Automatically your writing will improve. It is important to first start writing, start sharing your thoughts on paper and then improvement will follow.

In fact writing is not as difficult as we think. Let us start with the idea why we find it so difficult to start writing. Speaking something from your mind is very easy but writing those same words seems next to impossible. When you speak you don’t go back to your first words and start listening to all you said, you just speak in a flow but when you write you can again and again go back to the first words and can do improvisation.

In fact a well written draft is not written in one go. One reads his or her own draft again and again to see the areas to improve.  It is always good to leave your draft for some time then look at the draft again with fresh eyes. Things will definitely improve and so you will be with your final draft.

You can now show this draft to your friends or to those whom you feel qualified enough to judge your written word and help you to write further and better. Soon you will gain confidence to write and as you know learning is a slow process similarly you will learn to write slowly.

It is always good to start with subjects which you feel you have some good amount of information and you can share your knowledge and information with your friends and relatives. If you like you can start with writing letters or mails. It is always good to start writing about yourself. Everyone surely has something to say about themselves and the more and regularly you write the sooner you come into habit of writing. You don’t have to worry how good you are but first start to write. Soon improvement will follow.

If you write, people will say good and bad things for sure but try to keep deaf ears on them. Your job is to write and soon you will find that you can judge yourself and judge who can help you to improve. If you don´t find anyone good enough don’t worry, you will find them later and till then keep writing.

There are several people who write blogs and allow guest posting. You can come in contact with them. They can give you space in their blog page. You can send your draft to several new magazines that are looking for new writers with their fresh ideas.

It is always good to read some of the good authors as per your desired area of interest. If you ask me I love to read Pablo Coelho’s novels and blogs. Try to find such authors to read and see how fluidly they write on some very common topics. This will encourage you to read more and write further and better.

Book is really your good friend and knowing your friends is always a good experience. Read as much as you can and you will find better ideas to write your things. Don’t think that your first draft will be your final draft. Write again and again until you get a sense that now all is correct and makes sense.

Writing is an extreme privilege but it’s also a gift. It’s a gift to yourself and it’s a gift of giving a story to someone. Amy Tan

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