How To Treat Dry Skin On Legs


If you have dry skin, you may have to cope with many problems. Especially, dry skin on legs is really a big trouble because it not only causes pain and difficulties when you move, but also badly affects the aesthetic value.

You may cope with dry skin on legs if you have some of the symptoms such as itch, red skin, cracks on heels, rough leg skin, or uneven color on skin. There are many reasons that make your leg skin become dry. The biggest reason is because your skin loses the moisture, the lipid layer which protects the skin is damaged so it cannot prevent moisture loss. Besides, dry skin can also be caused because of some outer influences:

  • Have hot shower too much and too long.
  • Have skin-related diseases such as eczema or psoriasis.
  • Use soap with strong detergent properties.
  • Diagnosed with diabetes or thyroids.
  • Live in cold and dry environment with low air humidity.
  • Lose the natural skin humidity due to the aging process.
  • Be overexposed to the sun.

It is troublesome to have dry skin on legs, but you can use natural methods to treat it. If you are coping with such situation, try one of the following methods so you can reduce the irritation and discomfort.

  1. Coconut Oil and Honey

Honey has tremendous uses for beauty care. It not only helps to nourish the skin from deeply inside, but also moisturizes a dry skin effectively. Using honey frequently for skin care, your skin on legs or hands can be protected from harmful bacteria thanks to the natural antimicrobial properties it contains.

To take care of your dry skin on legs, you can mix a coffee spoon of honey with 2 coffee spoons of coconut oil. Blend the two ingredients together until smooth before applying the mixture on your hands or legs. This method will help you to nourish the skin and protect it from being dry and cracks.

  1. Salt

Salt is a very familiar but effective ingredient that can be found around in our kitchen. It can soften the skin and kill harmful bacteria.

You should soak your feet, legs or hands in a pot of warm salt water. This action helps you to relax, exfoliate dead skin cells and soften your skin. After using this method as a habit, your skin will be moisturized and no longer be in a bad situation with the appearance of cracks in cold and dry weather.

  1. Lemon

It is a great solution for dry skin with lemon. The acid properties in lemons will eliminate dead skin cells and refresh your skin.

You just need to dilute lemon juice in a pot of warm water and soak your legs in it for about 15 minutes. After that, wash your leg skin with clean water. The vitamin C properties in lemon can help your skin become smoother. It is considered a wonderful moisturizer for dry skin. Just spend 10 minutes a day to massage your hands and legs and help your skin softer and smoother.

Popular tips to take care of dry skin on legs

Having dry skin on legs is a popular situation in many people. It can appear in any person, when your skin loses too much moisture or natural oil. No matter what reason for your leg dry skin is, you can still take care of your skin with some normal rules like below:

  • Avoid taking a hot shower because it can remove the natural oil on your skin. It is better if we use lukewarm water instead.
  • Only use mild soap for skin when you have a bath or shower. You can buy some products which can keep the moisture of your skin for nourishment. Avoid using skin care products which have alcohol ingredients. Limit your time in the bathroom for 5-10 minutes only and avoid having a bath more than once a day.
  • Apply moisturizer on your skin right after having bath, when your skin is damp.
  • Put on clothes to keep warm in cold weather.
  • When your skin is too dry, wash your face with cleanser only once a day in the evening. In the morning, wash it gently with cool water.

To have glowing and beautiful skin, you need a regular skin care routine which is suitable with your skin type and your particular situation. Having dry skin can be a trouble, but it is not difficult to take care of. The remedies suggested above can be great solutions for you.

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