Ghost writing – a good way to earn


Writing is an art and making money is also art and combining them is the best option in your life to earn a good amount of money for your good living.

It means ghost writing is your one of the best option.

Ghost writing is the combination of both the arts.

Your client may not know how a writer writes. He can have an idea say in 300 – 500 words but now he wants a book.

He wants an agreement and wants to have a deadline as how soon he can have a book which covers all his ideas.

You need to be very honest as you need more sits before you can plan anything good for him.

Honestly speaking he will tell you the same set of information but in very sitting you will note something new for your writing in the pitch of his voice, narration, emotion and from his facial expression. You never know what insight you can get from meeting him again and again.

However you need start fast and meet your deadline. If you book is of sub-standard then it can affect your future too so you have to work smarter and harder.

Indeed, ghost writing is not for people who have just started their writing career. It is for the seasoned writers.  It is for people who has the flair for writing and has a huge background of self-experience and exposure in that area of writing. Experience matters.

Money is not an issue. Here only your talent speaks. Film star, business tycoons, Politicians and sport star are someone like to hire you and chances you write for the first time for pennies but gradually your payment will increase like anything however it also depends on many facts such as your negotiation skills.

There is no doubt that internet and technology has given boom to writing industry and writers have chance to secure themselves financially by writing books for others.

Here in India there are many companies are working by hiring new writers and getting the manuscripts, blog, social sites update written for their client. According to the sources America is nearly 60% contributor for such companies.

I don’t work for any company. I have my clients and I search for new clients of my own. The best part for ghost writing is the advance money, written agreement and safety.

I always try to match my level of satisfaction, experts’ levels and my client’s level after all your satisfaction leads to client satisfaction too.

Your client is telling you everything. If he doesn’t telling you can understand soon why and then you know how to write.

When I am writing for blogs for my clients I always consider that I am earning my monthly expense but once I am writing for book, it means I am working for my own dreams. I love to spend on my interest.

There is nothing wrong in writing as a ghost writer. You come in a contract and 50% advance of the agreed amount that means your client will never like to leave you in the middle of the book writing process and if you are writing blog for the same client then his blog writing is to sweeten the deal.

Once you completed the book you are happy to receive the remaining amount and ready to sign another book contract which means 50% again. It is truly a win-win situation for both the parties.

I normally take break after completing one book that helps me to get refreshed and then start again.

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