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30 reasons to eat out


Food is a must for living but it is equally important to ask yourself that who will feed you. This question is more relevant at present than ever before as there is a new culture to eat out and hangouts at bar and restaurants. Today we are full of choices as most food places have multi-cuisines and experienced chefs.

A chef has a specialized education and lot of knowledge in cooking and food pairing so he is the right person to feed you. They are trained to care about food and health hygiene and cook well and present it in the most beautiful manner so that you enjoy your delicacies. So it is great to eat out and enjoy your time.

Right from the childhood we have noticed that eating out is like a luxury of a day, treat of a time and fun for a celebration. It is not just a break in the routine work but a matter of experiencing the ambiance. It is not just an escape from the cooking and cleaning at home but it is something more. It is all about the love for fine dining and eating out and selecting the best from the world cuisine.

  1. Home cooking needs a lot of preparation that includes extra shopping too.
  2. You need to be sure about the right ingredients, right quality and right cooking temperature and timing else you can lose the fun of good taste and its appearance.
  3. Cooking for one is a boring business as you alone have to cook and eat.
  4. After cooking dishes require a lot of hard work as some utensils get burnt badly.
  5. Cooking at home for 4 times a day is a full time work so it is not possible to work outside.
  6. Cooking always needs a time to think as what best you can make out of the things available at your home.
  7. Cooking is not limited to cooking as you need a long shopping list to buy day to day food items and knowing where you can buy at a better or discounted price.
  8. For special occasions you need to get time to do extra shopping.
  9. Restaurant’s menus mostly go with the food item pictures that help you in decision making and ordering.
  10. If there are more people and they have different choices then it is easier to order at a multi cuisine restaurant than to cook at home.
  11. It is easier to go for a complete meal that includes appetizers, salads, soup, main dish, desserts and coffee when eating outside.
  12. It is fun for kids to eat out with family.
  13. It is a best time to sit and enjoy the rich ambience of the restaurant along with the good music.
  14. It is good to see and observe how others enjoy their delicacies and talk while eating.
  15. In many restaurants they provide special chair for kids and it is a new experience for kids too. They sometime give some balloons or any chocolates which they love the most.
  16. Eating out is a good way to ease out your stress.
  17. For men shopping for long is not a very palatable thing so they never like going to a food market and select each food item carefully.
  18. It is hard to face the messy kitchen after the party night at home.
  19. Many restaurants have some special nights and special discounts which are economical and make eating out a fun.
  20. Now you can have food coupons valid for 30 days or more that help make your eating out less expensive.
  21. It is also a good idea to eat on a street or at food trucks in your vicinities.
  22. It safes a lot of your time and energy.
  23. Your groceries bills conclude nearly 30 – 40% of your salary. (Depends on your salary.) But you are forced to eat a routine food at home as you can’t cook a lot of variety foods as all can’t afford multi cuisine kitchen at home.
  24. Cooking at home often has some leftovers for the next day which you also have to consider before starting your next meal.
  25. Eating out is a good way to find company as regular visiting often helps in finding new friends.
  26. Eating out is one of the ways companies tries to reward their employees.
  27. Eating out helps in enriching your knowledge too as waiters and bartenders are well informed about the food and drinks.
  28. Restaurants offer a range of chooses including salads, soups and desert which we mostly skip when eating at home.
  29. It is not easy to think to cook after working the whole day.
  30. You have quick service restaurants (QSR) which save you a lot of time and serve you at a moderate price.

Eating out is a very popular way to spend a quality time when you are alone or with a family and even with your meeting with your clients. At some cases it is wonderful to eat out when you find you or your wife can’t cook well at home so eating out is the best option to avoid conflict at home.

In fact, eat out is the demand of the new change of the society where both of the parent are working and kids lack excitement and family warmth.

But over doing of anything is always a bad idea. These days’ people are visiting restaurant and bar too often that is health hazardous. Too much salt and sugary food can challenge your healthy life. Enjoying your best time outside is fun and keep the fun is limit. Cheers!!!

Benefits and Harm of Coffee

Latte art, coffee on the wooden desk as background.

Lucy Schwab  (ReviewsBee )

Millions of people start their every day with a cup of coffee, while others state that coffee causes a lot of harm and, consequently, it should be restricted or excluded from daily use.

The benefits and harm of coffee consumption have given rise to a number of heated discussions and debates among scientist, and the increased interest in the topic was triggered from the high level of coffee use. Below we list the advantages and disadvantages of coffee, according to the latest scientific data. Meanwhile, it should be highlighted that the opinions of different scientists often contradict each other, and it can be reasoned by the fact that different people react differently to the same factor.

Benefits of coffee

Improves your performance

Caffeine improves memory and boosts concentration by means of stimulating the central nervous system, widening blood vessels, increasing the pulse. As a result, coffee provides the human body with energy. Coffee also promotes creative and associative thinking, so having a cup of coffee while working can increase your productivity.

Lowered risk of Type 2 Diabetes

A number of experiments have been carried out to determine the influence of coffee on diabetes. The results show, that coffee promotes the prevention of diabetes type 2; 3 cups of coffee per day reduces the risk of diabetes by 50%. Further, the risk is reduced by 7% with every other cup.

Protection against Parkinson’s disease

Coffee causes a number of benefits in terms of reducing the possibility of Parkinson’s disease, namely, studies carried out in Harvard University prove that consumption of 3 cups of coffee a day reduces  the possibility of Parkinson’s disease five times, even in case of genetic factors relevance.

Reduces risk of liver cancer

Having 3 cups of coffee per day impacts on the protection of the liver. Researchers have proved that it reduces the possibility of cirrhosis of the liver by 29 percent. And it’s not all, coffee reduces the risk of gallstones as well.

Positive mood

The aroma of coffee causes positive changes in the brain, according to a research women who drink 4 or more cups of coffee are 20% less likely to suffer from depression. Meanwhile, those who drink coffee are less likely to suicide.

Harms of coffee

Coffee overuse causes depression

You know how easy it is to wake up after having some sips of coffee, as the coffee is able to “awaken’ the nervous system and promote the work of our brain. In spite of the fact that this feature of coffee seems to be positive, it should be noted, in case of overusing, coffee can negatively affect the nervous system. So when overused, coffee can provoke insomnia, exhaustion, irritability, tachycardia, aggression and psychosis.

Coffee may harm pregnant women

The harm of coffee for pregnant women  has been scientifically proven. The fact is, caffeine may pass through the placenta to the baby and has the same impacts as on mother. Thus, in case a pregnant woman drinks more than 4 cups of coffee a day, the risk of abortion increases by 30 percent. With more moderate dose of coffee consumption, the percentage of risk is rapidly falling.

Coffee harms the cardiovascular system.

Consumption of caffeine causes increase of blood pressure and heartbeat and such an effect can be rather dangerous for those who suffer from hypertension. To prevent coffee damage to the heart and blood vessels, people with cardiovascular diseases are generally not recommended to drink coffee.

Damage to micronutrients of the body

Coffee washes away a number of microelements and vitamins from the body, including, but not limited to calcium, magnesium, and sodium. This negative impact is even increased in case coffee is consumed immediately after eating.

So, taking into consideration all the facts discussed above, we can conclude that coffee can be both useful and harmful for a person. Its influence depends on the characteristics of the body and the amount of coffee consumed. A healthy person should drink 2 to 3 cups of coffee per day and there will be no harm. But those who have a hypertension disease of blood vessels, various diseases of gastrointestinal tract or insomnia should restrict their coffee consumption.

Total Yearly Consumption Of Wine 2016 Country Wise


Wine is one of the most popular alcoholic drinks and it is loved by both men and women all over the world. Now people know about the benefits of wine and in their parties and bars people love to ask for wine.

Indeed in every party and get together, my first attention goes at the wine as I love sipping wine.

All over the world people love wine however wine is produced  by some countries.

Europe is considered as the land which produces a lot of wine; however USA also has big wine yards like one in Michigan. India also produces wine of international standard however India’s market in wine consumption is very less. India is still considered as a whiskey drinking country.

Wine has amazing alcoholic drink that has its long history and it is loved greatly by women all over the world, especially in the rich countries but this perception has changed and wine is best served in its glasses and everyone enjoy its fragrance, taste and health benefit.

The total consumption of wine is still around 244 million hectoliters collectively by (2016 stats)

In this search I am happy to share one info-graphic with my readers which I get from that can a wonderful info graphic stating the wine consumption figures by country.

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Woman who is hurt needs you more honestly


Having a friendship is always great but it is amazing to have friendship with a woman as you can expect something more into this package after all friendship is a great thing in life and friendship with a woman is something which outdoes everything.

She is the most alive thing in your life and you try to do everything that can keep the friendship lively, jovial and wonderful but the struggle starts when your each try makes her more fearful as she is wounded and broken from within and fears in opening herself and she considers that her friendship with you can be another beginning of her problem.

Well, now you are definitely with a wrong type of woman and you need to work smartly to convey her that we are friends and only hoping to have a good friendship where she has all the freedom to take time to let on her mind and feel comfortable and relaxed.

Definitely you have long hard days ahead as she is not going to understand this very easily. She needs your time and patience so she can truly get ready for this slowly.

  • She is more protective to herself: It is crazy as you are trying to help her to get normal and feel open and free but she wants to go slow and need her own pace which is going to test your patience.
  • She likes to talk about the bygone: Well listening her bad days are not a bad idea but finding her thinking and talking about her sad time is like she is living those all in her mind again and again and it is something that makes you to say but you have to smile with patience.
  • She needs protection against her all bad days:It is not easy to confirm as nothing ill going to repeat until you know her the best and spent a good deal of time with her. You now know how and what she wants and what makes her happy.
  • She tries to judge you for all from your actions:she is always suspicious and likes to judge you not from your soft and cozy words but from your actions too. She is just trying to safe herself first from further damage. She definitely likes you but total trust needs a long day to end.
  • Her suspicion will always stay alive with her:It is not easy to make her trust you fully as she is always suspicious and worried so she needs your patient and care.
  • She needs you to be honest in all cases:well you are also a human and can have a little patience or mistakenly do something which can hurt her so on such situation be honest and tell her what made you to do that and you now know and not repeat your mistake again.
  • She will not take anything for granted:This is really hard as she can withdraw herself any moment she feels insecure. She is not ready to read between the lines. She is not ready to hanging in fire. She needs quick and easy reply. Tell her what you think about her. She is not ready to solve any puzzle.
  • She likes the person who can see her positivity: Indeed she is not an easy kind of woman. She is difficult after all she is gathering herself bit by bit and strengthening herself to stand again. Don’t complain as she is slow but appreciate her to be courageous and strong.

She is your best investment of life and trust me, you can bank on her as she knows her pain as well as your pain in supporting and giving her trust to live a better life. Soon you will love this effort as it all worth.

What Happens When You Stay Single For Too Long


Living single is never a desire but an option forced upon you as a compulsion. It is a situation which you don’t like first but gradually you learn to accept. Slowly you learn and adjust yourself and then you continue to life like that only. Situations of your life and your emotional level gradually make you to have a different nature, different objective in life and likewise your habits also change.

Living in a relationship then seems difficult as it means you need to change again. It is not so simple because this new ways of living has saved your life and helped you to live and changing it means again disturbing your logic and mindset.

Living in relation means living with your responsibility and living by caring for others but this practice was once stopped and you start to live alone, think only for yourself and on your lonesome hours you learn to keep yourself always busy.

You develop a nature which will not be wrong to call as a selfish but it is the only thing that protect you and make you survive in your odd hours however here is the list of some nature which gradually becomes part of you but when you think to get into a relationship you notice these changes in you, as:

  • Relationship needs you to change: Things in life often demands change to fit accordingly but living long alone and single you learn to live by your own and you learn to stay busy. This habit increases the chances of dissatisfaction to your partner and mostly it buzzes the relationship in ugly ways and it is likely to be possible that you end up to alone again.
  • Chances to find the suitable match decreases: Needless to say that the chances of having the right person in life start to decrease as people around you starts to get busier into their affairs of life and you seem to be left alone. Over a period you need to find some ways to adjust with the change and you start to help yourself to start giving priorities other things in your life. You learn to accept your present and you bother less about having a partner.
  • You think you deserve better, after all you have waited long to have one: Gradually you learn that you have stayed single because you know what you want in a romantic partner and that stops you to settle with someone who is not exact your match.
  • You become doubtful at your physical capacity as a lover: Being single actually means without using the right muscles for the right time for the chilling relationship in bed. As you have lived single for a long so it is very common and natural to doubt at your ability to mate and keep the other happy. Indeed, you know pleasure has to be mutual and not just yours only and above all it just can’t be physical one but emotional too.
  • You become an independent and like to have independent kind of partner: You like to find someone who is as independent as you are now and you don’t like anyone to butt in regularly into your day to day affairs of life. Such personality type and such mind set are really difficult for a committee relationship and it is hard to find such match. After all in any committed relation the very first thing that you miss is your sense of independent life as you both need to think for each other.
  • Hard to draw the line while flirting: Yes, as a single you are free to flirt to any extent and make it a habit but once you are in committed relationship you need to check your habit as it be offending for your partner and can lead to divorce or anything bad.
  • People learn to become selfish: When you are single you learn to think only about yourself but when you are in relationship you need to learn for both and there comes the problem of your habit. As a single you can plan your trip, holidays, party time and amount of drinks. If you like you can switch off your mobile and forget the world but you are in relationship then you have someone who cares about you and wants to know as where are you now.

It is very important to stay married in life and give a happy and caring life but yes everything is not just in your hand and people unfortunately due to some unfortunate reason become single and adapt some habits that make the chances of re- establishing life and coming into committed relationship difficult however it is never too late to begin afresh.


After infidelity your resilient is the best


People now want to live every day, every minute and so they need every day as special but when it is not happening changes takes place which appears as a form of cheating, divorce and broken heart.

The person who has left you has stepped into a new world but you are pushed back to live a dark world where you can’t find even your own shadow.

Research and findings in this area has many things to say like:

  • Women cheat because they feel emotionally deprived, and men do because they often feel sexually deprived.”

Reasons can be many things but fact is that you are pushed and you can’t fathom your loss. You are broken and have no heart ever to recover. No matter how long this situation or your pain will last but as a matter of fact that you will not able to trust anyone, not even to yourself.

Your bygone days are the worst and above all the sense that you are cheated is further like kneel in the coffin. It has created a stress and you are headed to depression, anxiety and you lose your focus in life. Things like Self-care, health, career, friendships and even parenting just slips from the mind.

Your mind is frozen. You can’t think out of box. You are dull, lazy and helpless as if you are sick. Your range of emotions like anger, betrayal, depression are all time high.

Sleeplessness is very common disturbance and lack of concentration is something that is not allowing you to change your focus.

You are arrested in your own world and in your room. You have no heart to go anywhere. Your self-esteem is broken. There is missing keys in your life and you have no desire rev up your life again.

There is no hope to ever recover your sex life. It is the last piece of puzzle that can’t ever be collected again. Indeed sex can be a powerful way to heal after infidelity but you have no strong urge to move into this area.

You are certainly stacked in a wrong corner of your life and the thought of death, suicide seem more appealing but fact is that your life is slipping from your finger un-lived. Things always change, after every dark night there is always a sunny day.

People always recover. People always get back their lost strength and people who recover after such pain often able to go within the center and get connected with themselves more strongly. They are more strong and resilient.

10 Reasons People Withdraw in Relationships


I love to talk and recently I was talking with a lady who suddenly stopped talking and withdraws herself and that draw my interest in knowing the reasons as why people suddenly withdraws? Is it normal?

While talking with her I had noted that she needs a coaching and counseling. Her frustration was piling. Her relationship with her husband and other family members were not good so I was trying to listen her patiently however she withdrew and stop talking with me.

I feel curious to know as why someone suddenly withdraws and I find a few interesting facts of withdrawal in relationships, as:

  • Can have fear in getting close: When you are talking with someone about his or her life in particularly gradually many incidences of life comes into open and a new person feels insecure and somehow stop talking. It is possible that they might come back again and like to talk but it is natural that they can withdraw to feel safe.
  • Can have a fear of rejection: It is a very common feeling that prevails when you are in a process of coming in contact with a new person. Your old rejection often comes in mind that stops you from further repetition. (Indeed, this woman had told me that one of her very close school friend suddenly withdraw from her for no reason after her marriage that made her shocked and after that she fears in cultivating any closeness and never like to open herself with anyone.)
  • Can have too much pressure due to this new contact: One thing which is tepid can be scalding for other and it often happens in relationship too. When you speak something which you feel it is something you should not then it starts giving you guilt and your withdrawal starts. You are moved back in your past mentally where your problem lies and you are then struggling hard to get back to your normal emotions.
  • Can have anger: Well, it is better to withdraw than to say something ill to someone and later feel bad.  Anger is called as a temporary madness so it is good to be silent and allow time to pass easily and then start again after sometime if possible.
  • Can have pressure from home or outside: Yes, friendship between a man and a woman is not easy and simple (at least in our society). It is possible that outside pressures can stop and one or both and they choose to withdraw.
  • Can have miscommunication: it happens one feels that other is not able understand clearly and gradually relationship get over.
  • Can have dissatisfaction: We often come into relationship with different purpose and when we find that it is not working, we withdraw.
  • Can have different ideologies: No two people are same and sometime people fail to give space the ideology of others and that gradually becomes the reason of split.
  • Can have mismatch expectation of love: The feeling of love and intimacy is something that grows automatically inside a relationship and when people feel that it is not there anymore relationship end.
  • Can have impatience: people don’t have time to understand others. They want other to understand him or her and that makes situation difficult and relation ends.

Well, possibilities can be many which can stop the flow of a good relationship however it is always good to start slow and take time before opening your heart.

Self-Help Books are the words of intellectually minded people


Self-help book is a genre of writing that directly helps you to know how to live, understand your emotion, grow positive things in life and rearrange your life to meet your goal in life.  Right from the ancient time thinkers like Plato, Aristotle, Cicero, Seneca, Plutarch, Marcus Aurelius etc. all wrote self-help books so readers can live and develop well in their life.

Today, with modernity and advancement in technology our life has certainly changed a lot but our emotional search is still the same. We are still have emotional, spiritual, financial and several areas of struggles in life and we are seeking to get in company of rights friends and learn to adjust well in family, find warmth in relationship, plan better future with health, wealth, money and many such important aspects of life.

Self-help book helps you in self-acceptance in your struggle of life. Circumstances are not your chosen pieces so learning from the best mind is very important and that can make life easier.

Everyone at some point of time in life needs help and help reaches to those who are ready to accept. Sometimes well-timed words are enough to help you to get out of your problems. You need strong and helpful words regularly as a dose of other medicines to balance your life.

Self-help books can light a fire under you when you lost in contemplation. It can make dramatic difference in your life. It can give you a space to think something new which is beyond your problem but it can help you to see opportunity in your problem.

As a reader you want to improve, explore and experience new ways to live better life. You feel helped when someone was in your shoes once and now leaving an example for you to come out of your problem.

Authors have their highest ambition to give guidance to their readers. They offer guidance in every sphere of your life. They give you right quotes, examples, real person’s struggles ranging from the attachment of romantic love to social relationship.

In today’s time, people are struggling on all sphere of their life, ranging from relationship problem, financial constraints, fear of getting fired from the job, facing depression and these areas are nullifying their life from within but you are not alone. Many have passed the true test of time and they can best set you back in track.

People are inclined towards self-examination and introspection and realizing that something needs fixing, something is stopping that fire that brings results in life. People are trying to find mentors, guide or a professional to help.

It has opened a carrier of coaching and counselling. Now we have specialized professional coach. These persons are specialized in human nature and understand the range of emotions that can make or break your life. They write self-help books and blog.

Successful self-help authors are delivering speeches, providing training programs, arranging seminars and wellness therapies and people around the world are very active in these activities as everyone wants to grow in their desire fields. People have different aims in mind; as some are looking for spiritual peace, better financial goal and harmony at home – all leads to self-help books as these books provide trans-formative information.

Self-help books are the words of intellectually minded people and it talks about your deep seated needs and gives you a time to think and make an actionable strategy for life change. It is a way of correctly identifying your need and ambitions. It helps you in finding more sincere and authentic lives. It helps you to entertain, educate, console and transform. These books shed light on your deepest motivations, needs and joys.

Make a habit of reading self-help book and help yourself the best.

A moment of unforgettable joy in bed


Love is the breath between the couple. They need it badly between them and when love is in them then making love is something that chills the spine and make you speak ”Ah!” at a high note of intonation that surly convey about your partner’s right keys and you need more exhilaration.  

On this level body is now instrumental for a greater sex joy. Brain is doing everything. The joy of sex is not physical. It is seen on the body but all occurs in the brain. Your brain receives all the high and low pleasure from the nerve ending to its starting movement of hands to finger.

The impulse is telling the entire story to the brain. It is holding all for its best impression with the softest touch over the skin ever received. Memory plugins are all time stronger and ready to store all in the memory.

Sex is all about the touch that allowing the openness and creating space for likeness and wanting. There is nothing like longer, stronger and harder. It is all about the play of senses and compatibility received and given.

It starts with the minute you touch and you feel touched. It is now in between you and your partner and where and how all locks unlocks it. Time is not a measure to count anything. It is all about the lasting, between the breaths when you are melting down holding the small flame of a candle.

Sex is just here at this moment and counting it with any measure is nothing but foolishness. The joy of sex is not in the time but in the opening of pleasure and its feeling. It is a wave of an ocean that has the power to wobble your feet, make you defenseless and unguarded before the joy of streaming out.

You are in the complete joy of your orgasmic surfeit. You are feeling a rush of ripples running out of you. You are feeling a powerful force that jostling you in deep within and you are opening like a soda bottle, without control with all the fizz of joy. You are deeply touched and moved.  You have plunged into a joy that has compelled you in the motion of sex to the next level of joy. You are exhausted and exhilarated both at the same time.

Your power of joy is now oozing from your entire body not just from – your face, your eyes, your lips, and your disheveled hair but from every pore of your skin. You are in the state of your mind where all has climaxed and reached to a flame which your partner now can see and experience with you. You are now an experience like a full bottle of intoxication.

Now you are very enthralling and very captivating and your body has nothing do with its shape. It is all in the brain that has now been emptied and transported to a new state of pleasure from exhilaration to entire peace.  You have surrendered before the joy of togetherness. This moment gives you and partner an unforgettable joy in bed.

Help yourself with self-help book


A reader who is seeking guidance in life can have self-help books as the best source to reorganize the life as it acts as a real motivator, energy booster and proves as rich source of serenity that can add meaning to your life.

Life is all about communication. Words can heal, motivate and even change your destiny. Right words can fetch you in right direction and push you towards the positive life.

Needless to say, several things are happening around the world, around you that can inspire and make you perspire for achieving your dreams.

Books are the soul that tills your soul to meet your higher goal in your life.

Books are the medium of communication, transportation and transformation that happen within you. Words are very shuttle and they enter within you and image forms that push you into transformation.

Change is expected and people want to change with time. Every reader is a seeker, seeking the right ways to deal the best and maintain balance between life’s misery and opportunity.

Anyone can be a guide, a writer too. Anyone can help you; anyone can become a source of inspiration and the best way to reach to millions of people is by writing books that hold the writer’s imagination, experiences and spirit to go under the hardship.

Self-help book writer should not be a professional or an expert or an academically intelligent or highly qualified in their field.

A book is an assimilation of experiences and a profound communication between two souls. Your voices are mixing with the voices of the book that drive your mind in a new direction and you start to look towards a new horizon.

A self-help book has the answer of your questions that arise in your conscience and subconscious mind.

As a writer, It is always good to write what you know and what you have experienced in your own life or the topic you are well aware of or the life you have seen closely and confident enough that you can put the real picture in words in your book.

You have stats, facts and studies from relevant sources to support and keep the readers more receptive to your information.

In life, everyone has their known crosses to bear. Everyone has burden and needing support that can belittle the pain one is carrying deep within.

Life in mysterious ways poking you and at the same time supporting you so you always remain ready for new advice, sources and instruction.

Readers are seekers and looking for ways to deal with their problems.

A writer of self-help book is only trying to say that he has been in your shoes and faced same difficulties which are facing and after experiencing now trying to help others.

Good self-help books are testimonials that life has keys to unlock the difficult situations and people have passed those situations in their life and found solutions.

A good writer doesn’t make you wait for long to get your answer. He keeps the book content simple, informative and clear.