A night at J One Party

“Make Yourself.” This is the first learning of Shelley Mehta from her Entrepreneur father. She is a Canadian born Indian who did her schooling mostly from Canada and has travelled the world. She says “My first learning started at my very young age when my father told me to know myself and make myself.” And she further added that she found that she had an intense interest in hospitality industry. She says “Hospitality is the industry where I learn to meet different minds and I learn how one reacts with their emotions. ”


I met her at a launching party of J One a spa at gurgaon. I found her ready to talk with me and with others. I liked the way she started her words.

She told me: “My father has a heart problem and when I try to stop him for anything he stops me by telling me I am not a doctor. This paved my interest in food and nutrition and now I am a certified nutritional and wellness consulting practitioner from Canadian School of Natural Nutrition.”

While almost laughingly she further added that she could now suggest to him what to eat and what not to eat. She says “Everything started with keeping only my father and family in mind but now it is part of my profession.” She says she has travelled around the world but she always feels herself very close to her father and her family.

She travels country after country. She meets people after people. She gets introduced to culture after culture. She tasted all kind of food and she says “Food is medicine. If you have blood pressure, don’t rush for allopath medicine. First look at your lifestyle, food habits. Your correct food and lifestyle will cure you. Life needs balance.”

She says, “In today’s life everyone has fast life.”  She works nearly twelve, thirteen hours in a day. Her job is like a baby to her momma. She has to take good care of it.

I smiled and said: ” You have a wonderful musician to take care of.”She smiled “Yes Hiten. ”


Hiten is a guy who suddenly remind me that Sound travels deeper, we read in physics but we experienced it in Hiten Panwar musical night at launch party of J One at Gurgaon. The night turned enliven as his hands started banging on table, dhol and other musical instruments. Guests got enthralled and when noticing all this it wouldn’t be amiss to call Hiten Panwar one of the finest musicians of Indian.

In a short brief talk he said, “It is good if your passion drives you and not money. When money drive you, you stop to grow after a level of success, fame and money, but when your passion leads you, you get involved in your work and you feel free to experiment with your music, with your creative impulse. People will enjoy your music no matter what you play. Music adds people, it connects you with another and then you forget everything and feel free to enjoy the music only.”

Very true! I find that, as he plays, people start tapping their feet, start dancing and enjoying. Euphoria runs in the hearts of the guests and they come in a mood of happiness, excitement and enjoyment.

He told me further: “… From the last seven generations music is in my bloodline. My father is musician and mother is classical dancer. In my early childhood, I learnt classical dance like kathak and others but music moved me the most. As a child artist I started from Jagran. I still remember that I was very excited to have my first money as eleven rupees for my music. That night my master had told me – water should flow, learn more and learn to flow, never stop. “

Indeed he is growing. Now Hiten represents India for Indian music. He has a collection of 240 rare musical instruments which he loves the most. Hiten is going to south Africa next week for his show.

Who knows when I will meet them again but I want to keep them in my memory.



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