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Ghost writing is an opportunity


When I read comments where people feel shocked, cheated as news tells that a famous book is originally written by a ghost writer and not by the person whose name is on the cover page.

Truth is that nobody wants to read a new writer no matter how good and talented one is. Name is what runs in the market. If you are a famous personality, certainly a publisher will show interest so will the readers.

If a writer is talented but he is not in a favorable situation then he has a good option to work for someone and get paid in advance. In today’s market it is really hard to make a market of readers for a new author. There are several books in market waiting for the readers.

Rich and famous people have advantage to hire a talented writer and ask him or her to give words to their ideas. A talented writer gets a good payment which allows him to foot the bills and have a good life.

On the other hand, a famous person solely focuses on the marketing and promotion of the book. It is his responsibility to find a good agent and from there the publishing process becomes easier.

Writing a good book really needs talent, skill and hand on practice. It takes a lot of years of your life and after a certain age it is a must to earn well as several aspects of your life depend solely on it.

Having talent means nothing. You need time to polish your skill and develop it to an extent that people gives you a complete book to write. It really takes a lot of time. Then a time comes when anyone needs a writer and then an agreement between you and him starts. You write for him as a ghost writer. World will know that he wrote the book and not you but you get the money in hand – a readymade option.

No matter what and how others think and connect it with ethic and ought to but the fact is that you have talent and you need money. There is nothing wrong with coming into an agreement as a ghost writer provided payment is handsome.

Once the contract paper is signed then your heart and soul are set to finish the book as soon as possible with the best quality. Your next contract and payment will solely depend on the response of the readers and sales figures.

As a ghost writer, you are doing a business and you need to think as a business mind too. The sooner you finish the better you can invest your time in another project.

Nowadays everyone knows that the rich and famous people don’t have time to write but have experiences to share which a reader would like to know which is a good reason of books sale.

If you are getting the opportunity and your situation allows then I think there is nothing wrong in signing the contract. Now people know celebrities like NAOMI CAMPBELL, BEYONCÉ, JANE GOODALL, and JAMES PATTERSON and many more are using ghost writers and several amongst them have also acknowledged this.

This is still a common belief that famous writers do not hire ghost writers but such believes are also gradually disappearing from the market. James Patterson and Guy Kawasaki and many such bestsellers at some point of time said that yes, they have used ghost writers.

And good thing is that ghost writers are not ghosts anymore. Their names are also coming into the market and people now know them too. So there is always a good chance that you can have your name in your books and readers love to read your books with your name under the tittle.

Ghost writing is all about relationship


It is an open secret that the businessmen hire different skilled people for their different types of work which helps the smooth operation of their business. In similar fashion in today’s digital world they hire writers, some on salary and some as freelancers.

It is a writer’s responsibility to understand the client’s requirement, his mood, preferences and expectation level. As a freelancer I have some clients and I understand them and know their voices so accordingly I write and I never have gotten any complain.

People hire me or writers for their blogging. As a freelancer writer it is very interesting that you are writing for many domains as presently I am writing for a Jeweler, Dietitian, Motivator and Restaurant owner. All are from different domain and I handled everything from their magazine articles, website contents, any personal contents to their blog posts.

It is really good that they now have realized the importance of writers; web presence and their unique voice that makes them stand apart from their competitors. Blog is the best way to drive the traffic to their website.

It is very wonderful time when you can earn your fortune by writing. Gone are the days when writers were poor and writing in penury and so it was considered only as a hobby. Now it is a business. You are paying income tax.

To run your show it is very important that you have a good idea about the market as at what price most of the writers are working. Believe me or not, but this market is very tough. Companies are not ready to spend on you and your competitors are always ready to get an opportunity so they are ready to reduce their prices. It is the point where the lowest bidder gets the deal but not always.

I have my fixed price, no bargain and it is my thumb rule. Neither I lie nor do I compromise in terms of quality.  I give you what I write. Indeed my words are going in your name so I can write in low price in less time but it is my rule and I never succumb before it. Reading this I had a word with Mr. Rajiv Seharawat as I lost some business in which domain I was interested to work. I like his suggestion – “Never go behind money let it come to you.”

In fact, at a point of time he had told me, (at that time I had not started full lazed writer.)

“Your writing is your sword and it can safe you in every good and bad hour. Trust yourself and write. If you trust in yourself others will also trust you.”  Rajiv Seharawat

Writing is all about your trust in yourself and in your intuition which you can call an idea how to write. I take time before I start to write. I read first and wait for the intuition to support me to write then writing is a fun. I am writing in a flow. I don’t think for anything except my subject and how my client would like it to be written then I leave all on my intuition. It gives me the whole article.

I never miss my deadline. In this business it is very important to be always available and ready to finish your work on time. If you miss the deadline you are bound to miss your business. Be on time. Keep on reading something new. If possible update your client, help yourself to plan and execute the idea on time. It is not possible until you are totally focused on your job.

The most important part of your ghost writing is that your client is getting more credit. I still remember it was my 3rd article for my client and she called me at night from outstation that today many people congratulated her and they loved her article. She is very happy and it is all because of me. Her words were a pure magic for me. It made me more focused on my works. It really helps. It really helps in going the extra mile and with each passing day your pockets get fuller, your earning goes up along with your confidence.

Ghost writing is one of the best ways to earn the best. Indeed, some clients strictly want that you will not tell the world that you write for them. Some like to you to sign a non-disclosure agreement but in this matter I am lucky. None of my clients has any issue if I tell anyone and I get new clients and that is why I say that ghost writing is all about relationship. Be professional, act wise, be on time and your pocket will always smile.

Ghost writing as a new way of business


Everyone is not a good writer but they can have good knowledge and expertise in some areas and these people want someone who can word their ideas or experience in their own words. They are ready to pay well to any good writer. In other words they are looking for a ghost writer.

This is now a very lucrative and very popular thing. In small scale, businessmen are hiring people for writing and maintaining their blogs and articles. Local magazines are willingly asking you to write content in the name of other people.

This is a market. If you have a skill and you need money then companies are ready to hire you as a content writer. In fact these days there are agencies that are hiring young writers and selling their write ups to different media houses.

India has become a big market for ghost writing business. People from Australia, Europe, and America – from all continents are approaching Indians for their ghost writing work. In cities like Calcutta, Chennai, Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai you can easily find some companies who are taking assignments from their foreign clients and running their business. They are also writing books for their clients.

Ghost writing business is also like any other business. Here you need some investment, time, skill set and then good clients. It is very simple. You can do this on your own as a freelancer or can work in such companies. They pay you good salary. They have their writers, proof readers, editors and so on. If you are doing on your own then you have to manage all by yourself.

At the beginning your client will certainly need to know you and your abilities as what you can do for them. But once you have something to show then getting business is easier. Certainly here you have a proper written agreement with your client.

I started writing as a magazine contributor and then as a ghost writer for magazines. That has helped me to come in contact with several people who were from different backgrounds like Yoga, Health care, Diet, Hair and Makeup, Fashion Designers, Models, Jewelers, Restaurant owners, Food and Wine and Media personals and also including some Motivational and Public Speakers. Soon we knew each other and my writing business started to grow. I got works to write for them. It was certainly good as a starting level.

My business suddenly reached a new level as I got a chance to write books as a ghost writer. It is all about your relationship and their confidence in you. As I have written some books for myself so it worked well for me in getting their confidence.

It all started when a man had been watching my work for a long time and one day he asked me to write for him and manage his blog. After writing for couple of months one day he asked me regarding book writing work for him. I certainly asked for his expectations and I didn’t take long to hand him the synopsis.

As of now people are aware of eBooks and self-publishing so it is not a very big deal to convince anyone-  particularly one who has seen your work and found good response from readers and known sources after your works for him.

After a small legal formality we were in agreement that within a particular frame of time or so I will hand him his manuscript and he will pay me first 50% in advance now and remaining 50% after completion. Everything was in black and white.

This whole payment is like a one-time investment for your client but when the deal is signed then ball is in your court. Now you as a writer have to show your best as your future revenue will solely depend on the success of this book and on the level of satisfaction of your client. So, I was to be very sure that I put my 100% into it to give my best.

Soon I get another book offer from someone else who is from completely different background. Learning is the best key to keep your writing engine on. Don’t leave any possible way of your learning. As I first read litters of things make my points and then write in a flow. It helps to maintain my level and match the level of my client’s expectation.

Ghost writing for book is one of the best ways to earn well till you not make your own platform so well that you can earn all with your own name. After all self-publishing certainly needs deep pocket so ghost writing is the best alternative for skilled writers.

Ghost writing as a start-up



Writing is all about passion and creativity but in today’s date it has become market open for everyone who is looking for a job and has a little interest in writing. Companies and individuals are hiring and asking you to write for them. There is no creativity, no passion but a peanuts of payment for which you are to start (after college).

Definitely when you are wet behind the ears and have no say in the writing field then everything seems good but you are hired by a company as an accountant or admin staff and working harder, faster and for less money but fact is that none of the working staff gives voice to the company. Your words are reaching to the masses and spinning name for the CEO and the company but you are just a staff on a peanuts salary.

Over a period of time when you look at yourself then certainly you are nowhere as no one is ready to listen. For every new Company you are a fresher and they are not ready to believe in your writing skills. They ask you a write – say 200 words on a given topic and that will decide your future. You are not supposed to use internet as you will just copy and paste – who knows.

System is to judge you from their dinosaur time who tells these to HRs and recruiters. It is not a mathematical sum of kindergarten school that you can solve in any given time. Unfortunately these HR see your resume in thirty seconds.  What do you think what they can see in you with your resume and evaluate you? Writing is an art and art is longer than life. Can they evaluate you in thirty seconds?

Writing needs time. It needs silence. It needs certain frame of mind. It needs a place to image something. At my first job I was to write 3 articles a day and I was sitting next to tele marketing team who were continuously talking on mobile and making a hell for a writer to focus. When I started working there I really felt sorry to know that my manager and boss had no experience with writing and were not in position to understand me as they probably had never written any good love letters to their girlfriend (in fact, I had asked them after all it was all getting too much for me).

If you really know you are writer from your heart and soul then it is actually a time for you to repent in such moments. The word Writer sounds like a mill worker who is to work in noise, with back stabbing and other office politics. With all this I am only trying to say that company specially startup companies are not at all good to begin with your writing carrier but big and established companies ask you for a good resume which you don’t have when starting.

In the name of training how to write content companies are not at all prudent enough to teach you anything. In fact teaching a writer is not worth much. Once you are hired then google the whole day and get the articles ready. But at time of hiring they will promise you all.

In majority of companies who hire you for their blog post, eBooks etc. they never write your name under any post and so you draw your paycheck and get lost. For the next company you have nothing to show only because you have not written anything for yourself so only you know your abilities.

It is the time when you think: how good it was if I were a journalist there could be at least some articles in print in my name to show. But here you are a ghost writer so you probably have nothing to show just empty words to say that these websites were written by me and nothing else.

Unfortunately, we are working in a place where everyone is not good in English but good with deep pocket. Outside the company premisys there is a big population who is waiting for you to come to them. They are small magazine owners.

I come across some and I found that they are owners of English fashion magazines and lifestyle magazines and so on but they are very poor in English and not good to reply to your mail but they are milking young budding writers and running their business.

You are running from pillar to post and you will find several people who are ready to drop you because of your grammar, punctuation marks and silly things which make you wonder where actually Alice has come down.

All this is for cutting your salary or throwing a lame excuse at you for not hiring you. They are hiring a writer, proof reader and editor just in one salary. Either you work in low salary or stay at home. Worst when you reach the level of 40k salary then you have to think where to go next. Only your passion for writing can keep you alive in this industry or become a manager and never touch your pen.

Thanks to amazon and create space that I publish there my 3 books and gradually I learnt that there is someone specially working as a proof reader, beta reader, line editor, copy editor, developmental editor and so on but in a company you are a superman who wears underwear above the skin tight suit.

Who Should You Write For?


Writing is an art but the biggest art is in knowing for whom you are writing. Its answer helps you to know a lot of things before you start your writing like you can visualize what your readers’ expectations are and what are their likes and dislikes etc. Having such information in advance really helps in construction of a plot as well as its dialogues.

As now you have a huge reader’s market and your writing is subjecting them and so it makes easier for publishers to identify the genre.

It is also a point for many writers that they remain buckled in thoughts whether they write for themselves or for the readers. Of course both the points are correct. If you are writing and you are not convinced and you are writing only because you are seeing the market or the readers then it is not good to go.

Good writers never go along with the mind of the readers. They write according to the demand and situations of the story. As once you have finished your writing then comes the part of placing the story before the eyes of readers. Here comes the role of readers and their mind set and expectation level.

Research and craft of bestselling authors can help you. You both have the same innate ability of storytelling and if one can reach a large number of audience then it is good to learn something from them so you can win name and fortune as a writer.

As a writer it is very important that writer’s voice must be somewhere and does not go missing or hidden in the search for the readers´ mind and expectation in the story. You should be first within your shoes as a writer then turn around and re-read your book as a reader and then you can judge what best you’d like to do.

As a writer and as a reader you are the first person who is going to evaluate yourself. Before becoming a writer you were also a good reader so you have both qualities and no wonder you can apply both the skills in your writing style in order to find the fine balance.

In fact, writing is all about the fine balance. You have created a character, its situation, its actions and reactions and suitable way of narration then you know your character better. Before finishing the book you are to read and reread your manuscript several times and certainly there will come a lot of things which you need to iron out.

Writing is all about the smoothness, fine balance and the chiseling that it is why it is considered a daunting task.  You are to write first then read first and then do the final judgement as what best can go along with your characters as well as the readers.

The question “who should you write for” is very simple if you are open to changes and ready to see your work both as a writer and as a reader else it is possible that you will end up with a few readers or no readers at all. It is definitely your personal choice. Look around yourself and you can easily find that both types of writers exist. And both are correct in their ways.

Writer and editor are in the same boat


A writer’s mind is like unleashed dog who is now ready to run fast, sniff something, piss here and there and every now and then stop and again is ready to run. He is so happy with this newly found freedom that he is not ready to get caught any time soon. He is very happy.

But he is not sure where this run could lead him or where he could end up. He is just running – of course mentally. He is seeing his world around and again collecting all this and comparing it to his imaginative world and trying to find meaning in anything and everything. This is how he gets things for his ideas and imaginations.

After some time, he gets tired and comes to his limit. Now he is exhausted and not ready to support his mind to think anything. It is probably at the time when his manuscript is done. Now he should put his MS aside and start doing anything meaningful that can take him away from his book then come back and start reading his whole book as a reader. Several things will certainly look raw, incomplete and inappropriately placed.

Once all is placed and completely checked, it is the first time when author needs an editor or he comes in contact with an editor. Trust me no matter how sexy she dresses herself and velvety she sounds but she is going to be very harsh with you and color your work in red within a few minutes.

Editors are the best trained persons who know their job well and they are the best in picking up the points which transfer your viable idea into marketable goods. They are the one knowing your genre, your audience and the chances of its success – all is now on the map of their corrections. Follow each red mark, comment and help her to make it presentable to the readers.

Most of the authors think that publishers bring readers but the truth is that author brings audience to the publisher’s desk so it is time to work hard, roll your sleeves up again and start.

Depending on the type of edition you have but your editor is the best one to trust and she will help you in improving your manuscript by looking at your story’s growth, plot strength, characterization, dialogue, order of scenes, point of view, voice, setting, word choice, sentence construction and syntax, and pace. She will do everything to strengthen your manuscript so it can survive and sell in the market.

The biggest challenge an author faces as he picks up his characters from the surroundings so it can become hard to make differences in the voices and quirks among each of the characters and crystal clear their differences. The editor goes into the characters and looks how far a writer can go with each of these characters.

She is helping in ensuring the right ending of each chapter for the reader’s best involvement with the story. She points out the overdoing in terms of grammar modifiers and character’s exposition.  And she does the most difficult part – that is she tells you the roots of the clichés.

In short, without her your MS is raw. She polishes and makes sure that what you mean is actually what your reader understands. She makes the work better, clear and enjoyable experience. She is the real craft man of your MS. She is the enhancer and really helps you to go long in the path of your writing journey.

Get the best editor, keep your deep pocket open and enjoy your writing experience.

Suggestion for writer’s financial constraints


Writers are the movers and shakers and so they plan everything about the big and small happenings inside their novel, writing and poetry but they hardly get a time to think about their real-life challenges.

Frankly speaking, this whole world runs around the material sound of money and as a writer it is expected from you to write anything that can louder your material sound in your bank account as that is what really matters to the most who lives around you even if it does not matter much to you as a writer.

Mostly writers are self-employed and don’t have fixed income and financial constraint is something that can come any time. So it is very important to have your objective clear; after all you can write longer if you piggy bank is full.

Indeed, when my mother starts showing me the rough roads of my financial situation I simply stop her. Hold on, before I get lost and forget my writing. One evening I get a time to have a word with a Health & Wellness Coach Rajiv Seharawat on the subject of Writers nature and their financial constraints and I find really worth mentioning his suggestions.

  1. Learn to sell yourself: every company nowadays needs a writer for their contents. So never run to catch the work at the lowest price as none wants to spend money. There is a huge competition amongst writers and the same is with the companies. So get the deal at least to the point when you have a good return of your time, knowledge and skill set.


  1. Learn new skills: Each industry is not paying equally and they go parallel and higher all the time so it is always good to write for some new areas. People are always ready to give you a chance. Grab it and work harder to learn the industry sooner. If you can write fiction try to write non-fiction too. There is a huge market for ghost writers too which is a highly-paid job.


  1. Learn to see work like a business man: every writer who writes is actually running his small business and so your goodwill in market is all that will fetch more work from the market. Be honest in your commitments and never lose trace of your money.


  1. Learn to say no: it is not always good to answer positive. There is nothing wrong with saying No. After all, you are to give your time and your time gets converted into cash. It is possible that you will get paid better for the same job as you have proven your worth earlier.


  1. Learn to stop thinking about writing: It is never good to trouble your mind or load it with work. Give your mind some time so new ideas and creativity can walk in. The more time you give the better your creativity will help your writing and earning. In other words, avoid less paid jobs.


  1. Learn to trust your wife with her financial skills: If you are a writer then you know it is not wise to burden yourself with how to manage and foot the bill of your household affairs. It is an extra burden. Allow your wife or partner to manage your home with her best skills.


  1. Learn to create a spending plan: Earning is not all; you have to be very careful about your expenditure and investment. There is something called routine expense like groceries and utility bills and non-routine bills such as traveling on vacations and buying new clothes. If you are planning your expenses, then it is easier to go for investments.


  1. Learn to earn for your everyday: It is always necessary to earn your daily expenses daily. Don’t rely on your big project incomes to take care of your daily expenses as far as possible because that big income can directly be used as investment.


  1. Learn to plan for your rainy days: Everyone has to think about the rainy days like emergencies and no work. Always keep some money as emergency fund which you can use when you need a laptop or a new gadget so you can easily use that fund. It is also important to have life and health insurance policies.


  1. Learn to clear off your debts: In modern lifestyle credit card is one of the most commonly used things for purchasing and this debt is surely going to make you insomniac so better clear off your bills. If needed have two bank credit cards and swipe wisely as per its billing cycle.


Start your financial journey and keep a log of these steps and how good you are implementing them in your day to day life. Financial wisdom can help you save your future and your family’s future. Use it!!!

Writers nature and their financial constraints


I never try to think much about the money as when it comes in my mind then I find it hard to write any further. Something just kills off my creativity and I start behaving like an accountant so I have to keep my mind away from money.

I keep the thought of money away like other writers then write. In fact, when you think about writing a novel or an article for your blog then there is no point in thinking about anything else but when your mind gets the thoughts of money and as you know in the beginning there is hardly any money in this pursuit then writing becomes difficult.

But money is one subject which you have always in mind. After all you also have to foot the bill. The financial hot water is something that lets you in frustration when you find not enough money to foot the bills and things are piling up in future date even some important things like paying your editors, cover designers, proof readers and such people without whom you can’t come with your books.

Your book is not just your personal effort. It is a combined effort of good editing, proof reading, cover page design and many such important things and all needs the payment.

I have heard once that people good in intellectual areas often seemed bad in their financial affairs. It is probably the value of their own way of thinking and creativity that allows them to work with fresh ideas which may not necessarily be first appreciated by others who are paying for their time and work.

Indeed, in several occasions I have felt that things can be written better or if more time is given work can really be improved but the employers are not ready to wait. They are hungry and they want instant results right before them. Of course you are not satisfied but yes you are paid.

It is really a frustrating situation. Why do they not understand what you are trying to do? Their hurry is only spoiling the game but at the end of the day we writers also have to see how to pay our bills.

Some writers just leave the job as they want to give their best try so the result must be to their level of satisfaction. Indeed, once you have done something you must care for it like your own baby but small entrepreneurs are in real hurry and they are large in number and a rich source for your income. So work smart else financial problem will always be there.

Definitely, you will see more if you live longer but love for words makes life a struggle. Here are some reasons a writer’s life faces financial struggle, as:

Bad in math: Emotion is one subject that doesn’t go with right arithmetical formulas and with right profit and loss statements. Unfortunately writers are to deal most of time with the emotions of their characters and they often miss to be so self-centered in this world of hypocrites and con artists.

Good dreamer: Life of a writer is full of ups and down and there is something called one book wonder so writers pay all their attention in writing the best that can leverage their financial situation, so writer go on consuming to the last rattle of their picky box.

Writer works first and then depends on the honesty of the check giver: Most of the time writer’s sweat goes in-vain as many don’t like to be honest. Look at your media houses, print magazines and others: they proudly say we don’t pay writers or we pay them less.

Intellectuals always fail to be myopic: There are many ethos sounding words that are around the writers and their sensitive skin grabs them first but this world doesn’t run with ideology and ethos. World is upside down. A few people own values of words in the true sense. The majority are disgusting so writer suffers.

Writers are often self-employed: Self-employment is a good thing but being a  small unit sometimes it is hard to negotiate with the hiring agency as they show you small budget and there is high supply of writers who are ready to get the opportunity which badly affect the income. It is hard to have any insurance, retirement plans and even bank loans.

Writer soon gets bored: If not all then at least most writers get bored when they are talking about their financial situation as it directly affects their creativity. They are not the kind of people who can work just to add some penny in their money bag. They just enjoy their writing and so they accept only those works that really make them happy or give a space to show their creativity.

Writers can’t sit at home: A writer has to travel, visit new places, meet new people and try new things that cost them a lot. Many writers don’t sit in the corner of their home instead they go into a coffee shop to sit there and write so these further add expenses to their writing. They love to visit workshops and writer’s night at the local bar where liquors at overprized for the night but they still attain.

Taking experiences are in their blood so go everywhere and it all cost nothing is for free. So life of a writer is always having the hardship till one reaches the jackpot.

Writing is a game of transporting you mentally


“Imagination is more important than knowledge.” and this quote is still true in case of a new emerging writers who don’t have a published track record to support their abilities and knowledge.

This world values you when you have walked the walk else needless to say none cares to look at you. In fact, it is the scenario at everywhere. Why would anyone like to show their trust in you till you have proven them anything?

Writing is a big work of your imagination and it is like a thin air moving from one place to another. None other can perceive what is in your mind, what you are capable of seeing and sensitive to feel. Your words give a structure to your imagination. This is all what a writer creates from his writing.

A writer creates a world in his mind and gradually he takes it all on the paper. He holds a figment of imagination for an endless hour with a hope that he can reproduce it in a bigger way for a wider readership. That is the toughest task but this is all about the writer’s challenge and his writing skills.

Skill never develops within a day. It takes years and may be one life is not enough to prove your ability of writing, (I am not trying to minimize the ability of a writer.)

Writing is a particular structure which a reader could see but when a writer is writing his intuitive brain is somewhere else connected with the other world and he is working in the physical world.

Knowledge about any particular object, place or experience can help his imagination but it plays a smaller role into his big imagination. In no way I am trying to say that personal experience is less important. I am only saying is that people have personal experiences but a writer goes above that, beyond that and summarizes his experience while connecting it with the wider world of his imagination where a bare crude reality meets an art and gives a shape and structure of a new world.

Both the writer and reader could feel and see this new world. Word after word a world is transferring from one brain to another and place, event and characters are making its presence in the mind and this beauty is nothing but a magic.

Writer’s imagination can transport you to his world and make you feel that you mind is full of his imagination. You are seeing exactly what he was seeing at the time of his writing.

The time capsule is somewhere nonexistent. A reader can be enjoying a writer’s imaginations right after two hundred years or even more. Age and time have gone by but the immortal works of writers like William Shakespeare, Milton, Dickens still have that capacity to connect and transport you as a reader into their time and make you follow their imaginative world.

Writing is all an art of a scientific work. Science is working with this possibility in the laboratory and writers are doing this in your mind. Transporting the mind into a new place is all what you see in the virtual world.

Writing is an art. Writers are artists and their craft of story-telling is the magic in believing in the world far away from your physical world. Writing is a game of transporting you mentally into a new world and at the same time you are physically frozen in an hour of your reading.

Writing a novel about love


Love is something which is very rich in taste and writing about it is like dreaming which you can only see, feel and tell the world about it. Love has its own flowery language and reader gets a very special cosy feeling out of it.

Readers read it as if they are reading their own feelings and seeing their dreams from a dreamer’s eyes where every word is expressing the readers word. This mesmerizing display of emotion is what makes love the thing that connects the hearts.

If the lovers cry, the readers really bleed. A reader could feel the throbs of their heart as the closest possible sound. Their own heart could throb with the lovers and with the story.

Love is really a magic. It only happens. It is not created or made. Indeed readers sometime wish that one day they can also feel and experience the same intensity of love and happiness in the warmth touch of each other.

Love is not a touch. It traverses deeper. It is subtler and more fairy. It transports you to a new world. A world where you live for someone and someone has come there to love only you.

The prefect feeling makes someone grow deeper in love. Love starts with very simple note like a note of musical instrument and gradually it creates its own music, its springs are far more reaching and sweeter than one can imagine.

Love is a taste that dilutes in within and lives like a part of you. It makes life easier. It makes you feel comfortable in an isolated place where only you know you are not alone. Indeed you are not alone. You can’t afford to be alone. You are always with your love.

You are talking to her. You can feel her in the thin air. You see her in the darkest of time. She is with you, around you and deep within you.

Love is a crazy world, one can’t write anything, even a single word without being a crazy. A world of love invites you to be crazy and forget where you really live and how you live there. You live in a new world. A writer writes about a new world, with utmost new possibilities of experience.

Love is never like a sweet fairytale. It has its own agony and pathos and lover goes with that sphere of time where one bleeds for another and both crave to have a point of no return.

They need one sweet beginning. Their love just starts with simple heart throb and gradually it becomes one and there is actually one heart, one soul living in two bodies. Love is such a sweet recipe of emotion. One can taste it only and only if one surrenders before the love.

Writing about love is all about surrendering, about their feelings, incidences, throbs and admiration. It is all about the couple. It is all about the struggle and strength of their love for each other. It is heavenly. It is divine. It is pure earthy as living with all the intensity of passion and life.

Such sublimation is all what a writer writes and readers read. It is a very simple and at the same time very difficult. If a writer misses to word the observation with the right intensity of attachment then his piece of writing can be thrown from the paradise onto the earth. Readers will feel ribbed and not finely crowded.

Writing about love is all about writing from heart. Words are not coming from mind however they are only splashing from the stir at the heart. To touch and stir the heart there is no rule, no method, no plot – just a heart full of love and that creates all the magic.