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If we talk about clothes and fabrics then we can’t miss the name Jeans. After all it holds a history of 400 years. Jeans got its name because its clothes were coming from Genoa region in Italy. Later French weavers of de Nimes tried to replicate this fabric and from the denim got its name. In fact it was 1873 as cotton rivets were introduced and market got all time high. Today Jeans are the one item that fills your wardrobe. No matter the age, gender and country or race. Everyone loves to wear Jeans. They are now clothes, which were once worn by working men only, which are now popularly acceptable by the elite class women too. Nina Garcia, who has held the post of Fashion Director at Elle and Marie Claire magazines once said:  “Nothing is more alluring than a woman who looks good in her Jeans.”

A pair of tight Jeans can make a woman more attractive. In today’s market there are jeans in all shape and size. All you need is to understand your body size and feel comfortable in it. You may be apple shaped gals, Celery Stalk-Shaped Gals, Sugar Snap Pea-Shaped Gals, Pear-Shaped Gals, jeans are available for all shapes.

In fact, Jeans allows you a wide variety. A good pair of jeans is a timeless possession that will never go out of style and fashion. It is available in shorts, slim-fits, low-rise, skinnies, ripped, boyfriends, vintage light washed jeans etc. The good thing about Jeans is that it is available in all sizes, from tall to short guys. Go in the shop and get your jeans.

It is true that fashion trends have been showcased on glamorous runways but the real presence of clothing is still the jeans. Anthropologist and author of Blue Jeans book Danny Miller, who has traveled several countries from the Philippines to Turkey, India and Brazil – found that almost half of the population wore jeans on any given day.

Jeans is a wonderful material which is good to your skin. You must have read about a student Josh Le from the University of Alberta, Canada who wore a pair of Jeans for 15 months, around 330 times, without washing them, then they tested them in a lab then again Le wore them for 13 days and tested them again, their finding says: “There did not appear to be differences in the bacterial carriage depending on whether the jeans had been worn for 15 months or only 13 days.”

Jeans are for rough and tough use and for stylish living. It is a wonderful thing and one of the best reasons for its popularity is its durability, easy-to-wear, easy-style. Most jeans are affordable (unless you try a designer pair). It is available in a variety of cuts and styles.

Giorgio Armani once said: “Jeans represent democracy in fashion.”

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