Ghost writing makes you a good writer


When your pocket is empty and you are asked to write a book which you know is going to eat all of your savings and there is no guarantee that you will be in touch with your money after all things also depend on marketing, sales promotion, reviews and many other aspects then certainly finishing your first draft takes time and moving it to final stage makes you feel consumed.

If such situation is ahead of you then you are in sure way to a ghost writing job as it has an ample amount of benefits and keeps you motivated and excited and you will never feel to leave any of the opportunities of writing.

The world is full of opportunities for those who are ready to give their best effort and ghost writing is about your best effort and best earning; after all money certainly motivate you to work harder and meet your deadline.

If I talk about my experience, certainly the money motivated me the most as my life was just banging to find a good sum of money right at that moment. I was ready to work for anyone, writing anything including biography or anything someone needed.

Before that I had 3 books on my bucket to show my abilities and a proven record of magazine publishing – indeed some were under my name and some under others. And the best point is that some of the articles got published in some of the best newspapers like TOI – Time of India, The Asian Age, The Patriot etc.

Indeed I had my articles published in some small fashion and best dine magazines. I had written some websites for fashion designers, health and diet, jewelers and others and all those things certainly helped me to brush my luck in this new endeavor.

Certainly, working here and there requires a lot of contacts and goodwill and it helps in gaining confidence of your client.

Once you get a client your motivation is all time high because of:

  • Advance payment: Yes, once deal is signed you are at least paid 50% in advance which is enough to meet the deadline as another check is waiting for you.
  • More books from the same client: once you give your client one book on time no wonder you will have another book advance from the same client and if you client is simple and good he can help you to find another client too.
  • With every book you are learning: Yes, when you are in your research mode for the book certainly you will come across many related subjects which will not only catch your interest but can give you a clue for the next book proposal so your eyes are open for the next opportunity.
  • No marketing effort: Indeed marketing is always there in the game plan of writing but as a ghost writer you don’t need to work harder for the book to reach to its sincere readers.
  • No emotional association: Once the manuscript is ready and handed to the client now it is not your baby so you don’t need to worry. Of course it doesn’t mean you can write inferior quality – after all each books sales helps you to grow further financially. And the best part is you feel disassociated from all the characters so you can judge the book like a sincere reader too.
  • It adds to your experience and makes you a better writer: As you are working harder to meet your deadline so you are in constant habit of writing and that is very important for a writer to grow. You are working for several domains and industries so you are collecting a lot of information from everywhere and it widens your learning curve.

Once you finalize any book soon you will feel intoxicated and you can’t live without another project. You will do all to get another and like that your experience will get richer and at the same time your bank account as well.

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