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Writing is a game of transporting you mentally


“Imagination is more important than knowledge.” and this quote is still true in case of a new emerging writers who don’t have a published track record to support their abilities and knowledge.

This world values you when you have walked the walk else needless to say none cares to look at you. In fact, it is the scenario at everywhere. Why would anyone like to show their trust in you till you have proven them anything?

Writing is a big work of your imagination and it is like a thin air moving from one place to another. None other can perceive what is in your mind, what you are capable of seeing and sensitive to feel. Your words give a structure to your imagination. This is all what a writer creates from his writing.

A writer creates a world in his mind and gradually he takes it all on the paper. He holds a figment of imagination for an endless hour with a hope that he can reproduce it in a bigger way for a wider readership. That is the toughest task but this is all about the writer’s challenge and his writing skills.

Skill never develops within a day. It takes years and may be one life is not enough to prove your ability of writing, (I am not trying to minimize the ability of a writer.)

Writing is a particular structure which a reader could see but when a writer is writing his intuitive brain is somewhere else connected with the other world and he is working in the physical world.

Knowledge about any particular object, place or experience can help his imagination but it plays a smaller role into his big imagination. In no way I am trying to say that personal experience is less important. I am only saying is that people have personal experiences but a writer goes above that, beyond that and summarizes his experience while connecting it with the wider world of his imagination where a bare crude reality meets an art and gives a shape and structure of a new world.

Both the writer and reader could feel and see this new world. Word after word a world is transferring from one brain to another and place, event and characters are making its presence in the mind and this beauty is nothing but a magic.

Writer’s imagination can transport you to his world and make you feel that you mind is full of his imagination. You are seeing exactly what he was seeing at the time of his writing.

The time capsule is somewhere nonexistent. A reader can be enjoying a writer’s imaginations right after two hundred years or even more. Age and time have gone by but the immortal works of writers like William Shakespeare, Milton, Dickens still have that capacity to connect and transport you as a reader into their time and make you follow their imaginative world.

Writing is all an art of a scientific work. Science is working with this possibility in the laboratory and writers are doing this in your mind. Transporting the mind into a new place is all what you see in the virtual world.

Writing is an art. Writers are artists and their craft of story-telling is the magic in believing in the world far away from your physical world. Writing is a game of transporting you mentally into a new world and at the same time you are physically frozen in an hour of your reading.

Writing a novel about love


Love is something which is very rich in taste and writing about it is like dreaming which you can only see, feel and tell the world about it. Love has its own flowery language and reader gets a very special cosy feeling out of it.

Readers read it as if they are reading their own feelings and seeing their dreams from a dreamer’s eyes where every word is expressing the readers word. This mesmerizing display of emotion is what makes love the thing that connects the hearts.

If the lovers cry, the readers really bleed. A reader could feel the throbs of their heart as the closest possible sound. Their own heart could throb with the lovers and with the story.

Love is really a magic. It only happens. It is not created or made. Indeed readers sometime wish that one day they can also feel and experience the same intensity of love and happiness in the warmth touch of each other.

Love is not a touch. It traverses deeper. It is subtler and more fairy. It transports you to a new world. A world where you live for someone and someone has come there to love only you.

The prefect feeling makes someone grow deeper in love. Love starts with very simple note like a note of musical instrument and gradually it creates its own music, its springs are far more reaching and sweeter than one can imagine.

Love is a taste that dilutes in within and lives like a part of you. It makes life easier. It makes you feel comfortable in an isolated place where only you know you are not alone. Indeed you are not alone. You can’t afford to be alone. You are always with your love.

You are talking to her. You can feel her in the thin air. You see her in the darkest of time. She is with you, around you and deep within you.

Love is a crazy world, one can’t write anything, even a single word without being a crazy. A world of love invites you to be crazy and forget where you really live and how you live there. You live in a new world. A writer writes about a new world, with utmost new possibilities of experience.

Love is never like a sweet fairytale. It has its own agony and pathos and lover goes with that sphere of time where one bleeds for another and both crave to have a point of no return.

They need one sweet beginning. Their love just starts with simple heart throb and gradually it becomes one and there is actually one heart, one soul living in two bodies. Love is such a sweet recipe of emotion. One can taste it only and only if one surrenders before the love.

Writing about love is all about surrendering, about their feelings, incidences, throbs and admiration. It is all about the couple. It is all about the struggle and strength of their love for each other. It is heavenly. It is divine. It is pure earthy as living with all the intensity of passion and life.

Such sublimation is all what a writer writes and readers read. It is a very simple and at the same time very difficult. If a writer misses to word the observation with the right intensity of attachment then his piece of writing can be thrown from the paradise onto the earth. Readers will feel ribbed and not finely crowded.

Writing about love is all about writing from heart. Words are not coming from mind however they are only splashing from the stir at the heart. To touch and stir the heart there is no rule, no method, no plot – just a heart full of love and that creates all the magic.

Authors Can Use Virtual Assistants


Author is a person who is always busy and always working, no matter whether he is sitting to write or not.

Words are their treasures and imagination is the tool that goes deep into the treasure and brings the right words on their desktop or paper.

Their words are their real currency converter. The better they write the wider their reader’s reach. So they are careful and write wisely.

Words are precious. They carry the writer’s imagination. They create a world in the mind of the reader so creators have to be careful. One mistake and reader‘s imagination can be scattered. It is very important to give full attention while writing.

A writer has to undergo several unpleasant tasks. Sometime it is due to his lack of personal accuracy in that field or not backed by the interest in such things as cover design and print layout. But these are very important in order to push his sales.

A writer has to stand in the shoes of a publisher. He has to know his genre and his reader’s expectation. In order to match the expectation of his readers he has to work hard and can’t neglect anything or take it for granted.

Here comes the need of virtual assistant (VA).

VA’s are professionals in their respective areas and they help you in the most effective way and shoulder your things.

They help you to confine yourself to your writing part only and they can arrange for you the rest of the other things.

Nowadays book publishing industry has faced vast changes due to the technology changes.

Technology and high speed internet has really helped the authors to find cross border readership and personal branding in wider market.

This range of work definitely requires personal assistant who can help amateur writer as well as an established one.

It is always good for a writer to focus on writing and ask assistance for other works in order to maintain sanity in life.


Right from the idea level to the final shape of a book there are several works which author has to look after. It is really a good idea to hire a virtual assistant who looks after some non-writing tasks and helps you with their skillsets. That can save a lot of your precious time and mental energy.

He has to prioritize his to do list and from there he has to throw those works which he feels time consuming and tedious into others baskets. It helps in maintaining his sanity and meeting his deadlines.

The time now is favorable for new writers as they can self-publish. They really need to partner their works with a VA and act smart like a publisher and marketer too.

In the self-publishing world a writer has to take the burden to market himself. A virtual assistant can help to plan and execute a Virtual Book Tour, Book Signing, Blogs and podcast and much more.

Nowadays there are many specialized training courses in VA industry. Such courses give a lot of information which a VA is supposed to know while dealing with their clients. There is Virtual Author Assist (VAA) certification that enables a VA to assist a writer.

It is not very difficult and expensive to hire any good VA and get your work done with an ace.

I will not say that a writer should not undertake these tasks themselves but do they want to? Do they actually have the time or the headspace to undertake these tasks? They need to get on with their “day jobs”.

From my experience it is very hard to proofread and edit your own work and after the writing process is finished most of writers are happy to pass it onto someone else to complete the publishing process and look over their work with a fresh perspective. It saves a lot of time and mental energy of a writer.

Poetry has immense scope of expression


I wake up lazy today, in fact a bit late too. In the morning I do nothing except for going for my walk. I like starting my day walking on the grass bare feet. My eyes are facing the grass however my mind is busy in planning the whole day. Sometimes I forget how long I walk and sometime I feel I return home early but this is how I start my day.

To be honest, I hate the idea of writing for free. I also have my bills to pay.  There is no point in working harder and be paid less or nil. It is the worst thing when people have money and don’t want to pay. Some pay half and hold on to the rest as if it is a tether to control you.

Such people have late night parties which are full of drinks and snacks followed by late midnight or early morning dinner which constitutes of several courses but they have no money to allow me to foot my bills on time. Such morning is very painful for me as a writer when my mind is thinking about the bills and I don’t want to start my day writing.

On such morning it is good to read aloud some poem I have in my inbox, read from my kindle or listen to any audio book. Today I started with my friends’ book. Indeed it has helped me to block out the world and the bad feelings running in my blood.

Soon I feel I am busy with her poetry that holds her loneliness, complains, wishes and sweet compelling mix of romance and seduction. She expresses her life in those lines and probably those are the only hours when she finds her soul.

Poetry allows even your deep-rooted emotions to flare up and let you flow with your emotions. Certainly it is a key to healing yourself. It cleanses your mind and transforms your writing. It connects you to the divine energy and gives you ways to unburden your soul.

A family incidence description suddenly moves my mind to my mother’s words spoken once while we were talking. She said that one of her relatives had a small casserole that had a small lead of steel that fell into the toilet sink. He threw the lead out of home.

Rationally it is metal. It can be cleaned and used again. So why did he throw it out? There must have been anger guiding him to throw it away. Indeed a sorrow too.

I think he threw it away because of another reason; that he did not want to remind himself that the lead was in the toilet. Memory plays a vital role in our day to day life.

My friend’s poetry has tinge of reactions as she saw her husband with a fallen woman on her bedsheets and she threw them both immediately out. In one moment her life changed forever. Her writing still carries the carcass of her romance and the tears of isolation.

Poetry has immense scope of expression of your deep-rooted feelings and gives new life to you and to every poetry lover.

Reasons I need poetry in my life.


There is always a buzzing noise in my mind and suddenly it all stops. I need time to re-assemble myself which takes place in my heart. There I need some poem to enter and help me to remake the fine balance in my life. I need a language to spell out my voices away from me, sometimes in hope, sometimes in distress and dismay.

At a time my mind is full of harvested memories of my life. I can see my hopes flying away into the thin air like some butterflies and from some hidden corner of my room with a feeble voice darkness starts to communicate with me.  My disturbed stories are again making their enemy-like shape. Indeed I feel weaker and weaker.

I feel to get a way to hide myself behind someone and my mind runs towards every probable hope and soon finds me alone. Darkness probably knows this weakness and it turns off the available lights of my room.

I, with my loneliness, get busy to talk and often in sleepless nights I struggle for long. Such nights are often the most fatigued and most havocked as they is not ready to pass.

A critical moment just enters within and it will remain long but it indeed spreads fast like cancer cells within mind while paralyzing my body and soul. Frozen cells of my body have no way of trying to retaliate.

I, in silence, wonder how to fumble out all that is frozen within and try to know from where it all begins. Is life inviting them or are they coming within with my normal breaths?

I need a pilgrimage, a strong shelter, a wide open space from where I can start afresh. I can think again and I can run with the full capacity and allow my paralyzed mind and soul to feel afresh and to think again with the new ray of hopes.

Life needs words. It needs voices familiar and known. It requires subjects to think well. It wishes some change. It needs dialogue against its monolog. It wants hope to be always live within.

Hope brings the light. It corners the darkness. It introduces to a new beginning. It brings new conciseness and new frame of mind. Mind needs an escape and needs poetry to begin again. Some poetry knows well how to carry and push away the weight from the soul and knows well how the soul have been suffering under its weight.

I need to know how to turn my weight into poetry. Sometime my heaviness ponders, sometimes my relief speaks, sometime I sit blank and risk on thought to wheel again within.

My poetry needs time to be read. It is always first read by me alone and then waits long in the pages of my diary. I write slowly. I write to tell myself that I am not alone. I write to talk with myself. I write to know why I am so alone. I write to know why someone who loved me is now no more with me. I question myself why things are changing and where it is all headed to.

I am not afraid to write it all and leave all on my pages. I am not afraid to ask but I do fear to live unanswered with the range of questions while seeing my darkness shaping into a monster and unfortunately without finding a heart to communicate.

Life without communication is a punishment. Poetry is a communication of my inner world with this world. It is an expression of my oneness and fragmented self. It is the only true state of my soul.

I write poetry so do you and this chain keeps on moving without us knowing who is paddling this all. Is there any divine power working on everything or is it just cries of a feeble soul who always gets invaded by the torturous slip of a moment?

No one has answered this question. Everyone lives with his hopes. Some believe some don’t but the emotions are always struggling: some rip off my heart and some sooth, some rejuvenate and some kill.

My line of poetry always asks within something the divine. Sometimes I write a love poem with some delicate thrill of excitement and sometimes some strange savage poem with pain in my heart. I feel poetry is all that is left within me and I can write till I am the last.


Poetry is the fact sheet of life


Poetry is often considered that it is not for everyone. It is hard to understand and difficult to write but truth is poetry is all about living a full life and expressing it all in brevity. It is an art of collecting all the data and coining the logic and finding the beauty even in the most difficult set of thoughts and comprehending the ideas to locate the poetic image at the most dislocated areas of life.

The purpose of life is not just to breath and work for living but to grow to a level to see the beauty in our day to day life and learn about the hidden facts of life. This learning may not necessarily be beautiful rather we can call it purely an ugly statement of life. But poetry is expressing and reproducing it in far better way that even the ugliest thoughts can be summed up and can be conveyed through the force of language.

Life often leaves many broken ends. They may not sum up it at once and its math can be understood only after a long in depth analysis made after passing several life’s experiences. Those experiences are the artifacts of life that formulate the proven facts that need to be passed from one generation to another in the form of an art.

Art is not necessarily made to be clearly understood as it assimilates years of experiences, metaphors which enables the art to be mysterious as well as most logical and simple.

Life is not often joining the dots of days and nights, hours and minutes. It is not an in depth record of selective events particularly happened to one life rather it is a complete voice of a generation. It incorporates the pleasure time of youth and nightmare of broken soul.

Poetry comprises of the facts which are in a way reproduced in the most filtered form with the best blend of imagination that gradually get its respective words in the passage of a poem. Here, life can seem to be magical and sweet but life is written with the most shuttle figment of reality. Indeed it is not really cared for by an ordinary mental class of people but the beauty is always there in their lives too.

Poetry enhances the beauty and churns out the ugliness present in your routine and mundane pass of life. It is an honest revelation of soul’s voice that has the divine energy where everything gets a touch of beauty, where our pain has some meaningful purpose of its existence.

Poetry forms a special language which simply grips your mind in the sound of a poetic expression, connotation and in the improvisation of the thoughts. Each line carries images and it carries the message that life is beautiful beyond our own measures.

Poetry is the sum of our experience observed by the left brain and the right brain. The creative impulse of the right brain comes out with the best of creativity, intuitive power and holistic pursuit.

Poetry is the supremely refined product of human consciousness. It is like joining hands and forming a group from the experience of yours and the world’s. This group is a riddle and life seems like a fact sheet and poetry seems like the entry of the moment that accounts for the more meaningful reality and human experience.

Poetry of Life


No wonder if someone complains that you don’t understand poetry. We are now living in an era where poetry is hard to understand but poetry carries feelings and people now feel without realizing it.

They are now standing before the ocean of things without knowing what is at the shore waiting for them. They are busy with ocean. They are hungry for luxury goods and not ready to pay attention to the delicacy of an emotion.

People have forgotten the language that carries emotions, that carries feelings of a simple day, that holds the simplicity of life. Life now starts with lights switched on and ends with lights switched off and between this nothing meaningful happens.

There is no beauty in a rain, in winter chill and in the summer sweat. They have trained their eyes to avoid all of these and think only some silly business of life where they find nothing at the end. Their life is actually missing poetry, simplicity of a day.

A simple day is one where two friends talk with their open heart, where two strangers meet and become friends, where children create noise and old people show anger, where couple tiffs over a cup of coffee, where day begins with a promise that it will unfold many new secrets.

There is a need to learn the unwritten message of our day and learn how one day passes by and another continues. Language of change is continuously singing around us and telling us about its presence.

Poetry is not an arrangement of words with rules of grammar, rhymes and rigid forms rather it is an agreement between moments with whom you have words in such a manner that connects you with your emotions.

Poetry is seeing how you like to describe your seeing. It is selecting the goodness in bad. It is seeing the hope in despair. It is in the innocent way of holding fingers of your parent, of a guardian angel who is guiding you to walk towards your unknown future. It is in seeing the fact which is dark like a dark closed room where it is hard to see yourself but easy to feel your presence.

Your presence is the magic. Your witnessing everything around you through the one point that matters the most – through the poetry of your life. Your impulse and throbbing is the sign that you live and you can say how beautiful you feel being alive.

We have made ourselves ghost before our final retiring into the coffin. We have stop feeling. seeing and speaking about our heart. We are designing ourselves in hate for poetry without realizing it is part of our heart.

Poetry is like a hope in the lounge of a green grass that wind is making dance. The finest blade of grass seems stronger than a steel sword and beautiful enough to traverse deep into the memories.

Life is just an unwritten poetry like any unsolved equation – you don’t need to think a lot rather scribe it with all your heart.

Why I like poetry


Not everyone has love for poetry but the chances that one has love for beauty is comparatively higher as beauty is what everyone loves to see. Beauty can be a young woman or a simple blade of green grass dancing in thin air.

Beauty is the loveliest thing that our eyes are trained to see. It is natural and it gives us a sense of seeing things in its completeness. It is the completeness where things become alive and voiceless tree finds words through the throbs of a poet.

It is the sense of poetry that makes the heart so important and every lover falls in love through heart and gets kissed off the relation from the heart ache. Although all such coherences of thought are made up in brain.

Poetry is an idea, an unborn baby existing in the wombs of its mother’s brain that comes through the heart and then surfaces through words. It is the total sum of your experience, fallacy and the wanton desires that cherish in the bud of your heart and heart ache.

It is a form of mediation and it is an ointment over the arid experiences and over the unspoken pangs of life. It is also a rain of beautiful feelings. It is chilling breeze of romantic whiff. It is the test of loving something or someone through words. It is the medium for conveying emotions from one heart to another.

It is the testimonial of human sufferings and the deep generated pathos where human cries like an insect and bleeds like butterfly. These metaphors have the oceanic capacity to surmount the range of his emotions.

It is a channel of humour, a human spirit which brings joy and baths with the spring of the goodness.

Poetry is actually a map of your personal internal world that comes out in the shape of poem through words but it is a picture of your gamut of human experiences and inner voices. If one likes to read a person like a book then they should read his or her poetry and the reflection of creativity will soon find a place of their unmatched self-image in his or her words.

It is the vibrant image of one’s life and it is the true traveling of one’s heart and emotion which are touching every sphere of one’s life.

Poetry is not a collection of lovely words but a fine recollection of memories and the closest image of one’s soul.

Poetry reading is like a lovely exploration of one’s finest youth and adolescent joy which is under a microscope and filtered with finest sense of humanity/mortality.

Does Writing A Novel Get Easier Over Time?


Writing is never an easy game played between thoughts and words. No matter how good a writer you are but when you start to write you must start from the beginning.

Writing means you have to think first clearly about everything then open your mind with your pen.

You never know while writing how one thought suddenly links with another and writing takes new turn and a different shape. Sometimes it is good, sometimes it isn’t but you will know only after writing the full length of your thought.

This always makes writing a challenge.

Sometimes you can end up with satisfactory write-ups and sometimes you need to thoroughly go through the whole length of thought again.

The mental stress is very natural. As a writer you need to take several incidences into consideration, sometimes not from one particular person but from several others and then work on them to make one character.

This character is your brain child.

Imagination is the most powerful tool that takes you away from your actual characters and gradually it helps in making a new character. Like that you have to make several characters, dialogue, monologues, sometimes new city and its architectures in just one novel.

You always have to wait and explain the behavior, dialogues, incidences and its effects first to yourself as this all is your own created stuff and not any actual incidence which you are writing.

Sometime when you write only then you get to know that there is something missing or there is some missing links that needs to be revised again. It is like a process of filtering and penetrating deeper and finding the right logic that can help you to get the desire write-up.

Writing is never easy. One has to be always on toes, to think and rethink and when your thoughts and imagination start getting shape only then your words start coming on paper or laptop. This whole process takes a lot of mental energy and a lot of time, sometimes it swallows many of your years too.

Once you have finished your first novel and you have come out of the tunnel of your imagination you need to think about the promotion of your novel.

Again for the second novel you have to go into the dark tunnel of your imagination, linking some actual incidences with some imaginative one. Again you have to repeat the whole process of learning all of your characters, their individual style, tone and mannerism.

With your first novel you have succeeded to reach your audience. Now they have read you and now know about you so now you also have added-on pressure in your mind from the first novel readers.

Your writing process is a mysterious one and each time you have to get some new, more challenging writing and develop more complex characters with more engaging ideas and thoughts.

As you move more with your story the characters must have the ability to show the complex behaviour of human being. They can be good or bad human being but that element of uniqueness must be there to make the story more interesting to readers.

Writing is not a work of formula based recipe of a syrup to get the exact level of taste, colour and mixture no matter how many times you try.  Writing is very different. It has no formula as it deals with human and its behaviours.

As we know human is what its environment is. Which incidences are influencing its mind the most? Before writing a writer has to know all and then what he does to make his brain child is a tedious process.

Readers are again the most difficult lot who are very mysterious and confusing creatures and matching their whims and fancies is never easy. The intelligent readers have same level of involvement in your story and along with that their fallacies and expectations are also revolving around your characters and story. The moment you miss to link them you are gone. You can possible lose your readers which directly affects your pocket.

Good thing is that rough sea makes you a better Sheller. The more challenge you have in your writing the better seasoned writer you will become.

Writing is a slow process but marketing is a dynamic one. You always have to come up with your best as there is always a chance of losing your market.  If your book flops then you can miss your agent, publisher, readers or fans.

Logically your whole business of writing depends on these elements and so you will never be in position to lose. After burning your mid night oil and after a long struggle of living in dark tunnels of several years you have secured this position.


How can outline help you in making your book


Writing a book is all about your creativity and planning. If you have planned well then soon your creativity will lead you to finish your book within your time frame or it helps you not go away from your story or plot of your book.

It is very important to first make an outline of your book. Indeed there is no fixed or a correct way to outline your book but by doing so you always stay focused on where your book is headed to and you never stray away from the plot.

I mostly write one or two lines so I can remember which chapter deals with which topic so if I get any new idea in my mind then I know exactly where I can place it.

Each line is like a folder and scattering my ideas into different folders helps me in arranging my ideas.

At some point, we all must depend on some research work and at that time it helps to know exactly where these researches can be placed.

Outlining is the best way to keep track of your work.

If your mind suddenly finds anything interesting for your book and you need to change and add something new, then at that time these outlines help you in advance to see that one single change can affect this many chapters.

Suppose I want to add a fresh chapter in the middle of my book. But sometimes it needs an introduction in the beginning then the outline helps you to know exactly where to add the introduction.

It often happens to me that I first image my whole book and then gradually start breaking my ideas into smaller chapters and then I feel to introduce some new characters and then sometimes my assumed end of the book gets filtered by new ideas and it also alters. During this time my outline definitely helps me a lot.

Once I decide that I am working on a new book then my mind is always busy. In fact the brain faculty of reticular activating system (RAS) is working on it. RAS is a very important part of brain that works on areas where we are not consciously focused like our breathing, sleeping, waking and beating of our heart. It is basically the part of the brain that works when we aren’t. So my RAS plays a very vital role in writing.

The Mind maps the whole book and then it is very easy to outline the book and then work according to it.

Once you have made the outline then you can easily see where different parts are headed to and getting connected to one another, and get a sense of how it all fits together. If this picture is clear then life is definitely easier.