Ghost writing is a big project


Establishing yourself as a writer is not a one day affair. It is seriously life consuming effort with no guarantee of a good return in the form of a big or renowned writer with money not being an issue for you. For most of us it is only a day dream to be such a big author.

Becoming a ghost writer is comparatively better option when you have skillset and desire to earn big money even in advance so that your whole focus could be on writing only.

There is no doubt that people must know you, your writing capacity and your professional approach towards writing so that they like you to work for them. It definitely takes a lot of time, contacts, personal branding, social advertisement and good luck’s favor.

Indeed every writer has a dream to be a successful writer but as they say – Rome was not built in a day. It certainly requires a lot of time. Writing is like a business that first needs a lot of investment which is not everyone’s cup of tea.

Before becoming a full time writer one has to be in touch with his or her day job so to meet the end. Then gradually when you make a good flow of income by writing for others (mostly) then you can think to leave your day job and work from home as a freelancer.

When you think about being a writer the worst thing that comes in mind is that you need to work the whole day in your office which takes care of your monthly bills but the market is always demanding good contents by ghosts so when you come home you need to sit and work again.

Ghost writing is not new. It is very old and mostly done in regards of someone like editor of any magazine. In fact in colleges and universities P. hd degree works (thesis) were also written by ghosts and on thesis cover research – scholar’s name appears on the jacket but only a nominal or no payments were paid against it. It is good that things are now in the open and parties have written legal agreement.

Situation has certainly changed. Earlier these things were done secretly but now it is done with legal agreement. Now College syllabus books, blogs, science journal magazines or any magazine, novels, short stories and book reviews and criticism are all written with the help of ghost writers.

Nowadays writing is a very big business opportunity and has a big demand in the market. Ghost writers are mostly seasoned writers in their respective fields and earning very well.

Money is certainly a good motivating factor to start your carrier as a ghost writer and the people who will hire you are mostly rich men who are looking for a wordsmith who can quickly produce a manuscript and write all that he or she wants or expects.

Once you have written your own book or novel certainly you have learnt the art of writing till the finishing line so you are familiar with the craft and the whole length of process of writing, editing, proof reading etc. You also know as what your editor expects in your manuscripts and what a line and copy editor can do and what a developmental editor can do as it is all about the big money game but in all this you are to take your cut and shut your mouth.

In other words, it is a factory that produces manuscript which the owner wants. As there is old saying: Pay the Piper and sing his tune.

The owner, whom you here in this context call author, whose name will go on the jacket of the book, is demanding a manuscript and you are like any other staff working for him. Once the book is ready, you get your cut and you are working on another manuscript for a new client.

So to begin with your ghost writing project all you need is a client who trusts in your abilities and creativity. Once the deal is signed, the best fun is not just the advance money in your account but the most reliable source for the book is your client himself or herself standing before you to give you the major information regarding the book and you need to write it in the most polished and most creative manner in the voice of the author so writing as a ghost writer certainly takes less time than your own project.

Your own writing project is a slow development project but your ghost one is the fastest work as you are in the shoes and life of someone else. You have a story, shape of the character and most of the time structure of the book so all you need is to adopt their voice and maintain the pace to meet the deadline.

But if you are thinking by any dint of thought that ghostwriting is for the beginners then you are totally wrong. It is for seasoned writers who have solid writing craft skills and understand the seriousness of the work as your client is waiting for your manuscript to come before his eyes and he is not going to buy any of your excuses.

After all it is a business where time is money and so you have to work with your survival instincts. Ghost writing is a big project and the work can very easily go out of control but you have to manage all and you have to learn when to work and when to feel relaxed. And above all you need to abandon your identity. You are just a medium channelizing the clients’ idea into his manuscript and trust me your effort is well paid.

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