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Self-Help Books are the words of intellectually minded people


Self-help book is a genre of writing that directly helps you to know how to live, understand your emotion, grow positive things in life and rearrange your life to meet your goal in life.  Right from the ancient time thinkers like Plato, Aristotle, Cicero, Seneca, Plutarch, Marcus Aurelius etc. all wrote self-help books so readers can live and develop well in their life.

Today, with modernity and advancement in technology our life has certainly changed a lot but our emotional search is still the same. We are still have emotional, spiritual, financial and several areas of struggles in life and we are seeking to get in company of rights friends and learn to adjust well in family, find warmth in relationship, plan better future with health, wealth, money and many such important aspects of life.

Self-help book helps you in self-acceptance in your struggle of life. Circumstances are not your chosen pieces so learning from the best mind is very important and that can make life easier.

Everyone at some point of time in life needs help and help reaches to those who are ready to accept. Sometimes well-timed words are enough to help you to get out of your problems. You need strong and helpful words regularly as a dose of other medicines to balance your life.

Self-help books can light a fire under you when you lost in contemplation. It can make dramatic difference in your life. It can give you a space to think something new which is beyond your problem but it can help you to see opportunity in your problem.

As a reader you want to improve, explore and experience new ways to live better life. You feel helped when someone was in your shoes once and now leaving an example for you to come out of your problem.

Authors have their highest ambition to give guidance to their readers. They offer guidance in every sphere of your life. They give you right quotes, examples, real person’s struggles ranging from the attachment of romantic love to social relationship.

In today’s time, people are struggling on all sphere of their life, ranging from relationship problem, financial constraints, fear of getting fired from the job, facing depression and these areas are nullifying their life from within but you are not alone. Many have passed the true test of time and they can best set you back in track.

People are inclined towards self-examination and introspection and realizing that something needs fixing, something is stopping that fire that brings results in life. People are trying to find mentors, guide or a professional to help.

It has opened a carrier of coaching and counselling. Now we have specialized professional coach. These persons are specialized in human nature and understand the range of emotions that can make or break your life. They write self-help books and blog.

Successful self-help authors are delivering speeches, providing training programs, arranging seminars and wellness therapies and people around the world are very active in these activities as everyone wants to grow in their desire fields. People have different aims in mind; as some are looking for spiritual peace, better financial goal and harmony at home – all leads to self-help books as these books provide trans-formative information.

Self-help books are the words of intellectually minded people and it talks about your deep seated needs and gives you a time to think and make an actionable strategy for life change. It is a way of correctly identifying your need and ambitions. It helps you in finding more sincere and authentic lives. It helps you to entertain, educate, console and transform. These books shed light on your deepest motivations, needs and joys.

Make a habit of reading self-help book and help yourself the best.

A moment of unforgettable joy in bed


Love is the breath between the couple. They need it badly between them and when love is in them then making love is something that chills the spine and make you speak ”Ah!” at a high note of intonation that surly convey about your partner’s right keys and you need more exhilaration.  

On this level body is now instrumental for a greater sex joy. Brain is doing everything. The joy of sex is not physical. It is seen on the body but all occurs in the brain. Your brain receives all the high and low pleasure from the nerve ending to its starting movement of hands to finger.

The impulse is telling the entire story to the brain. It is holding all for its best impression with the softest touch over the skin ever received. Memory plugins are all time stronger and ready to store all in the memory.

Sex is all about the touch that allowing the openness and creating space for likeness and wanting. There is nothing like longer, stronger and harder. It is all about the play of senses and compatibility received and given.

It starts with the minute you touch and you feel touched. It is now in between you and your partner and where and how all locks unlocks it. Time is not a measure to count anything. It is all about the lasting, between the breaths when you are melting down holding the small flame of a candle.

Sex is just here at this moment and counting it with any measure is nothing but foolishness. The joy of sex is not in the time but in the opening of pleasure and its feeling. It is a wave of an ocean that has the power to wobble your feet, make you defenseless and unguarded before the joy of streaming out.

You are in the complete joy of your orgasmic surfeit. You are feeling a rush of ripples running out of you. You are feeling a powerful force that jostling you in deep within and you are opening like a soda bottle, without control with all the fizz of joy. You are deeply touched and moved.  You have plunged into a joy that has compelled you in the motion of sex to the next level of joy. You are exhausted and exhilarated both at the same time.

Your power of joy is now oozing from your entire body not just from – your face, your eyes, your lips, and your disheveled hair but from every pore of your skin. You are in the state of your mind where all has climaxed and reached to a flame which your partner now can see and experience with you. You are now an experience like a full bottle of intoxication.

Now you are very enthralling and very captivating and your body has nothing do with its shape. It is all in the brain that has now been emptied and transported to a new state of pleasure from exhilaration to entire peace.  You have surrendered before the joy of togetherness. This moment gives you and partner an unforgettable joy in bed.

Help yourself with self-help book


A reader who is seeking guidance in life can have self-help books as the best source to reorganize the life as it acts as a real motivator, energy booster and proves as rich source of serenity that can add meaning to your life.

Life is all about communication. Words can heal, motivate and even change your destiny. Right words can fetch you in right direction and push you towards the positive life.

Needless to say, several things are happening around the world, around you that can inspire and make you perspire for achieving your dreams.

Books are the soul that tills your soul to meet your higher goal in your life.

Books are the medium of communication, transportation and transformation that happen within you. Words are very shuttle and they enter within you and image forms that push you into transformation.

Change is expected and people want to change with time. Every reader is a seeker, seeking the right ways to deal the best and maintain balance between life’s misery and opportunity.

Anyone can be a guide, a writer too. Anyone can help you; anyone can become a source of inspiration and the best way to reach to millions of people is by writing books that hold the writer’s imagination, experiences and spirit to go under the hardship.

Self-help book writer should not be a professional or an expert or an academically intelligent or highly qualified in their field.

A book is an assimilation of experiences and a profound communication between two souls. Your voices are mixing with the voices of the book that drive your mind in a new direction and you start to look towards a new horizon.

A self-help book has the answer of your questions that arise in your conscience and subconscious mind.

As a writer, It is always good to write what you know and what you have experienced in your own life or the topic you are well aware of or the life you have seen closely and confident enough that you can put the real picture in words in your book.

You have stats, facts and studies from relevant sources to support and keep the readers more receptive to your information.

In life, everyone has their known crosses to bear. Everyone has burden and needing support that can belittle the pain one is carrying deep within.

Life in mysterious ways poking you and at the same time supporting you so you always remain ready for new advice, sources and instruction.

Readers are seekers and looking for ways to deal with their problems.

A writer of self-help book is only trying to say that he has been in your shoes and faced same difficulties which are facing and after experiencing now trying to help others.

Good self-help books are testimonials that life has keys to unlock the difficult situations and people have passed those situations in their life and found solutions.

A good writer doesn’t make you wait for long to get your answer. He keeps the book content simple, informative and clear.

With age your love for your lover also change


Love is the most important phenomena of life. No matter what your age is and how is your situation of life but the feeling to have love and been in love is something that make the life easier and bring it to a level of innermost satisfaction and happiness.

Love is a something without which life seems nullified but with age and maturity your way of expressing your love with your partner also change and it reaches to a maturity level. Here is a short changes which you can notice, as:

  • The way you like to mix with your love:

When you are in teens or young adult your expectation is fully to enjoy, have fun and allow your adrenaline experience to follow but with age you like to find a cozy place where your real deep emotional connection can grow.

  • Your acceptance level change:

Now you both have seen life and its changed faces so now you both have a set of goal ahead you and you want to secure your life within your budget and sometimes you care more about the risk and danger in life. Certainly with age you don’t like to take risk in life. You want a safe secured life.

  • With age you learn to accept yourself:

Indeed when you are young you have something called peer pressure. You also want to do what others are doing like dating and going out without any purpose but now you are more serious and now you don’t want to rush into relationship and want to wait for the right person and before that you enjoy the time of your singled.  You try to focus more on your personal and professional accomplishments.

  • With age you learn much about yourself:

It is very important to know what you want in your life and how much time you need for yourself to reach where you want to see yourself. Certainly one takes longer time than one expect, indeed some are lucky.

  • You learn to recognize your value:

It is the value that makes your life easier as you learn about your correct value after knowing about yourself and about your limitation and abilities. It becomes easier to mix with the people whom you understand and find suitable for yourself.

  • You learn to understand and not try to change other:

When you are a young you waste a great deal of time and energy in trying to change others and that creates a lot of fiction in relationship but when you are old you learn to accept others as what they are that facilitates better understanding, friendship and harmonious relationship.

Your life always grows and you need to grow emotionally mentally and financially as your responsibilities and requirements are always growing so your focus goes on a partner who can understand and support you in growing.

Things that make a man more appealing to a woman


A man’s look matters but it is not all that matters. A relationship requires much more than that. A healthy relationship hardly banks on looks only. It can be one element but the important thing is the match of two people who like to be in a relationship.

A healthy relationship depends solely on the two however if you go along the law of attraction then you can find it is a very vast and complicated chapter and that goes along the sex appeal to the length of ring fingers.

However, there are some things that a woman likes to see above the looks in a man and that makes him more appealing attractiveness such as:

  • A man who is self-drive and self- reliant:

It is very important to have the right purpose and aim in life as it means you are serious and have the ability to carry liabilities on your shoulder and women look at men to measure them as a good prospective. Studies say that goal-oriented people are more attractive to women. These people are self-drive, motivated and self- reliant and after marriage they can be a good partner.

  •  Good Dressing sense:

It is very important to note that what you wear is not so important than how you wear as it makes better sense and leave better impression on a woman. Your manner of wearing your dress makes a lot of sense. Fashion keeps on changing but cleaning never goes out of fashion. Your high-quality dress can veneer your fine style but sense of dressing is all about taste and personality reflection.

  •  Be noble and gentle:

A person who knows how to behave decently in every manner of word with a woman can certainly be appreciated well as that helps in building trust and allows better air to mix into the atmosphere which creates a better need of good sex and love.

  •  Your openness with your partner:

Communication is the best thing that can help two persons to get together. It helps to know each other better and both can share freely their joy and sorrow that helps in weaving the net of great memories. Beautiful memories are much more important than any dark fantasies. Real women know this fact and they love the man who can give them better memories over the dark fantasies. After all the best fantasy match can come only through knowing your partner better and understanding him the most.

A real woman may like to look more in a man than these as something special too but these traits are something real women can’t miss to see in her choice for her love partner.  


Ghost writing – a good way to earn


Writing is an art and making money is also art and combining them is the best option in your life to earn a good amount of money for your good living.

It means ghost writing is your one of the best option.

Ghost writing is the combination of both the arts.

Your client may not know how a writer writes. He can have an idea say in 300 – 500 words but now he wants a book.

He wants an agreement and wants to have a deadline as how soon he can have a book which covers all his ideas.

You need to be very honest as you need more sits before you can plan anything good for him.

Honestly speaking he will tell you the same set of information but in very sitting you will note something new for your writing in the pitch of his voice, narration, emotion and from his facial expression. You never know what insight you can get from meeting him again and again.

However you need start fast and meet your deadline. If you book is of sub-standard then it can affect your future too so you have to work smarter and harder.

Indeed, ghost writing is not for people who have just started their writing career. It is for the seasoned writers.  It is for people who has the flair for writing and has a huge background of self-experience and exposure in that area of writing. Experience matters.

Money is not an issue. Here only your talent speaks. Film star, business tycoons, Politicians and sport star are someone like to hire you and chances you write for the first time for pennies but gradually your payment will increase like anything however it also depends on many facts such as your negotiation skills.

There is no doubt that internet and technology has given boom to writing industry and writers have chance to secure themselves financially by writing books for others.

Here in India there are many companies are working by hiring new writers and getting the manuscripts, blog, social sites update written for their client. According to the sources America is nearly 60% contributor for such companies.

I don’t work for any company. I have my clients and I search for new clients of my own. The best part for ghost writing is the advance money, written agreement and safety.

I always try to match my level of satisfaction, experts’ levels and my client’s level after all your satisfaction leads to client satisfaction too.

Your client is telling you everything. If he doesn’t telling you can understand soon why and then you know how to write.

When I am writing for blogs for my clients I always consider that I am earning my monthly expense but once I am writing for book, it means I am working for my own dreams. I love to spend on my interest.

There is nothing wrong in writing as a ghost writer. You come in a contract and 50% advance of the agreed amount that means your client will never like to leave you in the middle of the book writing process and if you are writing blog for the same client then his blog writing is to sweeten the deal.

Once you completed the book you are happy to receive the remaining amount and ready to sign another book contract which means 50% again. It is truly a win-win situation for both the parties.

I normally take break after completing one book that helps me to get refreshed and then start again.

Writing is a huge challenge


Writing is a discipline which can be taught and can be learnt with inclination towards writing. Nowadays there are several online and offline courses around the world so you can add this skill set with your genuine interest. There are coaches for writers, communities for writers and many such platforms where you can learn to develop your skillset as a writer.

When you have learned to write the next important thing that you need is a story and the willingness to share it in your own words. This process can sound simple until you have not tried; after all arranging ideas from your mind to and putting them in words on paper is never easy task.

Gradually over a period of time you learn to use what is taught to you in the classes and writing here and there you own a name for yourself as a fulltime writer so now you have a resume to tell or show the world both online and offline.

This process is really time consuming and very tiring and most usually give up in the middle but those who prevail definitely have the opportunity to catch the big fish from the ocean.

The decision to be a writer in this world certainly requires a strong financial background and when your financial background is not very strong and you can’t afford to foot all the bills then writing for others is the best available option and fortunately there are many jobs in the market for writers such as content and copy writers but here I am not talking about all those.

I am focusing here on writing books.

The market is huge and scope to make a fortune is also there but initially you have to give your best in terms of finance too.

Indeed the option of self – publishing sounds very easy but certainly it is not. It is very important to have editors, proofreaders, beta readers, cover designer, and many such professionals to help you till the final marketing team and you also have to pay your regular expenses that means you must have a deep pocket to pay all in advance.

Just forget the idea of your friend who has good drawing skill or one who is good at grammar to do you any favor here. You need people who are hardcore professionals in their respective fields.

Certainly it is not an easy task, only a person who is mad or highly passionate about writing can sustain here.

I personally suggest that writer particularly in their developing stage should not marry else life could soon be a mess unless you get lucky then your wife could be supporting you as a good bread earner. If not then these are all day dreams and don’t waste time as you always have shortage of time.

Taking risks is one of the qualities which a writer must have. In fact, it gives you an opportunity to keep yourself closed in one room and none bothers to knock at your door. You are like a king sitting in your own kingdom with your laptop and other necessary tools of writing and working whole day or sometime whole night long.

Writing is a challenge but to become a good writer is a huge one.

Writing for a celebrity writer always teaches you the best


If you make a decision to be a writer in this world when your financial background is not very strong and you actually have no one to guide you in this field of writing then you have to take a risk very wisely because you are the maker of your fortune.

Certainly it is not an easy task. Only a person who is mad or highly passionate about writing can do this. If you are not earning well then there is no point in having marriage or girlfriend. After all everyone likes a settled life partner and as a writer you have no hope of that until you sign a big contract with any publisher.

Taking risks is one of the qualities which a writer must have. In fact it gives you an opportunity to keep yourself closed in one room and none bothers to knock to disturb you. You are the king in your own kingdom and you are to read and write new things but doing it long you certainly need a good amount of money in order to foot the bills.

Each hard time opens a new window of opportunities and ghost writing is one of the best choices. Here you need to focus on the structure, plot and then never stop your flow, let fresh air to enter into your writing and never think about the readers and the actual writer for whom you are writing. Nothing actually matters to you when you are sitting in your kingdom and writing.

The actual writer is answerable for everything so let him answer to the readers. You are only answerable for your characters in the book – if they are fine then all is fine. Your world where you exist and the world which is writing are actually two different worlds but at time they are both similar.

Uncertainty is the fact of life and no knowledge can predict the future as it is only going to happen. Yes presumption is always possible which really matters and that makes sense. As in our life it is very difficult to pin point the cause and effect as similarly several small atoms in life pop up and change the situation of life. People have the freedom to think accordingly and behave sometime matured or bizarre or strangely.

Life is complicated and representing this in writing certainly opens you to great opportunities and challenges. As a ghost writer you have someone to take note of all this.

Writing is messy business – here you need to reach the readers guts and help them to walk in your shoes and act and react as you want them. And if you manage to hold them no matter with what logic then you are successful.

Actually writing is allowing you to live those lives in your brain, living those uncertainties, its ambiguities and letting go of the idea of complete resolution. It actually widens the area of naturalness of life into your stories and plot and it helps readers to understand that life is not all about chasing the bear but about what is actually suddenly thrown at you without any warning and you need you handle it all while staying upright.

It is lovely if there is someone equally involved in the story and have much wider experience in this field. They can help you to experiment and suggest you what is the best with better options. Writing for the celebrity writer always teaches you the most.

Why do celebrities want to be authors


Why do celebrities want to be authors? This question gets hold of my mind as my eyes roam around the library. Mostly all famous personalities have a book in their name.

It can be the most fascinating way or idea to meet the members of their fan club or to reproduce their life before the world as a work of an art.

No matter what they have in mind but book signing is something which has an immense pleasure that is definitely very fascinating business of one’s life. It adds more visibility to them and makes them last in people’s memories for longer.

Still reading serves a bigger and wider image of life and the iconic celebritkes are behind the bigger names. Publishers are the businessmen and they are offering them the big bundles of notes for their books.  This fat income further sweetens the deals.

Writing gives them time and space to reinvent themselves and push them as a role model before millions of readers. Here they get time to say whatever they wanted to say and bring seriousness into the comedy of their life where hope and despair seem to be always at the tug of war.

The big theme of human pain and pursuit of achieving dream was lurking in turmoil and future seemed unpredictable, only a small hope within to achieve the dream was playing a big role and driving one to move towards the goal.

This book is nothing but a voice of those eras of struggle and the most substantial and palpable object to carry the weight of life and its hardship which will be faced by everyone who wants to turn their dream into a reality.

Words capture the life experience and produce an energy to motivate others and help in influencing others life too so the world always have real heroes in life.

Definitely the responsibility of a ghost writer is very high and writing each word is a challenge but the well-informed brain of a writer always finds the right path to accomplish the work in the best possible way.

A ghost writer certainly has to bear the entire struggle in his mind and word it exactly as he feels and then in his solitary time dedicate himself to polish the work in the most fashionable way to produce the best work. In fact he has to live the life of its original author.

His creativity and passion of writing brings the celebrity onto the pages and a reader can feel his impulse within him or her. This job is not easy and that is why it is said that writing is not easy. It tills the readers’ heart and that is the success of the book and the sole purpose of writing.

Great book makes a celebrity to be closer to their fans and adds new fan followings and makes people to believe that hard work makes dreams to shine in real. It makes a celebrity to be immortal and that motivates a celebrity to be an author.

Ghost writing is a big project


Establishing yourself as a writer is not a one day affair. It is seriously life consuming effort with no guarantee of a good return in the form of a big or renowned writer with money not being an issue for you. For most of us it is only a day dream to be such a big author.

Becoming a ghost writer is comparatively better option when you have skillset and desire to earn big money even in advance so that your whole focus could be on writing only.

There is no doubt that people must know you, your writing capacity and your professional approach towards writing so that they like you to work for them. It definitely takes a lot of time, contacts, personal branding, social advertisement and good luck’s favor.

Indeed every writer has a dream to be a successful writer but as they say – Rome was not built in a day. It certainly requires a lot of time. Writing is like a business that first needs a lot of investment which is not everyone’s cup of tea.

Before becoming a full time writer one has to be in touch with his or her day job so to meet the end. Then gradually when you make a good flow of income by writing for others (mostly) then you can think to leave your day job and work from home as a freelancer.

When you think about being a writer the worst thing that comes in mind is that you need to work the whole day in your office which takes care of your monthly bills but the market is always demanding good contents by ghosts so when you come home you need to sit and work again.

Ghost writing is not new. It is very old and mostly done in regards of someone like editor of any magazine. In fact in colleges and universities P. hd degree works (thesis) were also written by ghosts and on thesis cover research – scholar’s name appears on the jacket but only a nominal or no payments were paid against it. It is good that things are now in the open and parties have written legal agreement.

Situation has certainly changed. Earlier these things were done secretly but now it is done with legal agreement. Now College syllabus books, blogs, science journal magazines or any magazine, novels, short stories and book reviews and criticism are all written with the help of ghost writers.

Nowadays writing is a very big business opportunity and has a big demand in the market. Ghost writers are mostly seasoned writers in their respective fields and earning very well.

Money is certainly a good motivating factor to start your carrier as a ghost writer and the people who will hire you are mostly rich men who are looking for a wordsmith who can quickly produce a manuscript and write all that he or she wants or expects.

Once you have written your own book or novel certainly you have learnt the art of writing till the finishing line so you are familiar with the craft and the whole length of process of writing, editing, proof reading etc. You also know as what your editor expects in your manuscripts and what a line and copy editor can do and what a developmental editor can do as it is all about the big money game but in all this you are to take your cut and shut your mouth.

In other words, it is a factory that produces manuscript which the owner wants. As there is old saying: Pay the Piper and sing his tune.

The owner, whom you here in this context call author, whose name will go on the jacket of the book, is demanding a manuscript and you are like any other staff working for him. Once the book is ready, you get your cut and you are working on another manuscript for a new client.

So to begin with your ghost writing project all you need is a client who trusts in your abilities and creativity. Once the deal is signed, the best fun is not just the advance money in your account but the most reliable source for the book is your client himself or herself standing before you to give you the major information regarding the book and you need to write it in the most polished and most creative manner in the voice of the author so writing as a ghost writer certainly takes less time than your own project.

Your own writing project is a slow development project but your ghost one is the fastest work as you are in the shoes and life of someone else. You have a story, shape of the character and most of the time structure of the book so all you need is to adopt their voice and maintain the pace to meet the deadline.

But if you are thinking by any dint of thought that ghostwriting is for the beginners then you are totally wrong. It is for seasoned writers who have solid writing craft skills and understand the seriousness of the work as your client is waiting for your manuscript to come before his eyes and he is not going to buy any of your excuses.

After all it is a business where time is money and so you have to work with your survival instincts. Ghost writing is a big project and the work can very easily go out of control but you have to manage all and you have to learn when to work and when to feel relaxed. And above all you need to abandon your identity. You are just a medium channelizing the clients’ idea into his manuscript and trust me your effort is well paid.