Friendship is good & bad – both

friendshipI always read about the importance of friendship in books but how rarely we come across a real friend whom we can trust. I often wonder how a thing which has important place in books is rarely experienced in our real life.

Before I further write anything let me ask you a simple question – from where come friends into our life? When a baby is born he or she becomes a cynosure in the family and in the neighbourhood. This baby is an object of love for everyone and everyone wants to hold it. Those who are a little older than the baby, who is given a chance to hold the baby with outmost attention of elders, become the first ones to be friends. Later when the baby grows then they come to play with him.

Friendship is good

A child learns to call them friends. When he goes to school there he finds more children. All of them are of similar age. But here you can see that some children are naughty, stubborn, intelligent, shy, etc. some fails to mix up; some are not allowed by some other children to play.

Time passes but memories remain.

Baby has a language to express his or her dislike by crying and people understand but when baby grows the very first thing that happens with him or her is that he gets confused and finds hard to understand what is happening with him. Why is he neglected? Is he moving around friends? Teacher calls it bully but the child fails to express and understand what is wrong with him.

After school he comes to college where he again finds some similar set of friends as before at school. But he is supposed to be matured now to handle all these and focus on his studies.

After college comes a job, now again there he finds the same set of people. Only faces have changed, place has changed but experience remains the same.  At the core of his heart he is still confused – what’s wrong with him? Why people laugh at him? Why he fails to mix with others? Why others don´t accept him? Why others don´t understand him? But by now he has some other things in life to focus on. If he looks back he feels he is tired of calling others friends.

Friend teaches you to bully at school, lit cigarettes in a corner, steal money from parents´ pockets and other things.

Parents often remain worried and watchful with whom you are going out. Those you call friends tell the world about your bad habits, affairs, sex and other things.

Friendship is just a name for a good feeling one holds at time one comes forward with a feeling to help no matter who is he and what best other can do with you. That is why we say – “A friend in need is a friend indeed.”

Indeed everyone comes across some good and bad times in life and standing with someone as a human to shoulder his trouble is a good emotion and friendship is also like an emotion that often proves itself at the time of need.  Time never remains the same but it helps one to feel a touch that tells you that you are not alone and someone cares to see smiles on your face.  This is friendship and the rest is all CONFUSION in the name of friendship.

Friendship is a wonderful emotion that lulls your heart with smiles. A smile is probably the first thing a baby learns. Study says – a baby smiles on an average of seventy–two times a day and a toddler laughs or smiles six hundred times a day. But as you grow old this real smile is replaced by an artificial one and you live with your artificial friends.

If you don’t find a real friend in life try at least to make a sad one happy & he or she will be with you forever.

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