Insight into life of a writer


Life and living is not a piece of cake especially when one chooses to be a writer. A writer doesn’t write only for money. Money is just means to support his writing and better living. But a writer is always concerned about his writing and improving it the best way he can.

A writer is always busy. He is living two lives at a same time. He is living his life as well as the life of his character. In fact, he lives several lives only because many novel characters are under progress and living inside him. He is obsessed with his characters and the world where his characters are living. At one point of time even if he dreams something, he tries to figure out how one of his characters could choose to dream and like to react.

A writer is always connected with his characters. Something is always going on in his mind. It is really very difficult for any other person to understand how suddenly he becomes sad or happy like a child.

It is no wonder he can sit in front of his laptop for hours and even though he writes nothing, he is busy working. He hardly gets time to come out of his imaginative characters. He meets real people, visits real places but he always thinks about how he can connect it to his imaginative people and place.

A writer is a person who uses his negative as well as his positive energy to write. It is a tool to go into his character. Negativity affects him badly. He often fears from the unknown future probably because he knows how in life one mistake can collapse the whole building.

Writing is not arranging one word after another. It is like collecting dreams and bringing them on the surface of reality. It is work like transforming a world into a work of art. Writing has a discipline and a writer has to maintain it. But this discipline has very thin and vague presence in a writer’s life which is very difficult to analyze.

A writer lives his life as his characters. He looks at his problem as his characters. He tries to find solution not just for himself but for his character too.  Life always brings strange situations and it also teaches how one chooses to handle it. Indeed, sometimes someone can miss to handle the situation, but writer has another chance to rectify it and make it good in his work.

Writer never fears from complications. It enables him to weave his plots, understand situations and options his character can choose. As the character develops and gains maturity, a writer watches how the character likes to exploit his resources to get out of it.

Writers have different timing and different convent zone which we call genre. In fact, it is his personal exposure to life. Some like to write romance, thriller, paranormal, etc. It is always their choice. It is always backed by their believes and experiences.

Every writer has unique timing of writing. Some writers start writing at 2:00 AM and other may go to sleep by 4:00 A.M. There is also no surety that page or screen could not be blank. It can be blank. This happens with me too. I write nothing but just wait and after a long I leave my laptop and go to sleep. It happens. It can happen to any writer.

A writer is trying to see his things with his own eyes. He talks as we talk with others in his head. He works in no time frame and finishes his work at his own time.

A writer also has a family. He also loves to be with them but sometime it becomes next to impossible to be in the gathering.  It is difficult whom to answer and whom to convince that you a writer at soul and your soul is always with your story.  Indeed, sometimes storm leaves nothing at its place, relations seem difficult but have faith that the other loves you too and understands you better.

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