30 reasons to eat out


Food is a must for living but it is equally important to ask yourself that who will feed you. This question is more relevant at present than ever before as there is a new culture to eat out and hangouts at bar and restaurants. Today we are full of choices as most food places have multi-cuisines and experienced chefs.

A chef has a specialized education and lot of knowledge in cooking and food pairing so he is the right person to feed you. They are trained to care about food and health hygiene and cook well and present it in the most beautiful manner so that you enjoy your delicacies. So it is great to eat out and enjoy your time.

Right from the childhood we have noticed that eating out is like a luxury of a day, treat of a time and fun for a celebration. It is not just a break in the routine work but a matter of experiencing the ambiance. It is not just an escape from the cooking and cleaning at home but it is something more. It is all about the love for fine dining and eating out and selecting the best from the world cuisine.

  1. Home cooking needs a lot of preparation that includes extra shopping too.
  2. You need to be sure about the right ingredients, right quality and right cooking temperature and timing else you can lose the fun of good taste and its appearance.
  3. Cooking for one is a boring business as you alone have to cook and eat.
  4. After cooking dishes require a lot of hard work as some utensils get burnt badly.
  5. Cooking at home for 4 times a day is a full time work so it is not possible to work outside.
  6. Cooking always needs a time to think as what best you can make out of the things available at your home.
  7. Cooking is not limited to cooking as you need a long shopping list to buy day to day food items and knowing where you can buy at a better or discounted price.
  8. For special occasions you need to get time to do extra shopping.
  9. Restaurant’s menus mostly go with the food item pictures that help you in decision making and ordering.
  10. If there are more people and they have different choices then it is easier to order at a multi cuisine restaurant than to cook at home.
  11. It is easier to go for a complete meal that includes appetizers, salads, soup, main dish, desserts and coffee when eating outside.
  12. It is fun for kids to eat out with family.
  13. It is a best time to sit and enjoy the rich ambience of the restaurant along with the good music.
  14. It is good to see and observe how others enjoy their delicacies and talk while eating.
  15. In many restaurants they provide special chair for kids and it is a new experience for kids too. They sometime give some balloons or any chocolates which they love the most.
  16. Eating out is a good way to ease out your stress.
  17. For men shopping for long is not a very palatable thing so they never like going to a food market and select each food item carefully.
  18. It is hard to face the messy kitchen after the party night at home.
  19. Many restaurants have some special nights and special discounts which are economical and make eating out a fun.
  20. Now you can have food coupons valid for 30 days or more that help make your eating out less expensive.
  21. It is also a good idea to eat on a street or at food trucks in your vicinities.
  22. It safes a lot of your time and energy.
  23. Your groceries bills conclude nearly 30 – 40% of your salary. (Depends on your salary.) But you are forced to eat a routine food at home as you can’t cook a lot of variety foods as all can’t afford multi cuisine kitchen at home.
  24. Cooking at home often has some leftovers for the next day which you also have to consider before starting your next meal.
  25. Eating out is a good way to find company as regular visiting often helps in finding new friends.
  26. Eating out is one of the ways companies tries to reward their employees.
  27. Eating out helps in enriching your knowledge too as waiters and bartenders are well informed about the food and drinks.
  28. Restaurants offer a range of chooses including salads, soups and desert which we mostly skip when eating at home.
  29. It is not easy to think to cook after working the whole day.
  30. You have quick service restaurants (QSR) which save you a lot of time and serve you at a moderate price.

Eating out is a very popular way to spend a quality time when you are alone or with a family and even with your meeting with your clients. At some cases it is wonderful to eat out when you find you or your wife can’t cook well at home so eating out is the best option to avoid conflict at home.

In fact, eat out is the demand of the new change of the society where both of the parent are working and kids lack excitement and family warmth.

But over doing of anything is always a bad idea. These days’ people are visiting restaurant and bar too often that is health hazardous. Too much salt and sugary food can challenge your healthy life. Enjoying your best time outside is fun and keep the fun is limit. Cheers!!!

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