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Writer and editor are in the same boat


A writer’s mind is like unleashed dog who is now ready to run fast, sniff something, piss here and there and every now and then stop and again is ready to run. He is so happy with this newly found freedom that he is not ready to get caught any time soon. He is very happy.

But he is not sure where this run could lead him or where he could end up. He is just running – of course mentally. He is seeing his world around and again collecting all this and comparing it to his imaginative world and trying to find meaning in anything and everything. This is how he gets things for his ideas and imaginations.

After some time, he gets tired and comes to his limit. Now he is exhausted and not ready to support his mind to think anything. It is probably at the time when his manuscript is done. Now he should put his MS aside and start doing anything meaningful that can take him away from his book then come back and start reading his whole book as a reader. Several things will certainly look raw, incomplete and inappropriately placed.

Once all is placed and completely checked, it is the first time when author needs an editor or he comes in contact with an editor. Trust me no matter how sexy she dresses herself and velvety she sounds but she is going to be very harsh with you and color your work in red within a few minutes.

Editors are the best trained persons who know their job well and they are the best in picking up the points which transfer your viable idea into marketable goods. They are the one knowing your genre, your audience and the chances of its success – all is now on the map of their corrections. Follow each red mark, comment and help her to make it presentable to the readers.

Most of the authors think that publishers bring readers but the truth is that author brings audience to the publisher’s desk so it is time to work hard, roll your sleeves up again and start.

Depending on the type of edition you have but your editor is the best one to trust and she will help you in improving your manuscript by looking at your story’s growth, plot strength, characterization, dialogue, order of scenes, point of view, voice, setting, word choice, sentence construction and syntax, and pace. She will do everything to strengthen your manuscript so it can survive and sell in the market.

The biggest challenge an author faces as he picks up his characters from the surroundings so it can become hard to make differences in the voices and quirks among each of the characters and crystal clear their differences. The editor goes into the characters and looks how far a writer can go with each of these characters.

She is helping in ensuring the right ending of each chapter for the reader’s best involvement with the story. She points out the overdoing in terms of grammar modifiers and character’s exposition.  And she does the most difficult part – that is she tells you the roots of the clichés.

In short, without her your MS is raw. She polishes and makes sure that what you mean is actually what your reader understands. She makes the work better, clear and enjoyable experience. She is the real craft man of your MS. She is the enhancer and really helps you to go long in the path of your writing journey.

Get the best editor, keep your deep pocket open and enjoy your writing experience.

Suggestion for writer’s financial constraints


Writers are the movers and shakers and so they plan everything about the big and small happenings inside their novel, writing and poetry but they hardly get a time to think about their real-life challenges.

Frankly speaking, this whole world runs around the material sound of money and as a writer it is expected from you to write anything that can louder your material sound in your bank account as that is what really matters to the most who lives around you even if it does not matter much to you as a writer.

Mostly writers are self-employed and don’t have fixed income and financial constraint is something that can come any time. So it is very important to have your objective clear; after all you can write longer if you piggy bank is full.

Indeed, when my mother starts showing me the rough roads of my financial situation I simply stop her. Hold on, before I get lost and forget my writing. One evening I get a time to have a word with a Health & Wellness Coach Rajiv Seharawat on the subject of Writers nature and their financial constraints and I find really worth mentioning his suggestions.

  1. Learn to sell yourself: every company nowadays needs a writer for their contents. So never run to catch the work at the lowest price as none wants to spend money. There is a huge competition amongst writers and the same is with the companies. So get the deal at least to the point when you have a good return of your time, knowledge and skill set.


  1. Learn new skills: Each industry is not paying equally and they go parallel and higher all the time so it is always good to write for some new areas. People are always ready to give you a chance. Grab it and work harder to learn the industry sooner. If you can write fiction try to write non-fiction too. There is a huge market for ghost writers too which is a highly-paid job.


  1. Learn to see work like a business man: every writer who writes is actually running his small business and so your goodwill in market is all that will fetch more work from the market. Be honest in your commitments and never lose trace of your money.


  1. Learn to say no: it is not always good to answer positive. There is nothing wrong with saying No. After all, you are to give your time and your time gets converted into cash. It is possible that you will get paid better for the same job as you have proven your worth earlier.


  1. Learn to stop thinking about writing: It is never good to trouble your mind or load it with work. Give your mind some time so new ideas and creativity can walk in. The more time you give the better your creativity will help your writing and earning. In other words, avoid less paid jobs.


  1. Learn to trust your wife with her financial skills: If you are a writer then you know it is not wise to burden yourself with how to manage and foot the bill of your household affairs. It is an extra burden. Allow your wife or partner to manage your home with her best skills.


  1. Learn to create a spending plan: Earning is not all; you have to be very careful about your expenditure and investment. There is something called routine expense like groceries and utility bills and non-routine bills such as traveling on vacations and buying new clothes. If you are planning your expenses, then it is easier to go for investments.


  1. Learn to earn for your everyday: It is always necessary to earn your daily expenses daily. Don’t rely on your big project incomes to take care of your daily expenses as far as possible because that big income can directly be used as investment.


  1. Learn to plan for your rainy days: Everyone has to think about the rainy days like emergencies and no work. Always keep some money as emergency fund which you can use when you need a laptop or a new gadget so you can easily use that fund. It is also important to have life and health insurance policies.


  1. Learn to clear off your debts: In modern lifestyle credit card is one of the most commonly used things for purchasing and this debt is surely going to make you insomniac so better clear off your bills. If needed have two bank credit cards and swipe wisely as per its billing cycle.


Start your financial journey and keep a log of these steps and how good you are implementing them in your day to day life. Financial wisdom can help you save your future and your family’s future. Use it!!!

5 Mistakes in Your Endearing Compliments


Compliments or praise in relationship are often shared to sweeten the relationship and make it beautiful, alive and friendlier. It is a verbal sharing of love and affection that matters the most. It increases the euphoria of relationship. This goes very smooth in made-for-each-other type of relationship because they are both honest with each other however there are some relationships which are not of that level. As we know people have masks on their faces and then these compliments sound phony.

We have grown in a society where we have learnt that words are phony and some words are meant only to hook you. These words are highly poetic in its nature and widely used so they can raise a red flag if misunderstood.

One of my friends directly told me that she doesn’t read poetry as she hardly understands why someone is telling simple things with so much decoration of language. No debate on the nature of poetry. It is fine that she doesn’t like poetry and she is absolutely sure about it.

Again, one of my friends said that boys are trained to target girls with soft words to hook and lay them.

Well, we no more live in a world where one can judge your intention from the set of compliments you have used.

It is really advisable to be genuine in your compliments especially when you two are coming into a new relationship. Both are at initial level of bonding and both are trying to catch the geniuses in the web of each other’s words.

I agree the euphoria of new relationship makes you want to be more poetic even if you are not so romantic in nature but the display of emotions often brings poetic sense in you and you use something like

  • Your presence makes everything beautiful.

Indeed it is true in all its sense and you genuinely mean it but such expression is repeated so much that it can back fire at the first stage itself as she knows that every hooker or ladies’ man uses such shallow expression to get a fuck and forget the lady. They coin such beautiful expression to play around and move ahead. So don’t allow any doubt about your personality in her mind although everyone likes to be appreciated.


  • You changed me into a happy man.

It is not the presence of someone whom you have blindly following and will continue doing this forever, you know this right. You know it just means that you are feeling the euphoria of happiness in your blood stream due to the new involvement. As the romantic cloud moves and the sky becomes again as it used to be, you will be back on your level of restlessness and then a blame game will start. Be normal, feel good and just be honest even in telling her your mind.


  • You are so different from my Ex.

Don’t try to compare apple with orange. Yes both are fruits still they are different. Similarly two women are different.  So don’t compare and try to lower one for another. It is more of a politic than a love. Everyone likes to be appreciated but it doesn’t mean a degree of comparison is required. Appreciate her for her uniqueness, her positive thinking and its influences. Such uses are actually proved as a spoiler. After all you feed her mind with negativity and comparison.


  • I just want you to be mine forever.

There comes a question why do you want her to be yours only. It can translate as if you are very possessive and people hate a passive man especially husband as he can ruin all of her happiness and leave no personal space for her living. It can threaten her and she will not value your over anxious emotions but feel safe to drop you soon.


  • You are so perfect as if you’ve come out of my dream.

It really sounds poetic and beautiful and it has the capacity to till the heart of a lovely woman but it lacks the genuineness, especially in the early stage. She can judge you as a hooker and drop you soon. It is possible it gives you some mileage if you are extra smart and careful in topping up your emotions with more surgery words. But doubt will always be there because everyone knows that no one is perfect and everyone has their own types of flaws and complexity in nature.

Truth is that no one knows what will back fire and what will work as it varies from person to person and experience to experience. But it is better to be safe than sorry.  Be more real.

Writers nature and their financial constraints


I never try to think much about the money as when it comes in my mind then I find it hard to write any further. Something just kills off my creativity and I start behaving like an accountant so I have to keep my mind away from money.

I keep the thought of money away like other writers then write. In fact, when you think about writing a novel or an article for your blog then there is no point in thinking about anything else but when your mind gets the thoughts of money and as you know in the beginning there is hardly any money in this pursuit then writing becomes difficult.

But money is one subject which you have always in mind. After all you also have to foot the bill. The financial hot water is something that lets you in frustration when you find not enough money to foot the bills and things are piling up in future date even some important things like paying your editors, cover designers, proof readers and such people without whom you can’t come with your books.

Your book is not just your personal effort. It is a combined effort of good editing, proof reading, cover page design and many such important things and all needs the payment.

I have heard once that people good in intellectual areas often seemed bad in their financial affairs. It is probably the value of their own way of thinking and creativity that allows them to work with fresh ideas which may not necessarily be first appreciated by others who are paying for their time and work.

Indeed, in several occasions I have felt that things can be written better or if more time is given work can really be improved but the employers are not ready to wait. They are hungry and they want instant results right before them. Of course you are not satisfied but yes you are paid.

It is really a frustrating situation. Why do they not understand what you are trying to do? Their hurry is only spoiling the game but at the end of the day we writers also have to see how to pay our bills.

Some writers just leave the job as they want to give their best try so the result must be to their level of satisfaction. Indeed, once you have done something you must care for it like your own baby but small entrepreneurs are in real hurry and they are large in number and a rich source for your income. So work smart else financial problem will always be there.

Definitely, you will see more if you live longer but love for words makes life a struggle. Here are some reasons a writer’s life faces financial struggle, as:

Bad in math: Emotion is one subject that doesn’t go with right arithmetical formulas and with right profit and loss statements. Unfortunately writers are to deal most of time with the emotions of their characters and they often miss to be so self-centered in this world of hypocrites and con artists.

Good dreamer: Life of a writer is full of ups and down and there is something called one book wonder so writers pay all their attention in writing the best that can leverage their financial situation, so writer go on consuming to the last rattle of their picky box.

Writer works first and then depends on the honesty of the check giver: Most of the time writer’s sweat goes in-vain as many don’t like to be honest. Look at your media houses, print magazines and others: they proudly say we don’t pay writers or we pay them less.

Intellectuals always fail to be myopic: There are many ethos sounding words that are around the writers and their sensitive skin grabs them first but this world doesn’t run with ideology and ethos. World is upside down. A few people own values of words in the true sense. The majority are disgusting so writer suffers.

Writers are often self-employed: Self-employment is a good thing but being a  small unit sometimes it is hard to negotiate with the hiring agency as they show you small budget and there is high supply of writers who are ready to get the opportunity which badly affect the income. It is hard to have any insurance, retirement plans and even bank loans.

Writer soon gets bored: If not all then at least most writers get bored when they are talking about their financial situation as it directly affects their creativity. They are not the kind of people who can work just to add some penny in their money bag. They just enjoy their writing and so they accept only those works that really make them happy or give a space to show their creativity.

Writers can’t sit at home: A writer has to travel, visit new places, meet new people and try new things that cost them a lot. Many writers don’t sit in the corner of their home instead they go into a coffee shop to sit there and write so these further add expenses to their writing. They love to visit workshops and writer’s night at the local bar where liquors at overprized for the night but they still attain.

Taking experiences are in their blood so go everywhere and it all cost nothing is for free. So life of a writer is always having the hardship till one reaches the jackpot.

Writing is a game of transporting you mentally


“Imagination is more important than knowledge.” and this quote is still true in case of a new emerging writers who don’t have a published track record to support their abilities and knowledge.

This world values you when you have walked the walk else needless to say none cares to look at you. In fact, it is the scenario at everywhere. Why would anyone like to show their trust in you till you have proven them anything?

Writing is a big work of your imagination and it is like a thin air moving from one place to another. None other can perceive what is in your mind, what you are capable of seeing and sensitive to feel. Your words give a structure to your imagination. This is all what a writer creates from his writing.

A writer creates a world in his mind and gradually he takes it all on the paper. He holds a figment of imagination for an endless hour with a hope that he can reproduce it in a bigger way for a wider readership. That is the toughest task but this is all about the writer’s challenge and his writing skills.

Skill never develops within a day. It takes years and may be one life is not enough to prove your ability of writing, (I am not trying to minimize the ability of a writer.)

Writing is a particular structure which a reader could see but when a writer is writing his intuitive brain is somewhere else connected with the other world and he is working in the physical world.

Knowledge about any particular object, place or experience can help his imagination but it plays a smaller role into his big imagination. In no way I am trying to say that personal experience is less important. I am only saying is that people have personal experiences but a writer goes above that, beyond that and summarizes his experience while connecting it with the wider world of his imagination where a bare crude reality meets an art and gives a shape and structure of a new world.

Both the writer and reader could feel and see this new world. Word after word a world is transferring from one brain to another and place, event and characters are making its presence in the mind and this beauty is nothing but a magic.

Writer’s imagination can transport you to his world and make you feel that you mind is full of his imagination. You are seeing exactly what he was seeing at the time of his writing.

The time capsule is somewhere nonexistent. A reader can be enjoying a writer’s imaginations right after two hundred years or even more. Age and time have gone by but the immortal works of writers like William Shakespeare, Milton, Dickens still have that capacity to connect and transport you as a reader into their time and make you follow their imaginative world.

Writing is all an art of a scientific work. Science is working with this possibility in the laboratory and writers are doing this in your mind. Transporting the mind into a new place is all what you see in the virtual world.

Writing is an art. Writers are artists and their craft of story-telling is the magic in believing in the world far away from your physical world. Writing is a game of transporting you mentally into a new world and at the same time you are physically frozen in an hour of your reading.

Writing a novel about love


Love is something which is very rich in taste and writing about it is like dreaming which you can only see, feel and tell the world about it. Love has its own flowery language and reader gets a very special cosy feeling out of it.

Readers read it as if they are reading their own feelings and seeing their dreams from a dreamer’s eyes where every word is expressing the readers word. This mesmerizing display of emotion is what makes love the thing that connects the hearts.

If the lovers cry, the readers really bleed. A reader could feel the throbs of their heart as the closest possible sound. Their own heart could throb with the lovers and with the story.

Love is really a magic. It only happens. It is not created or made. Indeed readers sometime wish that one day they can also feel and experience the same intensity of love and happiness in the warmth touch of each other.

Love is not a touch. It traverses deeper. It is subtler and more fairy. It transports you to a new world. A world where you live for someone and someone has come there to love only you.

The prefect feeling makes someone grow deeper in love. Love starts with very simple note like a note of musical instrument and gradually it creates its own music, its springs are far more reaching and sweeter than one can imagine.

Love is a taste that dilutes in within and lives like a part of you. It makes life easier. It makes you feel comfortable in an isolated place where only you know you are not alone. Indeed you are not alone. You can’t afford to be alone. You are always with your love.

You are talking to her. You can feel her in the thin air. You see her in the darkest of time. She is with you, around you and deep within you.

Love is a crazy world, one can’t write anything, even a single word without being a crazy. A world of love invites you to be crazy and forget where you really live and how you live there. You live in a new world. A writer writes about a new world, with utmost new possibilities of experience.

Love is never like a sweet fairytale. It has its own agony and pathos and lover goes with that sphere of time where one bleeds for another and both crave to have a point of no return.

They need one sweet beginning. Their love just starts with simple heart throb and gradually it becomes one and there is actually one heart, one soul living in two bodies. Love is such a sweet recipe of emotion. One can taste it only and only if one surrenders before the love.

Writing about love is all about surrendering, about their feelings, incidences, throbs and admiration. It is all about the couple. It is all about the struggle and strength of their love for each other. It is heavenly. It is divine. It is pure earthy as living with all the intensity of passion and life.

Such sublimation is all what a writer writes and readers read. It is a very simple and at the same time very difficult. If a writer misses to word the observation with the right intensity of attachment then his piece of writing can be thrown from the paradise onto the earth. Readers will feel ribbed and not finely crowded.

Writing about love is all about writing from heart. Words are not coming from mind however they are only splashing from the stir at the heart. To touch and stir the heart there is no rule, no method, no plot – just a heart full of love and that creates all the magic.

Riders Hub


Gurgaon MH8 has now become a bastion of food innovation. This long area is now mushroomed with some of the best bars and restaurants. Right from the Ambiance mall, Leela hotel, Oberoi and Trident hotel, cyber Hub till Winston, Ficco Chowk you can have one of the best culinary experiences unlike in any other place in Gurgaon.


After working the whole day long I often feel to experience the fine dining and that takes me to this area. (Actually it is not very far from my dwelling either.) I get an urge to eat out at Riders Hub which is nestled opposite to cyber hub and next to Income tax building.


Riders hub is a part of Pind Bulluchi family however Riders Hub has emerged from a very different and unique theme and concept. As you step in – particularly to Rider Hub at MH8 on the left you can find a fine green longue fenced with white and some ornamental plants that give you the best view. At their entrance door there are two dummies – Royal Enfield Bullet and a bike with four seats. It is definitely a nice attraction for taking photos.


Pind Bulluchi has a concept of traditionally attired Sardar Ji, which means sitting in a Manji (traditional cot) whereas Rider’s Hub is focusing on young energetic bikers or riders who have passion and energy for traveling and seeing life and cities as a passerby and capture the best memories. Following this idea they have Continental, Chinese and Indian cuisine whereas Pind Bulluchi has only Indian cuisine, mainly north Indian. Rider Hub also has a bar facility.


Enduring your time in the ambience of Riders Hub restaurant is a very nice experience. Here you are sitting in the opulence of green lounge in the modern decor of the restaurant and there you have the fragrance of multi cuisine and love for your taste.


The idea of having Chinese, Continental and Indian food from the finest chef is always fun.  Here we can relish the fine soup made from fresh vegetables, spices and served at the right temperature. They have non-vegetarian soups too. I prefer vegetarian soup only. You can choose here right from the Tomato to Corn soups and much more. That increases our appetite.


Salad is one of the very important intakes that provides a good amount of roughage and helps the digestion so it is a must but when it receives a special attention of the finest chef then fun of eating salad becomes a better reason.


With the change of urban life our lifestyle is changing and our preferences are making changes in taste and flavor and that has certainly altered our menu line. We have become more foodie and certainly have grown our food choices with the availability of international cuisine and its flavors. Chef prepares salads and its dressing with olive oil which surely has the influence of Continental cuisine.


That is the one reason I love Riders Hub. They provide you the best combination of eastern and western cuisine. They really focus on the best cuisine experience. It is really one of the best places to hang out. I must say it’s an excellent experience for me.


With the advent of chilling winter it is really unique and nice to sit with the family in the green lounge having heater and barbeque near and enjoying the best vegetarian and non- vegetarian delicacies prepared by an experienced chef and served with elegance which adds to the best experience for those who love to make memories of fine dining.


I love to spend my time here and it is the best hang out place for those of you searching for a culinary experience. Riders hub, (next to in- tax building) is in fact a lovely place and you will love this place and its quiet ambience.


It is open from morning till late night. The interior of this restaurant will remind you about its minimalist. You can see bike parts hanging on the walls and that really makes you feel that this place is a heaven for riders and bike lovers.


Their menu cards also have lovely bike photos on the left and with the food items at nominals rates on the right side.


Your order here does not take much time in coming before your fork. They can make your food spicier or light as per your taste preferences. As I don’t like chili much I tell them to keep it light however I have noticed food is not very spicy here. Or maybe they know better my preferences.


During winter I love to start with their starter such as Dahi ke kabab which is very healthy and one of the Lucknow’s very popular dishes. I love to eat here Panner Tikka, Hara bhara Kabab, Malai Panner Tikka, Bharawan Mushroom and Veg seek kabab. They have provided a fusion of oriental and continental veg and non veg starters.


They have one assorted kebab Platter for someone like me who loves a lot to eat his starter ball. The view of the platter makes my mouth watery and my belly hungrier.


For the main course you can of course have the best European, Chinese and Indian cuisines. When I first came here I went with our traditional plate of Kadhai Paneer and Butter naan and Caser salad. I still remember as I was a bit shaky about my order the restaurant manager Mr. Mukesh helped me in sorting out my order.


The flavor of the fresh Paneer balanced with the richness of the sinfully tender butter and semi –spicy ingredients went really well together. The food was executed perfectly, and the bright colors of the ingredients and presentation were a feast for the eyes as well as the stomach.


There were a few desserts like Tila Kulfi, Gulab Jamun, Ice cream, Kheer and Rasmalai but having the hot Gulab Jamun after dinner is my favorite and it is simply divine thing.


I am sure your first visit will soon make Rider Hub the hottest place for eating and hangout in town for you. Don’t just eat here but have the finest memories here until the cow returns.

Sex is not an emotion


Sex and love are such topics that very inadvertently draw our attention and the best part is that no matter if we have come across this experience or not or whether we have our own prejudiced thought or not but we love to know others point of view. At the beginning itself I’d like to make it clear that writer or speaker may not have something new to say but he gets readers or listeners that show the inclination towards the topic and its magic effect upon our life.

Indeed it is very difficult to separate or wedge in between these topics but if try it can kill the whole subject. It is like separating salt, spice and oil from the pickle. The moment you do subject loses all its existence. And needless to say there will be no fun to carry any interest in this subject.

Keeping your interest alive and continuing with the topic I would like to say that sex is not an emotion rather it is a discharge of mental anxiety. Human body has bones and flesh and there inside of our body several things grow and die similarly as in our brain several things appear and disappear. This process is so natural like making of cells and their dying.

Sexual feelings also build within and die with the time. Scientific study says that men think about sex on an average 34 times in a day whereas women think on an average 19 times in a day. This imbalance says that men love sex more and they find sex more fulfilling and motivating. Male find sex as more intrusive thoughts and so it is harder for them to differentiate the chemistry of their building relationship.

Human can need sex for many other reasons and not just for sex. It can be for expression of emotions like love, hate, loneliness and grief and sometimes to give a kick start to their relationship or one’s isolated life.

Having sex is both mental and physical journey. To experience this lets have a thought about sex and run it like a movie in the mind and then try to fall asleep. Suddenly you will wake up with a sense of a fall out and experience a pool of wetness all around you. The more frequent you are in thinking about this during bed time the more regular it becomes.  There is no shame in it as we all have experienced this in our early teens.

This is the natural fusion of reality and dream. Dreams co-relate with your reality and reality splays into your dream. This inter play is the magic but when a human is alone and living in miserable conditions of isolation and loneliness and his mental energy is the only energy to connect him or her to one’s desired object then sex is not just a sex but an obsession to feel connected with the bygone.

No matter how many partners you change your grief or sense of loss will remain stronger within. You will crave more to feel the bygone partner internally although your body is experiencing the new one. It is a dangerous situation and more risky as it leaves a profound grief and loneliness in heart.

A heart can’t throb longer in such situation. Indulgence after indulgence the rage of grief is not ending. Sex is a diversion which is acting as a way to channelize your energy but your grief is unrelenting. It is not letting you have sense of freedom.

In most cases, drugs soon add into this course of action and are backed by promiscuous sex that makes life further difficult. And coping with the loneliness becomes harder and life is in constant threat due to physical and mental abuse.

Life is still easier while one is in indulgence of sex and drugs if compared to the time when life gives you a sense as where one is driving his or her life then only grief, misery, anger on self and acute despair wall on them till death.

Sex is a method to reach love. When the objective of sex is not to reach love then life has to suffer no matter how great the escape of sex looks. The inner emptiness always reflects within the outer search.

Love is the body where intimacy grows. Sex is its expression. It is the outer reflection for the inner search of companionship.

Men start dating in their grieving hours because they want to ventilate themselves and talk about their emotions with a woman which is found much easier for men than for women under that same circumstances but both rush faster than normally in such hours. However emotionally women are stronger than men. They find other women in their community to share their emotions and feelings if they really want to.

For a man easy mating is the impulse to share all his rocking emotions where he can’t share himself easily with a woman but this big world becomes a big playground for his emotional search. Emotional emptiness makes a person wanderer. Sex is just a relief and can give a sense of attachment for a while but it has a limit and after that it is gone. It reaches to the tilling chill of a physical plain only however human wants are way beyond this.

Inner emptiness still exists. One is still searching and this running is only changing body but the quest is to reach the soul. Sexual pleasure becomes a pleasure like eating or listening to a fine music. It is just a temporary.

Human’s need for companionship is spiritual quest and finding it is the only way to calm our senses. We need a soulmate where sharing is not just the physical act but life fulfilling physical and spiritual sharing. Here heart and body go in the same direction and moment of sex is enterprising.

Authors Can Use Virtual Assistants


Author is a person who is always busy and always working, no matter whether he is sitting to write or not.

Words are their treasures and imagination is the tool that goes deep into the treasure and brings the right words on their desktop or paper.

Their words are their real currency converter. The better they write the wider their reader’s reach. So they are careful and write wisely.

Words are precious. They carry the writer’s imagination. They create a world in the mind of the reader so creators have to be careful. One mistake and reader‘s imagination can be scattered. It is very important to give full attention while writing.

A writer has to undergo several unpleasant tasks. Sometime it is due to his lack of personal accuracy in that field or not backed by the interest in such things as cover design and print layout. But these are very important in order to push his sales.

A writer has to stand in the shoes of a publisher. He has to know his genre and his reader’s expectation. In order to match the expectation of his readers he has to work hard and can’t neglect anything or take it for granted.

Here comes the need of virtual assistant (VA).

VA’s are professionals in their respective areas and they help you in the most effective way and shoulder your things.

They help you to confine yourself to your writing part only and they can arrange for you the rest of the other things.

Nowadays book publishing industry has faced vast changes due to the technology changes.

Technology and high speed internet has really helped the authors to find cross border readership and personal branding in wider market.

This range of work definitely requires personal assistant who can help amateur writer as well as an established one.

It is always good for a writer to focus on writing and ask assistance for other works in order to maintain sanity in life.


Right from the idea level to the final shape of a book there are several works which author has to look after. It is really a good idea to hire a virtual assistant who looks after some non-writing tasks and helps you with their skillsets. That can save a lot of your precious time and mental energy.

He has to prioritize his to do list and from there he has to throw those works which he feels time consuming and tedious into others baskets. It helps in maintaining his sanity and meeting his deadlines.

The time now is favorable for new writers as they can self-publish. They really need to partner their works with a VA and act smart like a publisher and marketer too.

In the self-publishing world a writer has to take the burden to market himself. A virtual assistant can help to plan and execute a Virtual Book Tour, Book Signing, Blogs and podcast and much more.

Nowadays there are many specialized training courses in VA industry. Such courses give a lot of information which a VA is supposed to know while dealing with their clients. There is Virtual Author Assist (VAA) certification that enables a VA to assist a writer.

It is not very difficult and expensive to hire any good VA and get your work done with an ace.

I will not say that a writer should not undertake these tasks themselves but do they want to? Do they actually have the time or the headspace to undertake these tasks? They need to get on with their “day jobs”.

From my experience it is very hard to proofread and edit your own work and after the writing process is finished most of writers are happy to pass it onto someone else to complete the publishing process and look over their work with a fresh perspective. It saves a lot of time and mental energy of a writer.

Poetry has immense scope of expression


I wake up lazy today, in fact a bit late too. In the morning I do nothing except for going for my walk. I like starting my day walking on the grass bare feet. My eyes are facing the grass however my mind is busy in planning the whole day. Sometimes I forget how long I walk and sometime I feel I return home early but this is how I start my day.

To be honest, I hate the idea of writing for free. I also have my bills to pay.  There is no point in working harder and be paid less or nil. It is the worst thing when people have money and don’t want to pay. Some pay half and hold on to the rest as if it is a tether to control you.

Such people have late night parties which are full of drinks and snacks followed by late midnight or early morning dinner which constitutes of several courses but they have no money to allow me to foot my bills on time. Such morning is very painful for me as a writer when my mind is thinking about the bills and I don’t want to start my day writing.

On such morning it is good to read aloud some poem I have in my inbox, read from my kindle or listen to any audio book. Today I started with my friends’ book. Indeed it has helped me to block out the world and the bad feelings running in my blood.

Soon I feel I am busy with her poetry that holds her loneliness, complains, wishes and sweet compelling mix of romance and seduction. She expresses her life in those lines and probably those are the only hours when she finds her soul.

Poetry allows even your deep-rooted emotions to flare up and let you flow with your emotions. Certainly it is a key to healing yourself. It cleanses your mind and transforms your writing. It connects you to the divine energy and gives you ways to unburden your soul.

A family incidence description suddenly moves my mind to my mother’s words spoken once while we were talking. She said that one of her relatives had a small casserole that had a small lead of steel that fell into the toilet sink. He threw the lead out of home.

Rationally it is metal. It can be cleaned and used again. So why did he throw it out? There must have been anger guiding him to throw it away. Indeed a sorrow too.

I think he threw it away because of another reason; that he did not want to remind himself that the lead was in the toilet. Memory plays a vital role in our day to day life.

My friend’s poetry has tinge of reactions as she saw her husband with a fallen woman on her bedsheets and she threw them both immediately out. In one moment her life changed forever. Her writing still carries the carcass of her romance and the tears of isolation.

Poetry has immense scope of expression of your deep-rooted feelings and gives new life to you and to every poetry lover.