Help Needs Time

“Everyone has their own crosses to bear.” I said this to myself. It was a really long day and I needed some rest. I was sitting in a garden near my office feeling unhinged due to office’s small- small struggle. It was evening and the sun was mild and falling over the green grass and plants making them more beautiful. After a short while I started enjoying the natural beauty that spread around me. Tall trees were standing straight in a row at the four corners of the garden. The green bed of grass was everywhere and at some corners a row was made for ornamental plants to grow. A few iron and cemented benches were positioned here and there. In fact I occupied one of the benches. It was a good feeling to sit here for a while after the long day in the office.

Suddenly two people who were talking while walking in my direction drew my attention. They sat down on a nearby bench. They were quite audible to me even from a distance. One man said: “I am sick of working here. The whole day phone-calling team makes call and along with them I need to do my writing job. It is a torture of its own kind. My job requires peace but there is none. Each month there are some unwanted expenses and my small salary keeps my mind distracted. I can no longer work at this salary in such noisy office and fueling my problem my manager is always after my life. I told him to increase my salary or I will have to leave.”

I beg to smile while thinking that no one is happy with the manager. In fact manger is also not happy with his meetings and higher management. Unhappiness has chain reaction.

Second one corrected him: “Don’t say this so openly. You have 365 days to prove yourself but manger has only one day to write about you and that can ruin all your long efforts.”

“No, when I joined, HR showed me rosy pictures but after joining I find that there are no roses only thorns. So horrifying.”

“That is why I am forcing you to stretch yourself some more and work for our magazine. You have worked for me for one year and it is possible that I may start paying you soon.”

“I agree, I worked for you without any intention of getting paid but now I don´t have time. I am working so long in office and when I return home I don’t feel to see my laptop for any work purpose.”

Sitting on this bench, I suddenly felt, I was getting involved in their talk and again getting the same arid feeling of office. Mostly every organization has similar stories as the one I am facing. It is better if I take a brisk walk now and tone up respiratory system. I walked till I was perspired enough. I felt to sit again on a bench.

I found many people came there for evening walk by then. I saw them sitting there while talking. I felt curious to go near them and listen to them. I found one was only listening silently and other was speaking. He was frustrated. He was saying there was no article in his hands and very soon new month was coming.

Slowly the silent man said: “I told you I don’t have time to write. Company has sucked my blood, consumed all my energy. When I go home I just want to sleep. I need time to start afresh. I have to either prove or switch.”

I don’t know what happened but that another man suddenly turned emotional. He was telling him: “We have worked together for one long year. We attained several parties. We took interviews there. People liked our work. Some PR agencies showed their interest in us. Now you are withdrawing. I will pay you. Trust me.”

That man showed his helplessness.

“I can pay you. We are doing well. I know you have problems but we can try. I will give you what you are earning now but you have to work as I say.”

“Why don’t you understand every other person in the office has ideas but not money to support them? You asked for help. I helped you for free. I live in an unknown city, with no help; it is hard to go like this any longer.”

This man was frustrated too. Next man looked at him for some time then left him while saying I will come to you when I will have money.

I saw the man going and soon he disappeared. Second man was there without a word. I wanted to talk with him but some reservation of thought stopped me.

I saw soon the other man also walked away. It was now dusk. Lights were on in the garden and atmosphere was calm. I felt to ask myself “can he pay?” Sure I know when milk is for free then why someone would buy a cow.

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