Every Woman is Beautiful

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No pun intended but I suddenly feel to write about chubby girls.

Some women feel ashamed as they are gaining weight and look more womanish than girlish.

This idea often adds dissatisfaction to them.

I beg to make a point clear to these ladies to add no such heart rendering views and silently suffer because men are mysterious in nature and particularly in the game of attraction.

They get easily moved in whiff of chubby skin.

Men may not admit it openly but most men get attracted towards girls with some extra weight or chubby as these female best fix into the frame of sexual fantasy.

Men appreciate the softness.

The flexibility button often exercises the most in men’s mind but the bigger stuff leaves a magical impact while handling.

Men are glutton for more and this more gets satiated with women with extra weight.

It is just an idea that slim women are healthier which is not very true.

Health can be one part of measurement in the game of attraction for some but attraction is attraction that engages mind and heart with the lovely views of curves.

The actual seduction comes from the confidence one has while living with their skin.

This is a magic box, kept sealed.

Women think:” Men love woman like any drama queen.”

Everything depends on body type.

Some women indeed look attractive only when they gain weight. Some don’t.

Actually it is the chemistry that matches one with another and not any body type.

Time proven fact, men love to see chubby women but their lower self-esteem often stops the desired chemistry.

It is just social pressures that are wrongly thrown on you and you are willingly carrying the load over yourself and becoming depressed.

Woman is beautiful.

There are many modeling agencies that are always on lookout for Big Beautiful Woman.

Time has definitely changed.

Carole Shaw 1979 had used chubby women for her BBW magazine which was a fashion and lifestyle magazine for plus size woman.

Again weight is a natural process.

With age women gain weight and it is good.

You can find women with extra weight calling themselves fat. Well fat is not the issue but the idea with which they have started to live is the problem.

Look at what your favourite celebrities say:

‘I might have a little bit of cellulite. I might not be toned everywhere. I might struggle in this area or that. But accepting that just empowers me.’ Kim Kardashian

Things which are natural are always beautiful. One day we all get old. We come to an age. We can’t just keep maintaining the zero figures.

‘You shouldn’t be pressured into trying to be thin by the fashion industry, because they only want models that are like human mannequins…But you have to remember that it’s not practical or possible for an everyday woman to look like that. Being size zero is a career in itself so we shouldn’t try and be like them. It’s not realistic and it’s not healthy.’ Rihanna

Right, focus should be on healthy living and living healthy mentally is very important.

‘Girls of all kinds can be beautiful – from the thin, plus-sized, short, very tall, ebony to porcelain-skinned; the quirky, clumsy, shy, outgoing and all in between. It’s not easy though because many people still put beauty into a confining, narrow box…Think outside of the box…Pledge that you will look in the mirror and find the unique beauty in you.’ Tyra Banks

We have one life and in this small time frame we need to live happily and understand life is beautiful.

‘I have a crumble baby belly; boobs are worse for wear after two kids…I’m doing all right. I’m 33. I don’t look in the mirror and go, “Oh, I look fantastic!”. Of course I don’t. Nobody is perfect. I just don’t believe in perfection. But I do believe in saying, “This is who I am and look at me not being perfect!”. I’m proud of that.’ Kate Winslet

It is strange media need us to add their readership and they plan what we should read and see and arrange things in our life.

‘I share the same advice that my mom gave me – stay hydrated and sleep well. And that being a beautiful person on the inside is what really matters.’ Jessica Alba

Just chill and live chill.

Magazine covers and people opinions keep on changing.

There is no match for the inner beauty.

It is the statement of your presence.

Keep it healthy, memorable and free from the influential bad cobweb of media and society.

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