35 amazing facts about vagina


A woman is a fragrance and her naturalness is the beauty hidden under the magic which enthrals the owners and visitors. Vagina is its true sense an island in the middle of a deep sea.

Romancing the idea of loving a beauty in the perfect place with perfect sense of timing always leaves a memory for longing.

The wonderful pot-luck of vagina always holds some mysterious facts known only to few but secretly admired by everyone.

I know the story below the belt about the lady part is always interesting and way beyond our anticipations.

Here are these interesting lists of facts of vagina:

  1. Hazel Jones of High Wycombe, UK has two vaginas.
  2. Karin Mackaliunas, of Scranton, Pennsylvania used her vagina as her holder where she hid 54 bags of heroine.
  3. Tatyana Kozhevnikova has the strongest vagina.
  4. Vagina’s muscles can seriously be toned stronger like any other part of the body by exercising.
  5. Vagina’s smell depends on the diet and food you take.
  6. Vaginas are of many shapes and sizes
  7. Vagina allows all 4 types of clitoral, Vaginal, blended and multiple orgasm.
  8. During childbirth vagina can allow 10+ pounds of baby to come out and still it comes back to normal size within 6 months.
  9. It can expand up to 200% during childbirth and intercourse.
  10. There is no normal vagina as from vulva to the labia there are many shapes and sizes.
  11. It needs no extra care to clean. It can clean all by itself naturally as it is designed to clean itself by natural discharge.
  12. It has prepuce – made of many small glands that hold secrete oil and sweat to protect this area from friction and overheating.
  13. It also has a water base at a time of arousal.
  14. Labia and nipples look similarly as they have small bumpy looking glands.
  15. Squalene is a chemical found in vagina which is a lubricant. It is also found in shark’s liver.
  16. Vagina tells you the optimal time to get pregnant.
  17. Clitoris is part of vagina whose main purpose is pleasure.
  18. Vagina is a big house of good and bad bacteria and Lactobacillus bacteria controls the growth of bad ones.
  19. The average size of Vagina is 3 to 4 inches deep but it doubles when aroused.
  20. The word Vagina roughly translates as Sword Holder in Latin.
  21. Mouth’s inside is made up of the same kind of cells as vagina.
  22. Vagina has 8000 nerve endings in the clitoris. So it is the most sensitive part. Its sensations can spread and affect 15000 other nerve endings.
  23. The first movie used the word vagina was “The Story of Menstruation,” released in 1946.
  24. During or before menstruation women orgasmic capacity increases.
  25. Clitoris is one inch visible however it rested up to within 6 inches.
  26. Vagina on an average discharges up to 2 teaspoons a day.
  27. Woman farts from vagina which is very common.
  28. There is nothing true about saying that abstinence will make vagina tighter.
  29. G spot is located underside of the Clitoris.
  30. A few women get virginal orgasm.
  31. Public hair grows for 3 weeks.
  32. Researchers guess that the purpose of pubic hair is to lure mate.
  33. Normally Vagina’s pH level is 4 – the same as beer, wine and tomatoes, however sperm has pH level of 8.
  34. Vagina muscles grip Penis so strongly that it is gets stuck inside which is known as Penis captivus. It generally happens in animals.
  35. Vagina’s opening is small however on an average it is about 7.6 cm long and it is 4.5 cm wide.

God has made woman and bestowed her with secret and hidden beauty which science is trying to find. Hope you enjoy updating yourself here.

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