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71 facts about penis


Penis is the most talked word but hardly talked openly. We talk only in a doctor’s office when the organ has any issue otherwise we generally avoid to use this word publicly. However, no matter how hard you try, the truth that penis is remarkable organ is not going to change. It helps not just to clean the body but also mind from strong flood of sexual desire. Here are some very important facts about penis:

  1. The world’s largest penis measures 23 cm flaccid and 34 cm erect and belongs to an American from New York.
  2. On average, men ejaculate at a speed of 45 km/h.
  3. Statistics show that almost half of men think of their penis as too small. On the other hand, about 85% of women say their partner’s penis size is great.
  4. Losing fat results in increased penis size. When a man loses 35 pounds of fat, his penis will gain an extra inch.
  5. The percent of men who admit that they masturbate is 94%, while 80% of women say that they do.
  6. Some erect penises are a little bit bent. This happens on to 25% of men.
  7. According to statistics, the average size of flaccid penis is 3.5 to 3.7 inches and between 5.0-5.7 inches when erect.
  8. Whales have the longest penises in the world. The biggest one measured 8 feet.
  9. Men are also able to have multiple orgasms. To do so, they have to have the first one without ejaculation and without losing their erection.
  10. There are about 100 million acts of sexual intercourse in a day.
  11. If he’s close to climaxing, buy some time by squeezing the head of his penis.
  12. During sleep blood flows to men’s penis, which can cause erection.
  13. Lower part of women’s vagina gets narrow before sex so that it can get better grip on penis
  14. It’s better to avoid a cow-girl position when man has trouble with staying hard for long
  15. Single sperm contains 37.5 MB of DNA information.
  16. The number of nerve endings on clitoris is two times bigger than on the whole penis.
  17. Semen surprisingly contains a lot of sugar.
  18. One teaspoon of semen has seven calories.
  19. According to a study from the University of California men who do not help with any housework have half as much sex compared to men who help in the house.
  20. Some people are sexually attracted to statues or mannequins. This is called agalmatophilia.
  21. The highest number of recorded orgasms per hour is 134 by a woman and 16 by a man
  22. When man does not have any sex, his penis can schrink.
  23. Sperm can help avoid wrinkles on the skin when rubbed in, thanks to the proteins the sperm contains.
  24. As per Korean Guinness book of Records, Kim Jong-il’s penis was 3 feet, 4 inches’ long
  25. According to legend, King Fatefehi of Tonga managed to deflower 37 800 women in 14 years.
  26. Men do not use brain when ejaculating as the signal is coming from the spinal cord.
  27. Penis can get erected after a person is hanged – it’s called a “death erection.”
  28. According to research, a lot of men are stressed due to their penis size – no matter how big it actually is.
  29. It takes two teaspoons of blood to get a penis erect
  30. Semen contains antidepressants.
  31. It contains cortisol which increases affection
  32. It has Estrone and oxytocin which elevates mood
  33. It has thyrotropin releasing hormone which is also antidepressant.
  34. It has melatonin which aids sleep
  35. It also has serotonin which is also antidepressant neurotransmitter.
  36. The word “Penis” comes from the Latin word meaning “tail”
  37. Out of 400 men only one is flexible enough to suck himself.
  38. A man has nearly 2 times erections in a day and nearly 9 times at night.
  39. Ejaculation makes a man healthy.
  40. Underside of penis is the most sensitive.
  41. In early 20’s penis stops to grow.
  42. Only 6% of men need extra-large condoms.
  43. Male Orgasm last for 6 seconds whereas females orgasm last for 23 seconds.
  44. Phallostethus Cuulong is a fish who has penis on its head.
  45. The farthest ejaculation is 18 feet.
  46. Penis can break if twisted hard while erect – So No Fun with Cowgirls.
  47. Koro is a condition of irrational fear that penis can go back into the body.
  48. Ejaculation does not always mean orgasm.
  49. The Penis curves in a boomerang shape during missionary position with woman.
  50. Cigarette is highly injurious for penis health.
  51. Penis size can be increased by Traction method.
  52. Penis size vary from one place to another.
  53. Foreskin can be used for grafting purpose for burnt patient.
  54. It can provide 4 acres of grafting skin.
  55. The men of Republic of Congo have the biggest average penis size.
  56. Even babies get erection in the womb.
  57. And surprisingly corpse has erection too.
  58. Iceland has a dedicated penis museum.
  59. Diphallia is a rare condition where a man has two functional penises.
  60. Penis actually starts off like clitoris.
  61. During 19th century circumcision got popularity to avoid masturbation.
  62. In 2003, researchers found the oldest penis fossil of 425 million years.
  63. On 6th April of each year Japan celebrate a festival of Penis and its fertility.
  64. Beijing has a restaurant that specializes in serving penises.
  65. Study says only 5% of men wear condom during sex.
  66. No one can say from a drooping penis about its final erect size.
  67. Penis is a big home for several bacteria.
  68.  Penis is generally darker than the other body parts
  69.  The mushroom-shape of a penis is believed to serve to scoop rival males’ sperm from vagina.
  70.  Penises can be divided into two categories: a grower and a shower. Grower gets bigger during erection, while shower looks big all the time and grows only a little when erect. About 2/3 of men have grower.
  71. Penis is The biological symbol for the male sex

61 most amazing facts about breasts

untitled-infographic (1)


Our life begins with the support of breasts as it is the first source of life support food. Breasts mean our seat of emotions too. They are so close that our mind is always busy in thinking and imagining it.

Love for breasts is as old as the human race and no matter how hard we try to shift our attention it never goes away from them. Our mind never forgets to think about them. It has find ways in our creativity and it has become a central point in art. We can find in our paintings, sculpture, films, novels, poetry and anything where our creativity can reach.

Our scientist and researchers are also behind breasts and they have come up with some amazing facts about them, such as:

  1. 70% of female are not happy with their breasts size.
  2. Squeezing breasts may prevent cancer.
  3. Generally, women have left breast bigger than the right one.
  4. 82% of women say that foreplay at breasts turns them on.
  5. Staring at the breasts for at least one minute can increase the life of a man by 5 minutes.
  6. Girls stare at other woman’s breasts as much as boys do.
  7. Human breasts milk is sweeter than cow milk.
  8. Hungry men like bigger breasts.
  9. A less financially secured person prefers bigger breasts.
  10. Only 20% of men look at the face of a woman in their first meeting.
  11. A woman knows when her partner is staring at other woman’s breasts.
  12. Oxytocin is a chemical released when breasts are grabbed.
  13. The most sensitive part of breast is not nipple or areola but right above it.
  14. Women can orgasm from nipple play alone.
  15. There are 8 different types of nipples.
  16. Average erect nipple size is 5 stacked quarters.
  17. 6% of human population has extra nipples in their body.
  18. Men have nipples and breasts because all fetuses are female at first.
  19. In Japan, they tattoo or apply make up to make their nipples pink.
  20. Nipples can swell nearly 1 centimeter during sex.
  21. Nipples size varies from woman to woman.
  22. World biggest breasts size is 48V.
  23. Breasts also get swelled up and erected like penis.
  24. In China, you can get a degree in bra studies.
  25. British women have the largest boobs in all of the land.
  26. 36C is the average breast size in America today.
  27. 2 million women is USA have breasts implants.
  28. Hawaii, Texas, Ohio, New York, and Maine legally allow woman to go topless.
  29. There is a group called Go Topless which is trying to make topless women legal in other places as well.
  30. Between 14 – 18 centuries, dresses were made to make the entire breasts hang out.
  31. Looking at breasts during test can badly affect the result.
  32. The word boob comes from Latin word PUPPA, which means “Little Girl”
  33. Breasts can have a large variety of sizes as well as shapes.
  34. One of the most dangerous cancers for women is breast cancer
  35. Men can get breast cancer too.
  36. Arkansas has the lowest occurrence of breast cancer.
  37. The largest number of women with breast cancer are in state Massachusetts.
  38. The first records about breast cancer come from Ancient Egypt, over 3,500 years ago.
  39. Anyone can be diagnosed with breast cancer.
  40. According to statistics, breast cancer is diagnosed in 1/8th of all women.
  41. Around 85 percent of women diagnosed with breast cancer come from families where no ancestors have ever suffered from this disease.
  42. After the first menstruation, breasts usually get bigger for about two or four years.
  43. Bra as a garment came into market in 7th century, however its large scale production started after 1930. Today it is $16 billion industry.
  44. An average pair of breasts can produce 1 liter milk every day.
  45. 65% of British men say that breasts are the most attractive part in woman.
  46. It is a misconception that bra can increase breasts cancer.
  47. Average weight of a breast is 0.5 kg.
  48. Average number of bras that a woman owns is 9.
  49. Average number of bras that a woman wears is 6.
  50. Out of 8 only one woman suffers from breast cancer in her life time.
  51. 4 million bras are made every day.
  52. Sleeping facedown can eventually change the shape of the breasts.
  53. Breasts contain about 5 % of your body fats.
  54. We are the only primates with permanent breasts.
  55. Coffee can make your breasts more sensitive.
  56. The areola can become darker with physical excitement from blood going to the area.
  57. Small breasts are more sensitive.
  58. Big breasts support the body to float in water.
  59. An American woman Annie Hawkins-Turner has the biggest breasts in the world. She wears a size 521 bra.
  60. During pregnancy, breast size increases in response to these hormonal changes.
  61. Humans are the only mammals with permanently swollen breasts. Other Mammals have boobs only when nursing

When Love is in brain


Love is the most important emotion that is triggered in heart and under its influence we feel to spend our life. But do we really know that Love happens right in brain and not at heart? Well, right from the beginning we have read from writers, philosopher, thinkers and religious teachers that love lives in heart but science says: “Love is a process subject to biological forces beyond our conscious control.” And love is possible due to some natural chemical changes in our brain only.


  • It is the most important part of the brain that coordinates with the nervous system and that controls body temperature, thirst, hunger, and other homeostatic systems, and involved in sleep and emotional activity. Love and lust are one of the most important emotions which are also regulated by it. In fact, love does not grow in heart but in brain.
  • It is Hypothalamus that first notices your attraction level and soon helps in release of chemical like testosterone and due to this chemical your heart races, breathing gets faster and other things happen. Soon after this our reward centre gets flooded with dopamine which is the brain’s feel good chemical and her or his presence is all what you want.



  • Sex is a much hidden thing in human life and science is always ready to go deeper into it to find out the human behavior. Human is always craving to see an object or thing which even includes sex and sex objects. As eyes see and brain captures the image then at the same time it releases a chemical – a hormones called Androgens including testosterone.
  • Researchers find that woman’s brain releases more new testosterone than men. It is no wonder that sex helps both men and women to gain more testosterone in their body. As a woman finds a suitable match for her, testosterone level exceeds. It helps human to have better sex math and they want more sex in their life.



  • Sex with the right person of love is addictive. It not only gives better health but it also helps the desire to have more sex in life. A good sex definitely means to experience orgasm. You will be surprised to know that orgasm consumes 30 parts of the brain which includes touch, fantasy, memory and rewards.
  • A good sex must involve orgasm and it releases chemicals like Serotonin and Opioids as the best reward. This chemical is also found is drugs like Heroin. That makes sex addictive provided it is performed with the right person of love.



  • Our brain is always active and always alert. It monitors even danger and risk. There is an area near brain steam which is known as Amygdala which is also known as threat detector and it starts functioning as it perceives any risk or danger. But when you are in love and flooded with romantic thoughts then be careful, it means that your life saving ship has let down its armor and there can be enemies attack at any time. The shaft device that detects and alerts you to danger and risk is now in sleeping mode.
  • It is the Amygdala whose absence makes lovers to get into wrong decision. The result can be dangerous too. Sometimes lovers fall in trap of unprotected sex or jealousy that can lead to any fatal action.



  • Our brain also understands the difference between love and lust. When brain moves from lust to love our brain floods our blood with neurotransmitter Oxytocin. It is the chemical that predict attachment behavior. It is the key of our attachment behavior. Due to this chemical we become generous and show empathy for someone. Researchers found that women body always has more Oxytocin than men. However, Men can have high level of oxytocin after a long passionate kiss.
  • Good news for you, women that you can let your lover to kiss you passionately and soon his pure lust will change into love and he will be more caring, trust worthy and devotional towards you. It is the biological force that makes this change. We can further go ahead and can say: Oxytocin can make a promiscuous man into a monogamous one.


Vagus Nerves:

  • We often learn that in love people surrender their heart, mind and soul. Science finds that there is vagus nerve which connects brain with the heart in a couple who have been in love for long. Their heart rhythms, facial expressions and hand gestures start to find harmony in their order and this is majorly regulated by this vagus nerve. This result into making a strong bond between lovers and one can better feel or detect the pain or trouble in each other’s life. They are now ready to sacrifice anything and everything for each other.
  • Researchers have found that if the desire of sacrifice is coming out from within then even the suffering gives mental and physical health benefits. It is also seen that Vagus nerve strengthens more and love goes deeper and there is more activity in brain and that reduces the pain and anxiety.



  • It is the first medium of conveying your emotions. It has the capacity to convey a range of emotions. It is seen that touch reduces stress levels and helps in increasing happiness. Researchers have found that there is a gender difference in how touch is perceived. It is not necessary that women can feel compassion only in man’s touch. However, it is also seen that man gets slow in picking up anger in woman’s touch.
  • It is also found that touch teaches us to forgive and the feeling of touch reaches down to the level of our cells. Researchers have found that as love matures couples learns to appreciate the weaknesses of each other’s and lover’s presence is unparalleled and nothing can give that sense of pleasure of happiness when lover touches each other’s.

Love now everyone from your brain and let brain work and keep your heart smiling for this best functioning and holding the rewards of love while brain does all.

Relation never grows over skin


The world around us is changing. Now women are much freer and so their approach to draw men in is also changing. Women are now more debonair and risk oriented in term of drawing men into relationship. New dating tips are teaching them the art of hooking, fashion clothes and jewellery are helping them to be more seductive and look sensuous.

The cultural change in metros is getting its speed. Night clubs, bar and lounges culture is also growing and it is getting common that women are freely enjoying liquor and dance floor in skimpy clothes. Now the music industry has some lyrics which sounds enticing but meaning is always vulgar and cheap.

Female are now more exposed to sex divas and their glamorous world. That helps the young heart to experience the joy of luxury. Females are getting conscious about their figures, lifestyle, rich nights and free sex.

Getting drunk in bar like fish is a new trend that definitely adds a huge generation gap, particularly in India’s metro city where night doesn’t sleep.  New cell phones are helping in getting pictures clicked and social sites are the best place to showcase the world that fun is now our statement.

Songs with vulgar and frivolous lyrics are adding more excitement on a dance floor as dance steps are also getting influenced by sex steps. Dark background and disco lights are offering better look at the skimpy clad girls and that results in the opposite sex attraction which is similar to moths’ attraction to a flame.

Girls don’t want to wait for parents to look for suitable boy. They are confident to get one suitable for them. They are working and earning a fat salary and can afford the luxury in life.

Ladies night, Party time and Couple night are the best hangout places to meet the love birds. It is very easy to have friends and it is pointless to say one-night stand and live-in relationships are getting popularity in bigger cities. But these relations mostly suffer humiliation, disrespect, and abuse and increase the gap between man- woman relationships.

“Men are bastards. They are pigs. They are just dogs around hot woman. etc.” Well, these statements have become very common because the number of women suffering in such relation is increasing.

Relation never stands with her clothes off, drinks and purchasing capacity. These are momentary. The real sweetness of her nature gets buried somewhere and what man finds in her is the simple nakedness that soon falls short after a short life of togetherness.

Men never feel comfortable with introducing the sizzling woman to his family, friends and colleagues. Such relationship always remains as a clandestine affair or a comfit space between the two and mostly ends with complains, abuse and suffering.

Bad guys usually fall first in women’s hand who are just crazy about new temptress and enjoyment. Good men always seem to be party poppers, frigid and unimportant, who fail to impress the hot and bold girls in one go.

It is just a misconception which is helping women in selecting the wrong guys and automatically wrong results come in the hand. When you are using your sexual energy to lure a man then it is natural that he sees only fun and sex in you. You are hot for body but consciously or subconsciously his mind puts you in not serious mode. He finds you only a good hooker and he never counts on your good side of life.

In fact, there are so many women available in skimpy clothes that their mind is ready for a new bit and fishing for a new type of woman is always exhilarating and fun. They have trained themselves for uncommitted sex and want to live like a toy boy only.

In life we all want a committed partner and loving togetherness but the rich luxuriating lights, bar glasses and pressure to make a bold fashion statement ends up messing our life.

It is natural you want to be special and wanted but your sexual vixen side can never let you win a good heart. Only a good man can be a good husband and a good father, but you have only one life to live and youth is a very short time to enjoy so think else paddle the cycle and move on till you can keep your energy level high.

Tips to last longer with better health

untitledOur magazine is full of lifestyle and health but we hardly find a column regarding health care of our male hood. We never dare to speak about it. We consider it as it never needs so much attention that we can talk in public, although it is one of the most talked word in general.

As our decades pass and our health starts impacting its ability and we find it difficult to get the best job from it, after all our health is the major factor for its overall performance. It is very important to take care of it from the start. The good news is that it is not difficult, all you need to keep these simple things in mind:

  1. Weight under control

It is very important to maintain the body weight as our levels of testosterone depend mostly on our healthy body. As we know that obesity reduces testosterone levels in the body. Abdominal fat is not good. It converts your male hormone testosterone to the female hormone estrogen. It can clog up fats in the blood vessels and the arteries of the penis which result in bad quality of erection.

  1. Eat wisely

Always keep in mind that you are what you eat. If you are eating low nutritional food, then it will adversely affect the performance. It is very important to have balanced diet.

  1. Destress yourself

It is one of the biggest curses of our modern wrong lifestyle that our life is full of stress and we fail to find a way to get stress relief. It causes release of the hormones adrenaline and cortisol. Adrenaline narrows blood vessels that create problem in erections. As cortisol hormones get excess then it drives your appetite which helps in accumulation of the bad belly fat.

  1. Don’t use tobacco

Tobacco is injurious for health, we know. But do we know that apart from causing deadly cancer it also affects all the organs in our body? It narrows our blood vessels, impairs blood flow, and decreases the supply of oxygen. In fact, it poisons our whole body.

  1. Consume alcohol in small amount

Alcoholic drink is good as long as we are consuming it in small amount. It lessens anxiety and can increase blood flow and can improve erectile function, but as we increase the quantity it will adversely affects us and it can be a major risk factor for erectile dysfunction.

  1. Sound sleep

Sleeping is the best way to maintain our body. It restores our brain and body functions. If we are not sleeping properly then it causes a disruption in endocrine, metabolic, and immune functions. It means decreased levels of leptin (our appetite suppressant), increased ghrelin levels (our appetite stimulant), increased cortisol, and increased glucose levels (higher amounts of sugar in the bloodstream). Better rest and sleep well.

  1. Regularly exercise

It is a gift. It reduces stress, improves mood, prevents fatigue, and increases energy. It reduces the risk for diabetes, heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, some cancers, osteoporosis, chronic medical problems, and physical disability. It helps our heart to pump blood better and makes our muscles stronger. It also improves the muscles involved in sex that improve your performance.

  1. Strengthen your pelvic floor muscles

The pelvic floor muscles are very important muscles that need to be exercised to be stronger because they are important and play vital role right from erections to ejaculation. Scientific studies found that pelvic exercises known as “Kegels” help in erectile dysfunction.

  1. Stay sexually active

You know it right that if you don’t use something then it will stop working, so better use. Scientific studies found that men who are more sexually active tend to have fewer problems with erectile dysfunction as they age.

  1. Always keep your relation sweet

Sweet, harmonious relation often leads to healthy life as there is a great benefit of good mind–body connection. If the relation is not sweetened deep with love definitely ED will affect the relationship

Health of your big Shaft

80Human being is a sexual being and gaining the sexual energy and keeping it strong is very important that tells a lot about the overall health and wellness of our body.  It is very important to nourish our male organ so it can stand long and play well in its’ respect area of functionality. Right from the very beginning man always paid extra attention in toning their muscles and eats better to maintain strength and stamina in their libido. It is also important to know what more you can do to remain a good player; after all we know one strong sword can save your breath longer. To live better with long last love we need to integrate a proper penis health care in your daily routine and vitamin E is one of the best ways to maintain and improve the skin quality and health of the penis.

Penis is with a toy to play rather it is a sword that needs good care right after your adolescent. Studies says that Penis loses sensitivity with age however it is hard to say the exact age and how much but based on the researches it can be said that sensitivity starts to decline from the age of 25 and the sharpest decline can be seen between 65 and 75. So it is very advisable to pay attention right from the beginning to secure your future.

Vitamin E is the gift that protects and keeps your toy safe like a sword in its holder. We know it has antioxidant properties that fight free radicals that cause cancer, premature aging but it also reduces cholesterol in the body. It also boosts immune system and regulates hormones in the body. It is an especially important nutrient for skin care, as it helps retain moisture, prevents skin dryness and can help protect the skin from UV rays. It has several specific benefits for the penis such as it can improve the quality and appearance of the penis skin.  It actually goes deeper into the skin cells. It increases blood flow throughout the body. It also goes to those tiny blood vessels that make up the penis, this speeds healing and helps maintain the health of the penis tissue.

Food and Nutrition Board at the Institute of Medicine recommend adults intake 15 mg of Vitamin E daily. It is available in the following foods:

  • Wheat germ oil, sunflower oil, safflower oil and palm oil
  • Nuts, almonds, hazelnuts
  • Spinach, collard greens, dandelion greens
  • Avocados, asparagus, broccoli, beets, turnips, tomatoes, sweet potatoes pumpkin
  • Mangoes, papayas, kiwi

It is also available in tablets or capsule such as in multivitamins, or as a vitamin E only supplement. It is always advisable to take your doctor’s suggestion before taking any supplement.

10 points how to make yourself really sexy

Untitled Infographic

In our modern life everyone is hiding himself or herself behind someone no matter what your personality trait is. Deep inside our heart we want to outshine everyone, become a star and behave so, and to be appreciated like them. In every personality there is always some seductive side and all you need is to recognize and the use those trait to be sexy and demanding. In fact, we think a lot that being sexy is all about our looks but it is not. It is all about how you make others feel. What kind of ambience you create around you and how much you let someone feel good. This feel good factor is the magnetism that attracts everyone to you. Let me help you know how it all starts;


  1. Think about yourself as sexy.

This world is what you make and you know this world is round so what goes from you will soon come back to you. If you make someone honored and pleased soon you will receive the same. Be open, talk without any grudges and make others feel comfortable. Choose this kind of mental attitude and slowly you will be sexy, inviting and popular.


  1.  Resolve your past love stories, so that they do not affect your present

Everyone has their cross to bear and everyone is carrying a heavy load of stress, frustration and anxiety. Keep yours behind, see the shining morning and keep that shine the whole day.  Good and bad days keep on changing in life undoubtedly you can also be clouded.  But drawing the line thus far and no further is the beauty. This is sexy and wonderful.


  1.  Become an expert in lovemaking

As we know that life is short but art is long and love is the finest of all arts. If you are deep in love then you will do all that can appeal and satisfy your love. Love is the biggest aphrodisiac. The power of making love is not a very far away from you, your electric impulse will soon transfer and recharge her on and body will learn the fine art of making love and rich chemistry of sex and the way it helps to know each other better.


  1.  Be confident

Confidence is the key and the ability to know who you are and what makes you worth.  Good human is the most sexist thing that makes you act as a magnet. It tells the world that you would not bring a lot of “drama” into a relationship and can make life interesting.


  1.  Be comfortable naked

It is all about being comfortable with your skin. It is normal that our body shape changes with time and we can lose the suppleness of our body but seeing yourself in the buff and feeling great about yourself is important. This will rejuvenate your youth.


  1.  Seduce yourself by creating the perfect Lover’s ambiance

There is no harm to be romantic in relationship. It grows the intimacy bond stronger. It keeps the heart warm and relationship strong. Romantic words can create a beautiful ambience and it doesn’t cost much. You don’t need to spend lavishly to make a room of ambience for romantic. It is no like you have to lit a candle and have candle light dinner.  Beauty of love can be received and felt without the electric light too.


  1.  Dress yourself up and go out together

Your selection of dress or clothes says a lot about you. It is always good to wear what others find you attractive in. I don’t mean to say to wear only what others like you to wear but wear what others can appreciate.  By trial and error you can select good dress, color and style for each other and it also enhances your love life.


  1.  Stand straight, keep your shoulders back and look others in the eye. Smile.

Your way of standing, talking and looking at others gives a good measurement of your personality and leaves an impact on others. If you talk giving an eye to eye contact, keeping your body straight and smile on your face makes you look confident and appealing before others. Your confidence begets others confidence in you and you will be popular in no time.


  1. Become a Romance Master

Men are likely to run out of romantic ideas and that is a very problematic time for men. But is it really so difficult to be romantic? To be honest, woman needs her lover’s attention. This is the primary thing and if there is a candle light dinner then it beggars all description but conveying the heart of woman about your romantic feeling is as simple as honestly looking into her eyes and telling her your feelings. It can be a simple touch, a simple word or a beautiful piece of poetry. Romantic thoughts stir her heart and bring her into the aura of romance.  If you can succeed in bringing a woman into an aura of romance then you are definitely incredibly sexy!


  1.  Love your life

Falling in love is just a way of telling yourself that you are going deep into your heart. And finding there your love is the most beautiful feeling of life. As your love finds you stirring and engaging there is no way that anything can stop you to be incredibly sexy. Life is really wonderful and the feeling of being in love is the most romantic and incredibly sexy thing.

15 Reasons for Men’s Attraction to Breasts

Untitled Infographic

Men love breasts and they are glutton for it but the most significant reason is that offers closeness to our loved one. It gives a sense of closeness, attachment that we have felt as we were born with. Having a sense of closeness with someone is the most important emotion in our life and in the whole gamut of our emotions. Breasts are actually the most commonly seen difference between man´s and woman´s body when clothed and covered properly. This visibility makes attraction, this covering makes it a cynosure and this subject fairly very interesting and majorly complicated to explain in very strict sense.

There are some noted facts about breasts that make men glutton for breasts like any teeny weenie.

  1. Breasts Are Great to Look At
    Men´s eyes get locked at the breasts and sensory buds stop at those and at the same time tickle the brain cells and eyes love the vision. Breasts are one of the first things a man sees in a woman. This habit of looking at is not nurtured at school or any place but it is natural. Brains normal functions. Indeed it is odd, offensive, but men can’t resist taking a peek!
  1. Breasts Add Grace and Poise
    No matter who & how the men are but they have an artistic sense. They love undulating image, again brain cells are responsible. When a male’s eyes gaze at the big breasts, on the back of the eyes brain reads them as curvaceous. You can call it opposite attraction as men don’t have any curves on their bodies.
  1. Sign of womanhood
    A woman is the first to teach men that the curviness is a symbol for womanhood which adds grace and poise to the way they carry themselves.
  1. Breasts Represent Fertility
    Long from the ancient time, it has been believed, (wrongly believed, no doubt) that big breasted are healthy woman who can reproduce healthy young ones. Since that very time our brain is tuned in a way that we believe big breasts as a sign of fertility.
  1. Breasts Offer Visual Stimulation
    As we all know, men get stimulated visually. It is probably the main basic difference between man and woman. Men are just turned on by looking at a woman’s body. Opulence of vision in the object – a woman body, particularly perky breasts, thigh and butts stimulate them visually.
  1. Breasts Are the Key to Second Base
    It is not a wide knowledge among men, but breasts are the key to second base because of their closeness to libido. So playing with them makes women more sexually aroused, which is another reason for men to love breasts.
  1. Breasts Lead to Great Foreplay
    Breasts make foreplay more interesting and more enticing. Breasts get better attention and fondling, sucking or kissing the breasts become important.
  1. Breasts Are Nice to Touch
    Well, it is not something that could or should be expressed through words, better experience, or learn to touch. Needless to say they are soft and supple, inviting, tempting and overwhelming for men.
  1. Breasts Are Mysterious
    Breasts are always a source of mystery and several poets wrote many poems about them. In poetry they are actually called seat of emotion and men just flow away with this mysterious object because breasts are very supple and adjust its shape under the influence of bra and dress and if left free – they wobble so naturally that young guys find themselves lost in visualizing what hides beneath the clothing until they catch hold of them.
  1. No Cleavage without bigger Breasts
    Nothing can be better than to flaunt your deep cleavage to get the best attention of men and make other women jealous. Without breasts, there would be no cleavage
  1. Breasts Are Soothing
    It is really soothing to rest your head on them. It is very cushiony and resting over them is the best and it makes the bad mood disappear. In fact, study says that men who see breasts for at least 15 minutes a day live longer and healthier!
  1. Bigger breasts are the best ornaments
    Imagine a woman with full rounded body having bigger breasts above all oozing out of her dress like a sweet lozenge of her skin. Do you think there could be any good ornament look distracting the finest view?
  1. Breasts give room for imagination to lighten
    You know the young teenagers are always in the pursuit of imagination and breasts are the best ones that fix their imagination and use their best creativity energies. Big boobs leave them with the best alluring situation.
  1. Breasts resemble the buttock
    Some schools of thought considers that actual attraction or love for breasts came from the love of buttocks because buttocks have more similarity and roundness to breasts. Breasts give sexual attraction from the front. Men love the voluptuous body and that translates into bigger breasts. Actually female body has more estrogen that encourages the body to store fat in the buttocks, hips and thighs. With puberty female body gets more adipose tissues than males and gain better visual indication of youth, health and fertility and this signals the male mind about the presence of sufficient fat stores for pregnancy and lactation. This opulence makes man attracted to breasts and indeed there are men who get attracted by other of female body too.
  1. Bigger breasts give better dressing style
    No matter what you wear but your bigger breasts will always get the best attention. You can try any tight Jean with top, Indian sari and blouse or salwar kameez or etc.

Why do guys like breasts so much

Untitled Infographic

You may find it lousy but people around us think to research subjects like why do guys like breasts so much.  As a man I can simply answer: it is so obvious. It is so natural. It is because it looks beautiful, stimulating, enticing and accentuating and every man wants to see such big things that lull his mind every now and then. It reminds him to finish his unfinished business with his wife or any partner, if I am not wrong.

But last night I was reading some research works, studies, findings and suddenly it made me feel that human body is nothing but a chain of chemically linked structure, particularly our brain. Brain is the big bank for so many types of chemical releases that make us happy or make us addictive. I think it is also an addiction for men to love breasts.

It is really wonderful to know that men and women are so close to each other for their sexual and emotional needs and satisfaction. I enjoyed reading that past research has proven that women do in fact enjoy attention on their breasts.

I also find it interesting that humans are also among the very few animals that have sexual intercourse face-to-face, “looking into each other’s eyes.” Hence it is really wonderful to see the undulation of the wonderful breasts, crowned up with nipples.

I find Dr. Larry Young, who is one of the world’s leading social neuroscientists, quite interesting and logical. He says: “biologically speaking” the human male’s obsession with breasts is “pretty weird”. “Men are the only male mammals fascinated by breasts in a sexual context,” He also says: “And women are the only female mammals whose breasts become enlarged at puberty, independent of pregnancy. We are also the only species in which males caress, massage and even orally stimulate the female breasts during foreplay and sex.”

He and his friend scientist Alexander have a point of view that there is some neurological process that links it to the same brain mechanisms used to promote a powerful bond between mother and child.

“When a woman gives birth, her newborn will engage in some pretty elaborate manipulations of its mother’s breasts,” they say.  “This stimulation sends signals along nerves and into the brain. There, the signals trigger the release of a neurochemical called oxytocin from the brain’s hypothalamus.”

“This oxytocin release eventually stimulates smooth muscles in a woman’s breasts to eject milk, making it available to her nursing baby,” they said. “But oxytocin release has other effects, too. When released at the baby’s instigation, the attention of the mother focuses on her baby. The infant becomes the most important thing in the world.”

Young and Alexander conclude that a man’s obsession with breasts is far from creepy and is actually “an unconscious evolutionary drive” that helps humans forge loving, nurturing bonds.

The authors also say that oxytocin and dopamine act together to help “imprint” the newborn’s face, smell and sounds into the mother’s reward circuitry, making breastfeeding and nurturing a pleasurable experience that will motivate her to keep doing those activities to strengthen the mother-infant bond.

“This bond is not only the most beautiful of all social bonds, it can also be the most enduring, lasting a lifetime,” they said. Further they said that when a lover touches, massages or nibbles a woman’s breasts, it sparks the same process of brain events as nursing.

It is very interesting to read them and it was also very interesting to know that there were Researchers Roy Levin, of the University of Sheffield, and Cindy Meston, of the University of Texas who surveyed 301 participants, which included 153 women, on breast stimulation, and found about 82 percent of women were even more sexually aroused when their breasts or nipples were stimulated and nearly 60 percent ask to have their nipples touched.

In fact, man-woman relationship is mysterious in nature but they are sexually dependent on each other which makes it more magical and fulfilling.

Cuddling for better living


Cuddle or hug is not just a physical connection but an emotional and spiritual connection and in the mean time you are conveying the message or giving a sense to your partner or friend that they are important to you.  In this delicate moment, you are not just opening yourself to receive love but you are giving love as well.  You can say cuddle is a magical expression of love and it benefits both giver and receiver and it is now scientifically proven that it has enormous benefits for our life, such as:

  1. Releases oxytocin: Cuddling is one of the things that make you feel secure and happy in the pair of hands of your loved one and you experience the hormone known as Oxytocin that does everything from making you feel good to helping you feel connected to others.
  1. Boosts immune system: Love lets you feel you are invincible, you feel a feel-good hormone called Oxytocin that makes you feel secured as like nothing can hurt you. Actually this hormone helps fighting infection. So, it boosts your immune system so you feel too good and healthy to get sick. The power of positive thinking—and feeling loved and secure—actually works!
  1. Pain relievers: Suppose you hurt your neck, what do you do? Rub it, right? This simple touch releases enough oxytocin that make you feel better so image what can happen when you cuddle in the arms of your cuddling doll.
  1. Deepen your relationships: The communication of touch is important in relationships, suppose your life is taking a negative toll and if you get a touch or a cuddle with your partner or a loved one for even ten minutes a day, it can change your negative emotion into a positive one.
  1. Triggers for sex: Dopamine releases even by the non-erotic touch, which is a hormone that increases sexual desire. Regular sex strengthens your relationship and sex is a good stress reliever that can make your life more romantic and happy.
  1. Make strong bond: Cuddling not only makes your relationship good with your loved one but it also makes a strong bond with your infant baby. As Oxytocin helps to relax the mother and as its result breastfeeding becomes easier. It also supports sleep to some mothers who face difficulty in sleeping with a newborn in the house.
  1. Reduce social anxiety: Oxytocin arouses positive thinking. It helps you have an optimistic outlook on the world. Which means when you get a hug right as you arrive at the party where you only know one person, you’re going to feel happier and more social going in. You’ll feel like you can charm everyone at the party. And with oxytocin coursing through your system, you will!
  1. Reduces stress: Oxytocin is an amazing natural hormone that benefits the human body. It releases positive feelings that remove stress. You feel more connected, your confidence increases and as your immune system is stronger, you have nothing to worry about.
  1. Lowers your risk of heart disease: As oxytocin benefits in reducing stress, anxiety, so it means it keeps your blood pressure lower that results in lower risk of heart disease.
  1. Warm bath: Oxytocin hormone can be released not just by cuddling with any other person but also it can be released by a warm bath or by a massage. You can even get by any kind of warm touch and you will feel good.