A moment of unforgettable joy in bed


Love is the breath between the couple. They need it badly between them and when love is in them then making love is something that chills the spine and make you speak ”Ah!” at a high note of intonation that surly convey about your partner’s right keys and you need more exhilaration.  

On this level body is now instrumental for a greater sex joy. Brain is doing everything. The joy of sex is not physical. It is seen on the body but all occurs in the brain. Your brain receives all the high and low pleasure from the nerve ending to its starting movement of hands to finger.

The impulse is telling the entire story to the brain. It is holding all for its best impression with the softest touch over the skin ever received. Memory plugins are all time stronger and ready to store all in the memory.

Sex is all about the touch that allowing the openness and creating space for likeness and wanting. There is nothing like longer, stronger and harder. It is all about the play of senses and compatibility received and given.

It starts with the minute you touch and you feel touched. It is now in between you and your partner and where and how all locks unlocks it. Time is not a measure to count anything. It is all about the lasting, between the breaths when you are melting down holding the small flame of a candle.

Sex is just here at this moment and counting it with any measure is nothing but foolishness. The joy of sex is not in the time but in the opening of pleasure and its feeling. It is a wave of an ocean that has the power to wobble your feet, make you defenseless and unguarded before the joy of streaming out.

You are in the complete joy of your orgasmic surfeit. You are feeling a rush of ripples running out of you. You are feeling a powerful force that jostling you in deep within and you are opening like a soda bottle, without control with all the fizz of joy. You are deeply touched and moved.  You have plunged into a joy that has compelled you in the motion of sex to the next level of joy. You are exhausted and exhilarated both at the same time.

Your power of joy is now oozing from your entire body not just from – your face, your eyes, your lips, and your disheveled hair but from every pore of your skin. You are in the state of your mind where all has climaxed and reached to a flame which your partner now can see and experience with you. You are now an experience like a full bottle of intoxication.

Now you are very enthralling and very captivating and your body has nothing do with its shape. It is all in the brain that has now been emptied and transported to a new state of pleasure from exhilaration to entire peace.  You have surrendered before the joy of togetherness. This moment gives you and partner an unforgettable joy in bed.

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