Ghost writing is a fun job


Big name equals to big money and every publisher knows this well so does the ghost writer. Big named people don’t have time to write word after word till the book is not completed. They always need ghost to write and you need to be always ready to catch the opportunity.

Indeed it is not so easy to find a big name as they follow many middlemen who arrange one ghost for them, sometimes directly publisher hire a ghostwriter but you never know when your lady luck will smile at you.

But you need to act as a professional and work as a professional. Writing a book is never an easy job so you must have a good exposure to this industry and it is also good if you have already written some books.

In fact, ghosting is a business to write what your client can think of but fails to give words to. It is really a nice job when you are putting words of your client on a piece of a paper. You are walking in the shoes of your client and see how his or her impulses direct you with words.

It is a simple play of catching impulse, personality and the right vibration to select the right words and seeing whether these could lead you towards the final goal of your client’s inner world.

It is a fact that sometimes your client has no clue how to write a book but have an urge to see the book as fast as possible so you are in the shoes of highly paid project manger’s role –  to take everything from your client’s side and start working (Of course, after signing the contract).

You are to decide what should go first and in which chapter and how the structure of the book will look like and what best can be done in order to make the book more readable but apart for this there are some very important facts which should be cleared while ghosting your client, such as:

  • When you and your client are going to sit together because without that this project is next to impossible.
  • You need to know what help he expects from you and what you can offer, things must be clear on both sides.
  • Where is your client seeing this book?
  • Is your client providing all the outlines or do you need to find everything out on your own?
  • Is your client the only source for the book or are there others included or will you have to do all the research?
  • How easily is your client available for you?
  • How fast can your client give you back the chapters to rewrite.

Once you have these things cleared then certainly everything is set for you to go. Ghosting a book has definitely a long way to go but with each step you are learning. You are growing too and certainly you are running at a high speed to earn more from your future client.

Certainly it is a good motivation that helps you to lay out, work and finish the book on the due date.

There is a big competition in the market and people are always in a queue to get their chance to eat their pie but one thing is for sure that you have to prove that you own the money and you are the best one to do this.

Indeed people ask you to write a book in a few thousands and lakh but never accept such proposal as they are joking and not serious only because they don’t have any idea what the hell book writing means.

Of course every book is worth different amount in the market. Some are written with serious notes, plunging deep into the mind of your client or character of the book and some are just running at the surface of the characters of the book but in both cases book is a book that needs to hold the readers and so it has to be written with creativity and talent.

It is very important that you are happy with your payment else the book will go to see the hard days and soon you will too. Better negotiate correctly.  When the payment negotiation is done correctly, ghostwriting is an incredibly rewarding and truly fun job.

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