How one feels in long distance relationship


Life is coming to the laptop and mobile and people are coming more on social sites for personal and professional reasons. No matter what reason brings you here but human communication always finds ways for developing intimacy and closeness. As your relationship starts getting some personal space then you like to wait for him / her and you open the door of your heart and allow others to enter.

This kind of relationship is possible everywhere and it can be also virtual as two people are living and work at two different countries or it can be possible that intimacy grows so strong that both decide to live together and get married.

Possibility is always high and low. It is possible like we find in real life relationship that one gets more inclination and other is still waiting. Other is still trying his / her luck at some more places but intimacy is something that allows a great space and which is not possible to find anywhere else so one will like to get back to the place where one is more comfortable.

After years of having my personal experience I would like to share how one feels once a bonding has grown stronger and intimacy is developed; however the relation still has to wait for the best day to hold each other in arms.

It is an unmatched feeling to see your loved one right in your arms and then begin your love life like a real one. But when two hearts have become intimate and still they need to wait then at some point of the time one has to feel what exactly it feels like being in long distance relationship.

  1. You will feel as you have something to tell. Whenever you get a moment you send a message or a mail into the inbox.
  2. You often feel how good it were if I could share this moment or any occasion with him / her. This feeling grows very strong when on any occasion you need to be a couple.
  3. Face tells a lot about the mood and so it is possible to make error in judgement about the other’s bad mood.
  4. Sometime you need to change your meetings because you want to spend a quality time with your long-distance relationship.
  5. It sometimes makes you feel as if you are living in a dream as the person is never present with you in real but he/she is all yours and none understands you better than him / her.
  6. This relationship is a gift in bad days because you can unwind your mind by writing and this gives you a lot of time to think and rethink and be careful about your words. It helps your relation to grow stronger.
  7. In a long distance you have a better chance of getting reminder about the important dates like birthday so you have time to correct your mistake
  8. In long distance relationship there is often complaining that one is not reading the other.
  9. Long distance helps in paying extra attention to your loved one.
  10. Sometimes having faith on others looks like foolishness.
  11. In long distance relationship you can be always connected with him/ her through your gadgets.
  12. It is really bitter to miss him / her when you need the physical presence like you are physically ill and you need him/ her to take care of you.
  13. There is no need to measure the distance of land or air after all one is present with you on your gadget.
  14. In long distance relationship your excitement is all the time high. You love to show each day things like what you are wearing and how good you look.
  15. Long distance love is crazy and only crazy people know the fun of having this relationship.
  16. It is fun to have and you can live better.


Long distance relationship is now very common however many still feel that it can’t match the real one. But there is nothing like real or virtual when you can find love and get married and live happily.

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