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Ghost writing is a fun job


Big name equals to big money and every publisher knows this well so does the ghost writer. Big named people don’t have time to write word after word till the book is not completed. They always need ghost to write and you need to be always ready to catch the opportunity.

Indeed it is not so easy to find a big name as they follow many middlemen who arrange one ghost for them, sometimes directly publisher hire a ghostwriter but you never know when your lady luck will smile at you.

But you need to act as a professional and work as a professional. Writing a book is never an easy job so you must have a good exposure to this industry and it is also good if you have already written some books.

In fact, ghosting is a business to write what your client can think of but fails to give words to. It is really a nice job when you are putting words of your client on a piece of a paper. You are walking in the shoes of your client and see how his or her impulses direct you with words.

It is a simple play of catching impulse, personality and the right vibration to select the right words and seeing whether these could lead you towards the final goal of your client’s inner world.

It is a fact that sometimes your client has no clue how to write a book but have an urge to see the book as fast as possible so you are in the shoes of highly paid project manger’s role –  to take everything from your client’s side and start working (Of course, after signing the contract).

You are to decide what should go first and in which chapter and how the structure of the book will look like and what best can be done in order to make the book more readable but apart for this there are some very important facts which should be cleared while ghosting your client, such as:

  • When you and your client are going to sit together because without that this project is next to impossible.
  • You need to know what help he expects from you and what you can offer, things must be clear on both sides.
  • Where is your client seeing this book?
  • Is your client providing all the outlines or do you need to find everything out on your own?
  • Is your client the only source for the book or are there others included or will you have to do all the research?
  • How easily is your client available for you?
  • How fast can your client give you back the chapters to rewrite.

Once you have these things cleared then certainly everything is set for you to go. Ghosting a book has definitely a long way to go but with each step you are learning. You are growing too and certainly you are running at a high speed to earn more from your future client.

Certainly it is a good motivation that helps you to lay out, work and finish the book on the due date.

There is a big competition in the market and people are always in a queue to get their chance to eat their pie but one thing is for sure that you have to prove that you own the money and you are the best one to do this.

Indeed people ask you to write a book in a few thousands and lakh but never accept such proposal as they are joking and not serious only because they don’t have any idea what the hell book writing means.

Of course every book is worth different amount in the market. Some are written with serious notes, plunging deep into the mind of your client or character of the book and some are just running at the surface of the characters of the book but in both cases book is a book that needs to hold the readers and so it has to be written with creativity and talent.

It is very important that you are happy with your payment else the book will go to see the hard days and soon you will too. Better negotiate correctly.  When the payment negotiation is done correctly, ghostwriting is an incredibly rewarding and truly fun job.

Ghost writing makes you a good writer


When your pocket is empty and you are asked to write a book which you know is going to eat all of your savings and there is no guarantee that you will be in touch with your money after all things also depend on marketing, sales promotion, reviews and many other aspects then certainly finishing your first draft takes time and moving it to final stage makes you feel consumed.

If such situation is ahead of you then you are in sure way to a ghost writing job as it has an ample amount of benefits and keeps you motivated and excited and you will never feel to leave any of the opportunities of writing.

The world is full of opportunities for those who are ready to give their best effort and ghost writing is about your best effort and best earning; after all money certainly motivate you to work harder and meet your deadline.

If I talk about my experience, certainly the money motivated me the most as my life was just banging to find a good sum of money right at that moment. I was ready to work for anyone, writing anything including biography or anything someone needed.

Before that I had 3 books on my bucket to show my abilities and a proven record of magazine publishing – indeed some were under my name and some under others. And the best point is that some of the articles got published in some of the best newspapers like TOI – Time of India, The Asian Age, The Patriot etc.

Indeed I had my articles published in some small fashion and best dine magazines. I had written some websites for fashion designers, health and diet, jewelers and others and all those things certainly helped me to brush my luck in this new endeavor.

Certainly, working here and there requires a lot of contacts and goodwill and it helps in gaining confidence of your client.

Once you get a client your motivation is all time high because of:

  • Advance payment: Yes, once deal is signed you are at least paid 50% in advance which is enough to meet the deadline as another check is waiting for you.
  • More books from the same client: once you give your client one book on time no wonder you will have another book advance from the same client and if you client is simple and good he can help you to find another client too.
  • With every book you are learning: Yes, when you are in your research mode for the book certainly you will come across many related subjects which will not only catch your interest but can give you a clue for the next book proposal so your eyes are open for the next opportunity.
  • No marketing effort: Indeed marketing is always there in the game plan of writing but as a ghost writer you don’t need to work harder for the book to reach to its sincere readers.
  • No emotional association: Once the manuscript is ready and handed to the client now it is not your baby so you don’t need to worry. Of course it doesn’t mean you can write inferior quality – after all each books sales helps you to grow further financially. And the best part is you feel disassociated from all the characters so you can judge the book like a sincere reader too.
  • It adds to your experience and makes you a better writer: As you are working harder to meet your deadline so you are in constant habit of writing and that is very important for a writer to grow. You are working for several domains and industries so you are collecting a lot of information from everywhere and it widens your learning curve.

Once you finalize any book soon you will feel intoxicated and you can’t live without another project. You will do all to get another and like that your experience will get richer and at the same time your bank account as well.

The wonderful world of ghost writing


This world is a big business house where things are converting into brands. Brand actually assures that your money is going in a right way so people are not hesitant before spending. In other words, only brand matters.

People wear brand clothes, eat at brands restaurants and prefer to read brand named authors.

In the writing industry there has come a point of great change as by now even bigger names are using ghost writers and their books are running the market. Quite interesting, isn’t it?

People hardly care or are hardly aware that things do exist but they go behind the books and it doesn’t matter who is actually working or writing the book. Readers just see the book jacket and they are assured that the book is worth spending money on.

Readers are readers who are heavily in need of good books no matter what the behind the curtain story is. This mind set certainly has given a boom to this ghost writing industry and now more often than not people and celebrities from all walks of life are hiring writers and getting their books on the shelves.

It is actually good for the rich celebrated people as they can have time to enjoy their life without hampering their work.

Celebrities whom readers want to read are not necessarily only authors they can be from any industry like film stars, models, politicians etc. And it is not necessary that they are well versed in writing too or it is also possible that they can be too busy to pay attention to writing so in both conditions ghost writers gain the job.

In recent years as things have come up that some celebrated writer hired someone to write for him or her books. It was an agreement between the actual writer and person whose name will go on the jacket of the book that the actual writer will get paid but remain a ghost.

This business deal is now going high like anything. Each yeas many celebrities around the world are coming with their books and the inside story is the same – that the book is written by a ghost writer.

This industry will go on growing till readers are ready to read and publishers are ready to advance huge amount of money to the celebrities.

Ghost writing is also the future for the upcoming writers who have talent but no means to create their own market – then the best-selling authors or celebrities are the best ones to hire the writers to write for them at the best price.

Writing is a big challenge but it has huge opportunities.

As a small, unknown writer you need to burn your mid night oil for a long to be a brand and invest a lot of money in writing, editing and other necessary things but ghost writing is comparatively truly easy to earn big from.

A beautiful line was once well said by Tom Clancy: The public would soon cease to give a damn about who actually wrote what they were reading.

Indeed, people read the name on the book jacket first. If the name is popular best seller then it will run out of the selves in no time else books will be frozen to death in go-downs and hardly get the sun light of the day so ghost writing is the future and the win- win situation for both.

Here, they are several celebrities and influencing names around us and everyone is coming with their books and world is curious to know and read about them.

The role and the involvement of the book jacket writer is to give you “plot”, “establishing plot”, “giving guidance” and “pass character sketches” and then all is yours.

But your problem doubles when the celebrity whose book you are writing is not from the writing background then you have to do all for him or her. Indeed, it is like spoon feeding a baby but all your efforts are well taken care of financially.

Apart for that good point for ghost writer is that if the celebrity already has a publisher then chances are that ghost writer will have a small cut in the royalty too and that could mean millions.

Indeed it all costs. It cost you no visibility, you just stand in a shadow, never be interviewed by any TV or magazine or signing autographs at guest appearances.

Set real expectations in Marriage


Marriage is the best thing and so both man and woman crave to get as soon as possible but hurry always costs life. Never show too much hurry, go slow and be clear about your expectations and allow freshness to enter into your relationship.

The best way to save your marriage is to know first what it can give you. What really you can expect in the marriage. Marriage is not for having your dream to experience in reality. It is the need of your reality so face the reality with open eyes and keep your expectation as realistic as possible.

It is very important to be clear in your mind why you want to marry someone

  1. Marry with all odds and good: People want to grow in life and want to become something and they work hard to reach there and sometime keeping balance between the work and home becomes difficult. It is possible you feel distance and you feel mad but it is all you need to accept clearly before entering in marriage.


  1. Marriage turns a house into home: Home is a place where you feel safe and indeed you feel safe while you are reacting over your failure and express your frustration in full voice. Allow to let on and accept each other in totality.


  1. Marriage can’t completely efface your loneliness of heart: It will be easier to understand if I tell you that everyone is carrying a big bag of loneliness and the moment you feel to share some of your loneliness with someone for the lifetime then you are in marriage. It allows both of you to open your bag and share your loneliness and feel fine but don’t expect that your whole loneliness will be share and you will not have any after marriage.


  1. Marriage is not a therapy: If you are wounded emotionally then don’t think he or she will understand you completely. It is yours so you have to take care of it. However your partner will surely support you to get better soon. Such moments create a long lasting relationship, learn to value them.


  1. Marriage is not the playground of ego battle: Ego is a good thing but keep safe as it can wall both of you and keep you feel alone and worst alien to each other. Better learn the fact ego can kill your marriage and separate you for the life time. Be open and tell your mind and allow your partner to speak openly and above all trust honestly what your partner says. Otherwise your relationship will face ego struggle.


  1. Marriage is not clean like a photography: When you go and click a photograph you try to avoid all unnecessary objects. You try to have clear pictures but life is not like that. It is full of unnecessary things and so is your marriage. The best way to safe your sanity is to learn to avoid, choose your battle wisely – in fact very wisely and end it all soon.


  1. Marriage never promises love for lifelong: Indeed love only promises happy life but not the marriage so always care for your love. It will take you towards a happy life. You will create a strong bond by caring for each other. Otherwise marriage is like a fine book purchased at a high price but kept on shelves without reading.


  1. Marriage is not a demand to love in return: Life is a big game changer and same is with marriage. It can change you so be careful. Never stop your kindness and good acts if you partner is not showing you any in return. The truth is we believe tit for tat and result is always bad. Love is something that can change and if it does not change your partner then at least you will have a comfort that you tried your best.


  1. Marriage doesn’t mean no distance: Indeed a little distance is very important in every relationship. You don’t need to start taking all decisions of your partner’s life. Both are free and both are matured so it is always good to have mutual decision.


  1. Marriage doesn’t stop struggles like who loves the most: It is a very common struggle between couples as they always try to prove to each other that one loves more than the other and so other doesn’t have any care for the first. It is a very unique kind of love hate relationship. Trust me this situation is very childlike, very innocent and no need to push the panic button, one good warm hug can solve major of the complaint and rest can easily be avoided.

Be sure that your marriage is like your own garden; the better you care the better fruits will get laden. Be happy and keep your partner happy. Life will seem a lovely garden of dreams and desires.

Ghost writing is an opportunity


When I read comments where people feel shocked, cheated as news tells that a famous book is originally written by a ghost writer and not by the person whose name is on the cover page.

Truth is that nobody wants to read a new writer no matter how good and talented one is. Name is what runs in the market. If you are a famous personality, certainly a publisher will show interest so will the readers.

If a writer is talented but he is not in a favorable situation then he has a good option to work for someone and get paid in advance. In today’s market it is really hard to make a market of readers for a new author. There are several books in market waiting for the readers.

Rich and famous people have advantage to hire a talented writer and ask him or her to give words to their ideas. A talented writer gets a good payment which allows him to foot the bills and have a good life.

On the other hand, a famous person solely focuses on the marketing and promotion of the book. It is his responsibility to find a good agent and from there the publishing process becomes easier.

Writing a good book really needs talent, skill and hand on practice. It takes a lot of years of your life and after a certain age it is a must to earn well as several aspects of your life depend solely on it.

Having talent means nothing. You need time to polish your skill and develop it to an extent that people gives you a complete book to write. It really takes a lot of time. Then a time comes when anyone needs a writer and then an agreement between you and him starts. You write for him as a ghost writer. World will know that he wrote the book and not you but you get the money in hand – a readymade option.

No matter what and how others think and connect it with ethic and ought to but the fact is that you have talent and you need money. There is nothing wrong with coming into an agreement as a ghost writer provided payment is handsome.

Once the contract paper is signed then your heart and soul are set to finish the book as soon as possible with the best quality. Your next contract and payment will solely depend on the response of the readers and sales figures.

As a ghost writer, you are doing a business and you need to think as a business mind too. The sooner you finish the better you can invest your time in another project.

Nowadays everyone knows that the rich and famous people don’t have time to write but have experiences to share which a reader would like to know which is a good reason of books sale.

If you are getting the opportunity and your situation allows then I think there is nothing wrong in signing the contract. Now people know celebrities like NAOMI CAMPBELL, BEYONCÉ, JANE GOODALL, and JAMES PATTERSON and many more are using ghost writers and several amongst them have also acknowledged this.

This is still a common belief that famous writers do not hire ghost writers but such believes are also gradually disappearing from the market. James Patterson and Guy Kawasaki and many such bestsellers at some point of time said that yes, they have used ghost writers.

And good thing is that ghost writers are not ghosts anymore. Their names are also coming into the market and people now know them too. So there is always a good chance that you can have your name in your books and readers love to read your books with your name under the tittle.

I choose to be Physiotherapist

Anku 8

I had completed my twelfth and was waiting for my results and in the mean while I saw a newspaper advertisement about physiotherapy and soon I googled and felt to join Physiotherapist course. I had a desire but I was probably waiting for an opening. I saw the advertisement and sent the google result to my parents and family.

We went to the institute and soon I got selected. Now two years have passed since I joined this course. In this time many friends and their parents asked me about its future, scope and earning.

Now, I can say every course is important and fruit bearing. But first it is important to listen to your heart if you feel you have desire, only then join this course. Gone are the days when physiotherapists dealt only with neck or back aches. Now they are there in parallel with all types of doctors like gynecologists, heart, plastic to general surgery. In fact, physiotherapy accompanies each branch of medicine.

It is actually a science that deals with helping patients to regain maximum functions through exercises and therapies such as heat, wax and electricity. We help a patient to get maximum rehabilitation if not complete curing.

The word Physiotherapy is made up of two words Physio means Physical agents and Therapy means treatment. So it is a branch of medical science where a patient gets treatment through exercise, electrical equipment like Muscle Stimulator, or rays like Infra-red, Ultraviolet etc.

Today physiotherapists are needed everywhere. Hospitals like AIIMS have their separate physiotherapy units attached with other departments. All types of patients for examples orthopedic, cardiology, cancer, from general surgery ward etc. and even they give preventive treatment for scoliosis to kids too.

They are required in places such as hospitals, nursing homes, rehabilitation centers, private clinics, special schools, fitness centers, and non-government organizations working with the disabled and senior citizens.

The treatment through physiotherapy is very efficient and cheaper than other traditional medication. It has less or no side effect compared to other systems of treatment so they are very popular in our elite society.

We get patients suffering from degenerative disorders like arthritis, neurological disorders and sports persons. It is one of the rapidly growing areas of medicine that involves heat radiations, massages, tractions, hydrotherapy and short wave diathermy (SWD).

We are experts in handling certain physical and mental problems of the patient. We go to the roots of the problems of certain conditions of particular parts of the human body such as the brain, nervous system, soft tissues, joints, bones, heart or lungs.

As my two years has added knowledge and professional skills soon another two and half years will add more. Thanks for reading me.

Ghost writing is all about relationship


It is an open secret that the businessmen hire different skilled people for their different types of work which helps the smooth operation of their business. In similar fashion in today’s digital world they hire writers, some on salary and some as freelancers.

It is a writer’s responsibility to understand the client’s requirement, his mood, preferences and expectation level. As a freelancer I have some clients and I understand them and know their voices so accordingly I write and I never have gotten any complain.

People hire me or writers for their blogging. As a freelancer writer it is very interesting that you are writing for many domains as presently I am writing for a Jeweler, Dietitian, Motivator and Restaurant owner. All are from different domain and I handled everything from their magazine articles, website contents, any personal contents to their blog posts.

It is really good that they now have realized the importance of writers; web presence and their unique voice that makes them stand apart from their competitors. Blog is the best way to drive the traffic to their website.

It is very wonderful time when you can earn your fortune by writing. Gone are the days when writers were poor and writing in penury and so it was considered only as a hobby. Now it is a business. You are paying income tax.

To run your show it is very important that you have a good idea about the market as at what price most of the writers are working. Believe me or not, but this market is very tough. Companies are not ready to spend on you and your competitors are always ready to get an opportunity so they are ready to reduce their prices. It is the point where the lowest bidder gets the deal but not always.

I have my fixed price, no bargain and it is my thumb rule. Neither I lie nor do I compromise in terms of quality.  I give you what I write. Indeed my words are going in your name so I can write in low price in less time but it is my rule and I never succumb before it. Reading this I had a word with Mr. Rajiv Seharawat as I lost some business in which domain I was interested to work. I like his suggestion – “Never go behind money let it come to you.”

In fact, at a point of time he had told me, (at that time I had not started full lazed writer.)

“Your writing is your sword and it can safe you in every good and bad hour. Trust yourself and write. If you trust in yourself others will also trust you.”  Rajiv Seharawat

Writing is all about your trust in yourself and in your intuition which you can call an idea how to write. I take time before I start to write. I read first and wait for the intuition to support me to write then writing is a fun. I am writing in a flow. I don’t think for anything except my subject and how my client would like it to be written then I leave all on my intuition. It gives me the whole article.

I never miss my deadline. In this business it is very important to be always available and ready to finish your work on time. If you miss the deadline you are bound to miss your business. Be on time. Keep on reading something new. If possible update your client, help yourself to plan and execute the idea on time. It is not possible until you are totally focused on your job.

The most important part of your ghost writing is that your client is getting more credit. I still remember it was my 3rd article for my client and she called me at night from outstation that today many people congratulated her and they loved her article. She is very happy and it is all because of me. Her words were a pure magic for me. It made me more focused on my works. It really helps. It really helps in going the extra mile and with each passing day your pockets get fuller, your earning goes up along with your confidence.

Ghost writing is one of the best ways to earn the best. Indeed, some clients strictly want that you will not tell the world that you write for them. Some like to you to sign a non-disclosure agreement but in this matter I am lucky. None of my clients has any issue if I tell anyone and I get new clients and that is why I say that ghost writing is all about relationship. Be professional, act wise, be on time and your pocket will always smile.

Ghost writing as a new way of business


Everyone is not a good writer but they can have good knowledge and expertise in some areas and these people want someone who can word their ideas or experience in their own words. They are ready to pay well to any good writer. In other words they are looking for a ghost writer.

This is now a very lucrative and very popular thing. In small scale, businessmen are hiring people for writing and maintaining their blogs and articles. Local magazines are willingly asking you to write content in the name of other people.

This is a market. If you have a skill and you need money then companies are ready to hire you as a content writer. In fact these days there are agencies that are hiring young writers and selling their write ups to different media houses.

India has become a big market for ghost writing business. People from Australia, Europe, and America – from all continents are approaching Indians for their ghost writing work. In cities like Calcutta, Chennai, Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai you can easily find some companies who are taking assignments from their foreign clients and running their business. They are also writing books for their clients.

Ghost writing business is also like any other business. Here you need some investment, time, skill set and then good clients. It is very simple. You can do this on your own as a freelancer or can work in such companies. They pay you good salary. They have their writers, proof readers, editors and so on. If you are doing on your own then you have to manage all by yourself.

At the beginning your client will certainly need to know you and your abilities as what you can do for them. But once you have something to show then getting business is easier. Certainly here you have a proper written agreement with your client.

I started writing as a magazine contributor and then as a ghost writer for magazines. That has helped me to come in contact with several people who were from different backgrounds like Yoga, Health care, Diet, Hair and Makeup, Fashion Designers, Models, Jewelers, Restaurant owners, Food and Wine and Media personals and also including some Motivational and Public Speakers. Soon we knew each other and my writing business started to grow. I got works to write for them. It was certainly good as a starting level.

My business suddenly reached a new level as I got a chance to write books as a ghost writer. It is all about your relationship and their confidence in you. As I have written some books for myself so it worked well for me in getting their confidence.

It all started when a man had been watching my work for a long time and one day he asked me to write for him and manage his blog. After writing for couple of months one day he asked me regarding book writing work for him. I certainly asked for his expectations and I didn’t take long to hand him the synopsis.

As of now people are aware of eBooks and self-publishing so it is not a very big deal to convince anyone-  particularly one who has seen your work and found good response from readers and known sources after your works for him.

After a small legal formality we were in agreement that within a particular frame of time or so I will hand him his manuscript and he will pay me first 50% in advance now and remaining 50% after completion. Everything was in black and white.

This whole payment is like a one-time investment for your client but when the deal is signed then ball is in your court. Now you as a writer have to show your best as your future revenue will solely depend on the success of this book and on the level of satisfaction of your client. So, I was to be very sure that I put my 100% into it to give my best.

Soon I get another book offer from someone else who is from completely different background. Learning is the best key to keep your writing engine on. Don’t leave any possible way of your learning. As I first read litters of things make my points and then write in a flow. It helps to maintain my level and match the level of my client’s expectation.

Ghost writing for book is one of the best ways to earn well till you not make your own platform so well that you can earn all with your own name. After all self-publishing certainly needs deep pocket so ghost writing is the best alternative for skilled writers.

Marriage is a choice between freedom and responsibility


When the talk comes upon marriage, mostly my mind stops working as it certainly means hurting someone whom you love. This marriage sounds to me like a bad section as I have to dangle at the choice between my mom and wife – a woman with whom my life started and another with whom I am to live long.

I think this world can be divided into two parts on this single matter. Both are true in their part. One is correct as without emotion man is nothing but an animal and another is the practical approach towards life. Well I agree one has to be realistic in life at some point of time.

I am happy as long as the question is dividing the world but certainly I don’t want to ever come into the ring and get ripped off.

Right from the beginning my mother was the first lady who came for me. In fact, I don’t have my own sister so my mother is the only female in the family and she is the one taking care of everything. She is my best confidant and the most trusted source for everything in life right from suggestion to execution.

Now, a young woman has come to share everything. Indeed, it is amazing and dream come true situation for me but I know they will pole apart my head, heart and everything. I will be divided. It will be like I am to serve two masters at the same time. I have to keep both of them happy.

My mind is frozen. I can’t think about a situation when I will be asked to judge both the women and sentence one as wrong and guilty. No, I can’t see my woman breaking and melting in tears and for the rest of the life blaming myself that my error of judgement made one to bleed and cry.

I don’t want my new generation grow in such atmosphere. I don’t want people look at me and aim their finger at me that I fail to keep a control over my wife and fail to keep mother happy. It is simply a nightmare.

There is nothing wrong in accepting the fact that I am good for nothing. I can’t qualify in the test to fail badly. I am happy with my life the way it is going but it is truth of life that after day there come night and nothing is more horrifying than to pass a nightmare with open eyes and standing stranded.

Yes, this is the fact of life, if not for everyone but especially for me. The buzz of my mind just stops when I think about the two women in my life.

Now wife comes at an age and is not just ready to leave her freedom and liberty. She needs her husband right at her side as if it is her right to live alone with him and fulfill her all dreams and fantasy.

Mother is also as if waiting for this day to test her son’s loyalty after all she is now old and needs her son for her emotional needs too. She is just not ready to go unattained. She has given him her youth and sacrificed her life and time to make him a full-grown adult and now it is his responsibility and duty to look after her.

Nothing, life is nothing but a nightmare. It is a nightmare to pull and probe the matrimonial button at such an early age of my life. I want to live long and happy and if that means a bachelor life then it is accepted. Freedom is definitely something more important than two scaffolds of death where you will be only hanging and begging to die but death will not come near you.

It is amazing to see the dawn of the day and run behind the butterflies but never allow the night to enter in my life. Thanks for reading me.

Why Women Cheat


Life always finds ways to live and believe me or not but people find reasons for all of their acts and the same goes for the matter of love sex and cheating. I don’t want to give you an impression from my article that it is hard to find a woman happy and so there is always a chance of her cheating. Nothing.

Cheating is just a temptation and it can come in life for a short while but it can leave everything in commotion, disturbed and ruined. Cheaters always find pleasure first but soon for sure have a pain, a tinge of separation and a worst guilt.

This is a fact of life that life never runs smooth and each life has some crosses and a woman’s life which has so many cares for smaller things often feels stressed about small things and some feel forced to cheating.

Studies conducted in 2012 by Marital and Family Therapy, say:

  • 14% of married women have cheated compared to 22% of married men.

However, women’s cheating is still an investment into her new relationship as she is looking for emotional intimacy while a man usually cheats for physical pleasure. She wants to feel that she is desired, wanted and irresistible which when she fails to experience at her home she slips outside. Here are the few most talked reasons:

  1. Lack of attention and intimacy: 

Love is something without which life is barren. In general, women need a lot of things from her partner that means intimacy, physical touch, and mental and emotional attention. Once she is lacking she slowly moves to emotional affairs which don’t take long to become a sexual one.

  1. Revenge:

It is a negative feeling and it is done to hurt your partner. It is like telling him that sees how one feels when someone cheats but it means nothing. Earlier one was feeling hurt and now both and soon no one.

  1. Bad sex:

It is really something very important in life that really makes her feel bad, emotionally stressed and makes her spend more time in fantasizing  which can lead to cheating.

  1. Better opportunity or just temptations:

Male gets excitement by watching and love seeing the partner in shape. It is the greatest weakness you can say and when woman knows men can be or are behind her there is a great chance of cheating.

  1. Financial independence:

When you have financial dependence certainly things come within your control as you get more opportunities in life. You get more access to the new opportunities and you find chances to like someone greatly.

  1. Low self-esteem:

It is very big problem that grows due to rejection received in life and gradually a woman starts to live in rejection as she is of no use. Such level of thought affects her sexual, emotional and intellectual wellbeing. She needs approval of others in everything including sex. Such women often fail to trust in her husband’s or boyfriend’s love. Yes low self-esteem is not something that can’t be checked and situation of her life can’t get improved. Indeed it can be by counselling.

  1. Feeling under-appreciated:

Appreciation is something everyone wants not only at a work place but also in the relation and after marriage over a period of time when you start to feel rejected, un-noticed and unimportant gradually you like to start working on something that can help you to draw your husband’s attention like cooking special food, celebrating holidays and birthdays or any day that can make a day meaningful when you can listen from him your heart craving words like – love you, please, thank you etc. but you are just taken for granted each time.

  1. Bored:

It is something that gradually comes in life and it makes t monotonous, dull and a routine follows and no wonder you need a change. There is nothing you can do. You are feeling emotionally distant from him. You feel to find yourself in a new lively situation in a new ambience and in a cozy atmosphere. All this started with a good sense to excite you. You start to look at your Facebook account, old friends and old stash of acquaintance.

Indeed it is sad to know that something was wrong and missing in their relationship and that allowed the need of a new partner. However, there can be several other reasons too but it is always bad to see that relation is rocking.

The best way to keep yourself safe is to look for better counselling, good self-help book and control your temptation and try to restore your relationship.