71 facts about penis


Penis is the most talked word but hardly talked openly. We talk only in a doctor’s office when the organ has any issue otherwise we generally avoid to use this word publicly. However, no matter how hard you try, the truth that penis is remarkable organ is not going to change. It helps not just to clean the body but also mind from strong flood of sexual desire. Here are some very important facts about penis:

  1. The world’s largest penis measures 23 cm flaccid and 34 cm erect and belongs to an American from New York.
  2. On average, men ejaculate at a speed of 45 km/h.
  3. Statistics show that almost half of men think of their penis as too small. On the other hand, about 85% of women say their partner’s penis size is great.
  4. Losing fat results in increased penis size. When a man loses 35 pounds of fat, his penis will gain an extra inch.
  5. The percent of men who admit that they masturbate is 94%, while 80% of women say that they do.
  6. Some erect penises are a little bit bent. This happens on to 25% of men.
  7. According to statistics, the average size of flaccid penis is 3.5 to 3.7 inches and between 5.0-5.7 inches when erect.
  8. Whales have the longest penises in the world. The biggest one measured 8 feet.
  9. Men are also able to have multiple orgasms. To do so, they have to have the first one without ejaculation and without losing their erection.
  10. There are about 100 million acts of sexual intercourse in a day.
  11. If he’s close to climaxing, buy some time by squeezing the head of his penis.
  12. During sleep blood flows to men’s penis, which can cause erection.
  13. Lower part of women’s vagina gets narrow before sex so that it can get better grip on penis
  14. It’s better to avoid a cow-girl position when man has trouble with staying hard for long
  15. Single sperm contains 37.5 MB of DNA information.
  16. The number of nerve endings on clitoris is two times bigger than on the whole penis.
  17. Semen surprisingly contains a lot of sugar.
  18. One teaspoon of semen has seven calories.
  19. According to a study from the University of California men who do not help with any housework have half as much sex compared to men who help in the house.
  20. Some people are sexually attracted to statues or mannequins. This is called agalmatophilia.
  21. The highest number of recorded orgasms per hour is 134 by a woman and 16 by a man
  22. When man does not have any sex, his penis can schrink.
  23. Sperm can help avoid wrinkles on the skin when rubbed in, thanks to the proteins the sperm contains.
  24. As per Korean Guinness book of Records, Kim Jong-il’s penis was 3 feet, 4 inches’ long
  25. According to legend, King Fatefehi of Tonga managed to deflower 37 800 women in 14 years.
  26. Men do not use brain when ejaculating as the signal is coming from the spinal cord.
  27. Penis can get erected after a person is hanged – it’s called a “death erection.”
  28. According to research, a lot of men are stressed due to their penis size – no matter how big it actually is.
  29. It takes two teaspoons of blood to get a penis erect
  30. Semen contains antidepressants.
  31. It contains cortisol which increases affection
  32. It has Estrone and oxytocin which elevates mood
  33. It has thyrotropin releasing hormone which is also antidepressant.
  34. It has melatonin which aids sleep
  35. It also has serotonin which is also antidepressant neurotransmitter.
  36. The word “Penis” comes from the Latin word meaning “tail”
  37. Out of 400 men only one is flexible enough to suck himself.
  38. A man has nearly 2 times erections in a day and nearly 9 times at night.
  39. Ejaculation makes a man healthy.
  40. Underside of penis is the most sensitive.
  41. In early 20’s penis stops to grow.
  42. Only 6% of men need extra-large condoms.
  43. Male Orgasm last for 6 seconds whereas females orgasm last for 23 seconds.
  44. Phallostethus Cuulong is a fish who has penis on its head.
  45. The farthest ejaculation is 18 feet.
  46. Penis can break if twisted hard while erect – So No Fun with Cowgirls.
  47. Koro is a condition of irrational fear that penis can go back into the body.
  48. Ejaculation does not always mean orgasm.
  49. The Penis curves in a boomerang shape during missionary position with woman.
  50. Cigarette is highly injurious for penis health.
  51. Penis size can be increased by Traction method.
  52. Penis size vary from one place to another.
  53. Foreskin can be used for grafting purpose for burnt patient.
  54. It can provide 4 acres of grafting skin.
  55. The men of Republic of Congo have the biggest average penis size.
  56. Even babies get erection in the womb.
  57. And surprisingly corpse has erection too.
  58. Iceland has a dedicated penis museum.
  59. Diphallia is a rare condition where a man has two functional penises.
  60. Penis actually starts off like clitoris.
  61. During 19th century circumcision got popularity to avoid masturbation.
  62. In 2003, researchers found the oldest penis fossil of 425 million years.
  63. On 6th April of each year Japan celebrate a festival of Penis and its fertility.
  64. Beijing has a restaurant that specializes in serving penises.
  65. Study says only 5% of men wear condom during sex.
  66. No one can say from a drooping penis about its final erect size.
  67. Penis is a big home for several bacteria.
  68.  Penis is generally darker than the other body parts
  69.  The mushroom-shape of a penis is believed to serve to scoop rival males’ sperm from vagina.
  70.  Penises can be divided into two categories: a grower and a shower. Grower gets bigger during erection, while shower looks big all the time and grows only a little when erect. About 2/3 of men have grower.
  71. Penis is The biological symbol for the male sex
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