Alcohol inhibits your ability of sex


Sex and alcohol don’t go concurrently but both hit the mind strongly. Alcohol can help in overcoming inhibitions or anxieties while interacting with an opposite sex but it can never work as an aphrodisiac. In fact, it does the opposite.

Aphrodisiac is to increase and support the desired level of sex. It helps your performance however alcohol inhibits your ability to attain strong erection and orgasm.

Researches said that excessive intake of alcohol leads to erectile dysfunction. It is found that as the amount of alcohol in the blood increases our brain’s ability to sense sexual stimulation decreases.

Alcohol interferes with our nervous system and affects the sensitivity of nerve endings, respiration and blood circulation which results into a problem with sexual arousal and orgasm. Penis, which has its direct relation with the blood, under the strong influence of alcohol fails to get erect or to maintain a strong erection.

Moderate drinking can help you. It means you can drink in a limit and to such an extent that your body not feels dehydration. Our body works at its optimum level while it is hydrated. As alcohol dehydrates the body that can result into a decrease in blood volume and it further leads to erectile dysfunction.

According to The National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism the definition of moderate drinking means:

  • No more than two drinks a day for men &
  • One drink a day for women.

It is found that our organ liver can process only 1 ounce of alcohol in an hour. If extra amount is taken then it will remain in the blood and in body tissues which affects you physiologically.

Indeed drinking alcohol in moderation is beneficial for your heart health and that means it will keep your sex life active too.

Scientific findings say that alcohol has some antioxidant capacities which help heart and decrease cardiovascular mortality.

However as we know it is really hard to maintain the limit of drinking. As the drinking crosses the moderate limit body will react and affect your sexual performance. This is not just with drinking whiskey but it is with any type of alcoholic drinks. Indeed moderate drinking amount depends on your body weight and what you have eaten while drinking.

Red wine is the only alcoholic drink that helps your sex life and boosts your orgasm.

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