30 Benefits of Cardamom

Cardamom is well known spice used in Indian cooking.  It has medicinal value.  It is considered as one the most valuable spices in the world due to its therapeutic and aroma properties. The seeds of the cardamom plant contain a variety of important minerals such as calcium, sulphur, and phosphorus. It also contains volatile oil. This oil is composed of acetic and formic acids. This volatile oil contains nearly 5 percent of the seed’s mass. It has aromatic and medicinal properties that make cardamom so valuable.

There exist several varieties of cardamom but the green one which is considered as the true one is grown only in India. It is also grown in Sri Lanka, China, Laos, Nepal, Vietnam and Guatemala.


  • It increases appetite.
  • It relieves heartburn, bloating and indigestion.
  • It increases saliva in the mouth and it acts as a mouth freshener and eliminates bad breath.
  • It is good in fighting tooth and gum infections,
  • It strengthens our digestive system.
  • It cures the problem of flatulence by removing gas naturally.
  • It is helpful in removing toxins from the body and improves blood circulation.
  • It is good for the kidneys, as this spice promotes urination, lowers blood pressure and also removes accumulated calcium and urea in the kidneys, along with other toxins.
  • It controls vomiting tendency.
  • It is used to treat the urinary tract disorders such as cystitis, nephritis, gonorrhea, etc.
  • It helpful to cure sexual dysfunctions such as impotency, loss of libido, sexual weakness and premature ejaculation, etc.
  • It is good in treatment of depression.
  • It can fight against virus, bacteria, fungi inflections.
  • It also prevents stomach infections.
  • It is very essential for normal growth of bones.
  • It is essential for women during menopause as risk of osteoporosis increases during menopause.
  • It improves the blood flow to the heart and organs by improving the blood circulation.
  • It also improves blood circulation to the lung area.
  • It has an analgesic property which helps to relieve joint and muscle pain.
  • Detoxifies the body of caffeine
  • Relieves stomach cramps
  • Provides cooling effect
  • Has an expectorant action
  • Cardamom infusion alleviates colic pain in children
  • Gives a soothing effect to sore throat
  • Helpful in balancing kapha, vata and pitta
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