A time to talk about Wine


India has definite grown its name in winery and its taste has win name in world market. Indian export and import segment is growing fast.  Today wine market is of $ 26 billion and India has made some branded names Like Sula, Four seasons, etc.

No doubt India is famous for its Patiala pegs but wine has succeeded to catch a fancy. Wine is getting popular in restaurant and bar, parties and gradually it is finding space in table talk. Research says that 61% of People love to taste red wine and it will grow up to 71.6% by 2017.

Akassh K Aggarwal Jewelry Designer says: “The consumption of Wine in India is as old as English Era but the recent availability of Indian wine has made it economical and affordable for masses. Now it is becoming a fashion statement to hold a Glass of Wine.”

The beautiful colors of red, white and rosy wines are giving Indian a new choice in the drinking habit and this new glass is mesmerizing everyone. If we specially talk about Delhi wine market and culture then it is good to say that here we are consuming around 20% of wine of course we are a little slower from Mumbai as they are consuming 32% of wine and definitely a good credit goes to retail outlets who are helping the wine culture in India.

Nikkita Kattar, Owner of Baro Baro Tika bar, (at Saket) says: Wine in India is like a mark of high status. Indeed foreign wine is expensive but Indian wine has succeeded in this field too particularly in decade. Wine is now complementing the Indian cuisine. We are selling nearly 20- 30 bottles in a day.

Indeed, the late night party and ladies night culture is changing. Wine is covering more space and people are opening to wine.

Arvind Kumar, RGM, The Wine Company, at Gurgaon says: In last 10 years travel industry has played a significant role in the growth of wine culture. We are also promoting wine culture by selling at an easily affordable price. 80-100 bottles per day we sells on an average, in fact, we are one of the maximum wine seller as a free standing restaurant. And now days parties we are booking has order for wine in their menu.

Wine drinking is good for health; awareness among the elite section has increased and people are becoming health conscious and ready to pay for healthy living and health beneficial drinks.

Prerak Kakkar , Advocate of Cross Cultural negotiations & federal white collar crimes, says: “Wine culture is in its cradle stage in India. In party people love to drink Vodka or Gin cocktail but whiskey holds the first choice. Wine drinkers are there but not in large number. If you ask me then I will say wine is healthier than other drinks.”

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