Fashion & Style

Meaning of Fashion

Clipboard01A Singaporean authoress Jess C. Scott once said: “The human body is the best work of art.” And art means the visual creative activity that was primarily made for beauty and emotional power. When we talk about the emotions of a human then we are covering a larger part of human behavior than connotes personality. Personality is the internal part of an individual which definitely reflects externally as in how one chooses to react or act, behaves, eats and chooses to dress. This depiction of individuality is his or her fashion of working or maintaining his of her life style. In this big world of human we can find that a lot of people carry similar taste, habits, and preferences in their dressing, dining and life style.

Fashion industry is all about this art. The main objective of fashion is to decorate the human and their life with colors, design and patterns that can accentuate the eyes. Our world is very volatile. It keeps on changing due to influences of one culture over another. This has made a great aura of creativity and imagination that is creating new trends globally and we start to individualize ourselves while looking at to which social group we belong.

Our dressing and choice of luxury starts defining our personality trait. Young and fashionable, officer goers, city dwellers, professionals, everyone got a way of dressing, meeting people and dining space, all of which starts stating to which social group one belongs. We developed a taste for using a brand that promises a good quality and better lifestyle. This new trend has created a demand for products like watches, shoes, jewelry, sun glasses and of course designer’s clothes.

A new awareness has come to people and people start making their own fashion statements, a style, and a way to look. Movie industry further added fuel to this trend and it gained more mass appeal. People become more and more concussed about fashion and their outfits.

Everyone likes to have their own fashion statement – that means how you dress up, put on your make up, and do your hair. All this is your fashion statement. All this tells in what kind of fashion you are in, what kind of lifestyle you enjoy, which age, culture and era you feel to live in. In fact it tells many more other things about you.

Fashion is a live thing. It is all about how society feels itself mentally. Conservative society has different style or clothing whereas free society has some differences. Fashion is all about the acceptance of a lifestyle. People and societies create fashion and that’s why modern trends represent the condition of society.

Fashion is not just about your dressing. It is all about your choice, your lifestyle and you. And you are considered from your tips to toes. Whatever you put on – right from toes paint to hair oil, all plays a role in your fashion statement. That is why Coco Chanel has once rightly said: Every day is a fashion show and this world is the runway.