30 reasons not to eat out

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Eating is not a one day affair so one has to be careful about how one is filling themselves. Our body totally depends on our eating habits. We are what we eat.

If I go into more technical stuff then I can say our body tastes the food in the mouth and then it breaks it into carbohydrates, protein, fats and other nutritive elements. There can be many elements which can enter into our system during oxidation of food matters so it is very important to owe full responsibility of your eating.

With the change in the family structure it is now very normal that both parents work out and arrive late from office so the idea to eat out sounds great but it is always at the cost of your health.

No matter where you are visiting to eat out it was estimated in a study that at our fast food restaurant we are eating 126.9 extra calories and at full service restaurant the extra calories count is 160.49 more.

As our intake of calories increases we become fat. We face obesity and other health hazards. We can have a great chance of having arteries blockage, high blood pressure, sugar problem, fatigue and many such ailment which can be fatal.

So it is good to eat at home and cook in your kitchen.  Here are some noted benefits, such as:

  1. The habit of eating is expensive and it disturbs the home budget.
  2. Eating out bill includes their services, location rent, cooking per capita expenses, taxes and also their super normal profit which an owner can take from you.
  3. When you cook you can limit the ingredients and spices according to your taste.
  4. You have choices to keep your kitchen free from eggs, non-veg, etc. as per your eating habits.
  5. Eating out does not just take your time in arriving there, getting dressed for the outing but it also takes cost of transport and car parking.
  6. Some restaurants give water only on purchase so you are spending extra.
  7. Cooking helps you feel good and helps in combating depression, loneliness as the rich fragrance of cooked food helps you the most.
  8. Cooking your daily food doesn’t take a lot of time and you can eat till your full belly at a very economical cost.
  9. Cooking is a creative art. If you cook well you feel happy and proud of your cooking.
  10. It helps in keeping good relation between husband and wife as they both can cook and help each other.
  11. Eating at home is healthier as you use the best stuff for your cooking.
  12. You always consider first you and your family health however restaurant food has different priorities.
  13. Foods with lots of sugar, fat and salt are strong in taste that helps in attracting customers but these are not good for health.
  14. Outside food always have more fats which is slow is digestion.
  15. Restaurant can’t give you the home comfort.
  16. At restaurant they suggest you to order for more which they call suggestive selling. That definitely increases the food items on your table and maximizes your bills.
  17. Most of the time you order and end up eating bigger plate as you don’t want to leave food on your plate.
  18. Research says that eating out frequently is associated with obesity and higher body fatness or higher BMI.
  19. Fast Food culture is dangerous as it gives obesity and it is growing fast in developed and developing countries.
  20. Fast food meals have more fats, unsaturated fats, sugary soft drinks and that causes more health issues.
  21. Research found that those who eat outside consume higher amount of calories but have poor quality of food and poor nutrition.
  22. Fast food meals have fewer amounts of fiber and fruits which checks the digestion.
  23. Fast food provides33% more calories than you would eat at home which results into overweight.
  24. There is a lot of waste like peals of vegetables which can be cooked with other ingredients that can be used in making delicious soups which cost nothing at home but too much in the restaurant.
  25. Our hands carry many germs and bacteria so it is important to be careful about its cleanliness and at a restaurant you have no idea.
  26. Farm to frock is really possible at home.
  27. Organic foods are good for health but eat out gives you no choice. You eat what and how they prepare.
  28. Eat out places mostly use ready to eat ingredients that make you eat more chemical addictive foodstuffs.
  29. It is not necessary that they are using high quality food stuffs so it is possible that you can develop digestion problems and weaker immunity and so you are more prone to allergies and infections.
  30. Frequent eating out checks the excitement level of eating out.

Indeed, absence makes our heart grow fonder. The less we eat out the better will be our health and happier our digestive system and it will be a fun to have eat out.

Our best cooking habit at home can give us a better life and better living. We can work and think better in our regular life. And above all it is a great fun to dine well at home with your family and enjoy your best memories.

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