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Human beings are a big pack of emotions and to keep them fresh and good is always a challenge but they are always hiding the growth in your life. I always value optimization of your time for the best results and productivity which help you grow and succeed in life. I really want to say success doesn’t mean earning a fat salary or creating a business empire but how you start your day and at the end how satisfaction rumbles in your mind and makes you sleep sound and wakes you fresh to begin your big day with a good start.

Anger – This world is full of idiots and avoiding them is sometime a challenge, so you just throw your anger at them, tell them they are idiots. But do you think it will solve anything? Idiots will remain the ones they have chosen to be but unfortunately you will miss your good time by wasting it on waste. Better practice to ignore them. In fact these idiots give you a good practice in ignoring them because they are everywhere, in your office, in your room and needless to say you yourself are a big idiot because you sometime value yourself a lot and start coaching others and giving list of ought to dos and don´ts. Stop this and stop wasting your time with anger. Better ignore it.

Preconceive notion – I agree, anything takes time to become a notion and once becomes it rents deep into your heart and then you will always follow your notion and it will always guide you to decisions about anyone and needless to say you will throw your anger at everyone and spoil your good mood. Better ignore it.

Crying at failure– Don’t give yourself into crying about anything that you missed because so many good things are waiting to draw your attention. If you miss one thing, wait for another and in the mean while prepare yourself better.

Back Stabber – As this world is full of idiots so the same goes for back stabbers. If you closely look at this set of two words – back and stabber then you will truly understand that it means be careful with the people who are closer to you and here you feel you have a world too full of people. Well, you can’t push people away, so you´d better avoid. Always trust; if you have the ability you will find ways for yourself and just keep working and try to work better.

Bygone days – It is not necessary that you have only good memories and most of the time we get invaded by bad memories and incidences that poison the present. Better let the bygones be bygones and keep present as a gift for you.

Known future – It is always easy to say don’t think too much about future but we know it well all our planning is meant for the future. Our program is scheduled for future only and this works as a trap and we start to think and live in the future. Most of the time, if not always, we overlook a few important things in present and our future planning falls down as a house of cards.

Panic button raised – I know I can call it another way also but I am calling it panic button raised because your mind is buzzing, ringing as you are obsessed and waiting for it to happen and it is not happening as you want. For example – you are waiting for a reply from any company and keep on checking your inbox and  you failed to concentrate whole day long.

Untamed emotion of sadness – sadness is what every corner is ready to bounce at you. You are like a defeated, helpless soldier feeling morose at the financial loss, your girlfriend becomes your ex, your future line of action is proven faulty, people don’t like you, someone dear just passed away.  There can be several reasons but the most difficult challenge is to overcome it and start afresh and don’t allow this sadness to rent long within your heart as then you find yourself helpless to tame your sad emotion.

As a writer, a job seeker – employee like many I try to keep these points in my mind and I definitely work at it and I find soon that I get time to relax and work extra for my growth. Hope you too try.

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